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Reincarnated As A Wolf With Cheats

Chapter 30 Shin: The Wolf God - Part 1

"Sigh, I don't know anything about these things...". Shin cussed.

On seeing that Kira took the privilege to explain him how this world actually worked and what the importance of a naming system was.

"Listen young boy, Names are our pride and honor!"

"A monster would go to any extent to get a name!"

Kira seemed quite serious while explaining all this, however to Shin who didn't actually take any of these seriously thought of it as some idiotic job.

But then again, he couldn't possibly ignore all these because he didn't want to raise a death flag in some other situation.

"Uh, just for getting names the monsters would go to any extent?", Shin asked.

That indeed was a good question because one could just name itself and that would settle the thing. And even if anyone wanted to get the name, from whom would they take from or who will grant them?

Many questions rose in his head while thinking about it the answers for which were none due to which he asked Kira.

"Yes...", Kira nodded his head.

"But can't they just name themselves...?", Shin asked.

"Hmm, indeed boy, they can do that, however that wouldn't give them the privilege that comes with gaining the names from the Supreme Celestials...", Kira said.


"Supreme Celestials...?", Shin's eyes widened.

Just those very words fascinated him. Although he had already set his goal to become a Celestial, he couldn't just let the feeling of excitement go. In fact, since he heard the word yet again, the feeling which had settled down a bit rose up again.

"Haha, you might not know what the Supreme Celestials are...", Kira laughed.

'Huh? Why does everyone assume that I don't know anything?', he had an awkward expression on his face.

"Well the Supreme Celestials are the Gods that created everything...", Kira continued and said many things about them. However Shin was already aware of most of the things.

"Actually, we monsters get named by the Supreme Celestials...", Kira smiled while saying that.


'Hmm, I see, so the names of these monsters are from Supreme celestials...?'


[ Affirmative ]

'Huh...? I almost forgot that you existed...', Shin was surprised when the system answered that all of a sudden.

'Well anyway, tell me about the naming system of this world...', Shin found what Kira was saying a bit confusing due to which he asked the system while expecting a better and easier explanation.


[ Naming System -> All living beings are assigned names in this world which acts as a proof that they exist ]

[ For Humans -> The names have been associated with what their dear ones/guardians/ parents name them after getting the names from the Holy Churches via Spirit of the world which is controlled by the Supreme Celestials ]

[ For In-humans -> The names are directly attached to their souls during their birth and get's shown once a certain age is attained. However, those may be overwritten or shown early by the Celestials. ]

[ Names can change, however that can only happen if someone with a higher authority than the person who gave the previous name, gives a new name ]

'Hmm, so that's how it...', Shin understood it completely.

He now had a brief idea as to how the naming system worked. He didn't listen to anything details provided by Kira.

"Yes, so that's the gist of it.", Kira finally concluded.

All this time he had been explaining however Shin didn't feel the need to listen to him.

"So now do you get it? That's why we were shocked when we heard your name...", Kira said.

'Ah, I get it, since parents can't name their kids, then obviously the fact that I told about my mom giving me the name Shin would be false...'

Well, it was already done. He had already told that and now he couldn't possibly back out.

"Ya...", he just nodded his head.

"To be frank, I really can't believe that your name is Shi-"

"Ahem, the name of our God...", Kira looked at Shin with suspicious look.

"Huh?", and now Shin was also confused.

"How can you be given the same name as our great God, Master Shin?", Kira said it out.

It was out of respect so there wasn't any harm but just by saying that name, the den got a bit colder.

Shin felt the cool breeze blowing into the den suddenly which might have been some random coincidence, but it was this very coincidence that happened right now just when the name 'Shin' was mentioned which was noteworthy.

"As I mentioned earlier, an inferior beast cannot assume a superior's name..."

"So just how the hell could you have the same name as our God?", Kira asked.

"...", Shin just kept his mouth shut.

He was completely speechless, after hearing what Kira said, Shin had started to think if his naming was indeed something special or was it some other coincidence too?

"Haha, of course he must be lying!"

"He just wanted attention maybe...", Siara said that after hearing their conversation all this time.


'Are you kidding me...?'

'I was able to reincarnate into this weird fantasy world...'

'I was able to get my hands on a system...'

'I killed many freaking huge beasts and ate raw meat...'

'I met with a Celestial...'

'I successfully joined a wolf pack...'

'And now I'm hearing that my name is actually the name of their God!'

'Just what the f*** is happening with me!?'

"I got my name Kira, from the Supreme Celestial Yama, also known as God of Death..."

"Kira originally means killer and since I am one of the top killer in this forest, I was bestowed with this name..."

"...", Shin trembled when he heard that. It was as if Kira was threatening him.

"Now tell me boy, what is your actual name and who was it that gave you that name?"

Shin was at a loss in words, he could no longer think of any way to get out of this situation.

Furthermore, he owed them an answer so he couldn't just run away. Even if he wanted to, he couldn't possibly escape since he would be killed by Kira instantly.

So all he could do was frame some super badass lie in such a way that Kira and Siara would have no other choice than believing him.


To be continued...

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