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Reincarnated As A Wolf With Cheats

Chapter 28 A Death Flag?

Shin was trying to reach out to Kira. He wanted to say that he didn't want much of the attention and would want to peacefully live in some corner, however that didn't seem to be possible.

Just before he could reach out, Kira had already started to announce about Shin.

"Listen to me...", Kira shouted.

The moment he raised his voice, the entire wolves paid attention to him.

Initially many of them were moaning in pain and some were even worrying about death and many more things, but the moment they heard the voice of their patriarch or the leader, they were forced to stop.

Probably that was how it worked for them and they did it accordingly.

"I have a good news for you all..."

Right after saying this, he took a few steps towards his left side which gave space for Shin to come forward.

Since he was standing in the front, Shin was as good as invisible due to his shadow. But now, everyone's gazes were on him.

Some were thinking of him as their enemy which was a common thought, while some were thinking of him as their prey.

It wouldn't be an exaggeration to tell that young wolf pups usually get hunted by the adult wolves. Needless to say, they would be either from other clans or races.

"This fellow here, he has joined us just today...", Kira said.

That was not something anyone would accept. Of course they would be reluctant to accept some stranger.

However when Kira specified Shin's speciality, they were more than ready to accept him.

"He is a Healer Wolf!", he shouted yet again.

"Ha!?", all the wolves who had been looking down on him and were making understatement about him were forced to think otherwise.


"A healer!?", shouted one of them who was standing in the first line towards Kira's left.

All of their eyes were wide opened as if they had heard something unbelievable.

"Huh...? Is being healer that strange a thing?", Shin asked himself in a low voice and was expecting the system to answer, but on contrast Siara answered this after hearing his question.


"It's one of the rarest evolutionary forms."

"...", Shin didn't say anything and just listened to her soft and kind voice.

"We wolves are indeed good predators, but their strength comes with numbers."

"However many a times, even those very numbers wouldn't be much useful against other beasts or monsters that would be stronger than us and form larger packs than us...", Siara said in a low voice.

"Hmm...", Shin was thinking about what she was saying.

"That was why, we too ended up evolving and possessing stronger traits..."

"Though, the most common one was the 'Warrior Wolf' class."

"Ah? Warrior wolf?", Shin didn't know that it was a class just like the dual class 'hunter' and 'predator' which he had received.

"Yes, however since it is way too common, many of the wolf clans possess better Wolf warriors."

"But now that a variable such as yourself, that is, a healer class wolf is with us, we would definitely stand at the top!", was what she said.

Shin could finally understand why they were asking him to join them.

'I see, so they are basically asking my help to make their clan better and stronger...', Shin thought.

However, what surprised him was the fact that even beasts such as wolves were sharp enough to think about hierarchy.

Also, there were such terms as 'clans' and 'stronger clans' which proved that the intellect of the wolves and any other beasts wasn't to be underestimated.

Probably that was because this was a different world, but despite that it was quite surprising!

"So do you understand now?"

"We need your healing powers to constantly help our kin survive...", Kira said in a low voice.

"...", Shin just nodded his head and was lost in his own thoughts.

'So basically, if I help them, they would be my allies...'

'And if I don't, they wouldn't let me out alive to ensure that I don't get the chance to join any other Wolf clan...', Shin grit his teeth while thinking that.

He took a look at all of them and then decided to join them because an ally is definitely better than an enemy and especially when the real scenario has started, he couldn't possibly afford to create the death flags due to small errors.

Shin walked another step towards the front and looked at all the wolves that were looking up to him.

Since the place where he was standing was a bit raised, all the remaining wolves seemed to be smaller than him despite the fact that he was the smallest!


"On the request of Kira, I will join your ranks and help you in healing!", he said in a raised voice.

Right after he said that, everything around the area was completely quiet. It was as if all of them had lost their voice.

'Eh? Did I say something wrong?', he looked a bit towards them only to find their mouths wide open and their eye balls popping out of their eyes.

"Did... did he just call master with just his name?", asked one of them and right after them all of them started murmuring about this with each other.

Shin failed to understand what was there to create a fuss about calling someone with name because that was pretty common in the old world, however he realized yet again that this was not the world which he was familiar with.


'Is calling out other's name a taboo?', he asked himself in his mind.

He slowly turned his head as if he wanted to see what Kira had to say in this matter right before which he got a glimpse of Siara looking at him with a fierce gaze.


'Her face is clearly saying that - "Even I haven't been given the privilege to call him by his name and how dare a little pup like you call him with his name?" - and I think I might end up being killed by her fierce glare!'

Then he turned his gazes a bit more and took a glimpse of Kira in order to see what his reactions would be. The moment his gazes fell on him, he could see a dark aura lingering around Kira.


'Did I just raise a death flag without even realizing it?'


To be continued...

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