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Reincarnated As A Wolf With Cheats

Chapter 27 True Predators


'He wants me as a healer?'

Shin was speechless. Since earlier he could feel a weird chillness from the leader who appeared. He was clearly able to tell that there was something different about him.

However he never expected him to be intelligent enough to make use of Shin.

The leader probably knew that Shin couldn't refuse this offer. That was because if he refused the offer, the leader would have killed him.

So it was probably wiser to accept it without creating any fuss and just as he had anticipated, Shin was forced to accept.

"I accept...", Shin accepted only because he had no other way.

In his mind, he had already decided to run away during the night when all the wolves would be fast asleep, but nevertheless, he accepted now and that was what mattered to the leader.

"Great!", Siara shouted when she heard this.

"Huh?", Shin was confused when she saw her reactions. It was as if she was either relieved or was quite happy to see Shin accept the offer.

"Good, let's return then...", the wolf said.

"Yes, um... your name...?", Shin asked.

It would feel quite stupid to think that someone who has a system would ask for the name, however it wasn't as simple as it seemed.

Shin was forced to ask for the name too and that was because of the message that had appeared on the screen as a result of trying to see the leader's profile.

[ Profile ]

Name: ???

Sex: Male

Age: ???

Weight: ???

Race: Canin lupus

[ Great White Wolf ]

Rank: ??? || Max. rank: ???

Level: ??? || Max. level: ???

HP: ??? || Max. HP: ???

MP: ??? || Max. MP: ???

Exp: ??? || Max. Exp: ???

Atk: ??? || Max. Atk: ???

Def: ??? || Max. Def: ???

Speed: ??? || Max. Speed: ???

Int: ??? || Max. Int: ???

[ Further details cannot be shown due to host's low level ]

The chances were high that the lord didn't have any name, but after seeing that almost all the stats were showing the same question marks, he had no choice but to think otherwise.


"I'm called Kira.", the wolf said. The name sounded quite familiar to Shin for some reason.

'Kira...? Where have I heard that name again?'

He failed to recall but he was completely sure that he knew that name. Of course, the name had no relation to this world, at least according to his knowledge.

What he was trying to recall was something from the previous world where he was dead. The memories were still intact but most of it were fuzzy due to which it required quite a large amount of concentration to recall even the tiniest information from the previous world.

"And you are...?", the wolf then asked after seeing Shin lost in his own thoughts.

"I am Shin...", he said with a low voice since he was taken by surprise when the wolf asked him.

"Huh!?", however the wolf was surprised more than Shin. That was the same with Siara.

"What is your name!?", Siara asked while marching towards him.

"Shin, that's my name...", Shin flinched.

Siara then made eye contact with Kira. Both of their eyes were widely open as if both of them were astonished by something.

Such a reaction made Shin wonder too about the reason for such a behavior.


"And... who named you that?", Siara asked.

It seemed like Kira also wanted to ask the same but didn't get the opportunity since Siara asked away first.


Of course, he couldn't possible tell that it was he who named himself. That would sound too awkward.


"Ya, she gave me that name...", he said.

It wasn't completely true nor was it completely a lie. In fact it lied in between of them.

In the previous world, he was indeed named as Shin by his own mother according to which it was supposed to be the truth, however in this world, he named himself that so it could be considered as a lie too.

"Your mother...?", for some reason that wasn't convincing enough.

Siara seemed doubtful about what Shin said and that was the same with Kira too.


'What's going on?'

'Why make a fuss over a simple name?', that was quite an obvious thought that Shin was having, but it was not as simple as he thought it was.

"Well, we will see to it later, for now let's return...", Kira said abruptly.

"...", Shin just nodded his head and followed their lead.

Kira walked at the front as if he was leading them, Siara followed him while the wolf pup was just behind them.

Shin was a little hesitant due to which he was a bit far behind them. However he never lost sight of them.

Reluctant he may be, but he followed them until he arrived at the homeland where many wolves were present.


When Kira reached the place, he howled as if he was announcing his return. It was the same with other wolves.

They also howled as if they were welcoming Kira with open arms and were congratulating for his splendid deed.

The moment Shin arrived there, he was completely awed to see a lot of wolves with pure white fur bowing their heads in front of Kira.

He could see many Bears' dead bodies lying here and there. Probably they were hunted down too by the wolves.

'That's why he was covered with blood...'

'There were many Grizzly bears that invaded...'

Shin understood that just by looking at the 7-8 dead bodies of the bears lying around.

When he was in front of just a single bear, everything he did was futile. In fact he wasn't able to muster any strength to attack it since he was intimidated just by looking at it's size and stats.

'Shame on me...'

'I was going to enjoy this life by being a true predator, wasn't I?' πš’π“·πš—πš›πšŽπ™–π. 𝒄૦𝓂

'Then why was I so pathetic out there?'


'I guess staying here would really help me, since I will be able to see how true predators work!', after thinking that, Shin slowly walked ahead towards Kira.


To be continued...

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