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Reincarnated As A Wolf With Cheats

Chapter 26 The Territorial Lord Appears

Shin was awed when he looked at the special effects of the howling.

'System, show her stats...', he asked the system immediately after looking at the she-wolf who was having the aura of a leader.


[ Profile ]

Name: Siara

Sex: Female

Age: 7 years 216 days 23 hours 11 minutes 30 seconds

Weight: 70 pounds ( 31.751 Kg )

Race: Canis lupis [ Wolf ]

[ White Wolf Warrior ]

Rank: C || Max. rank: A

Level: 20 || Max. level: 25

HP: 275/300 || Max. HP: 325

MP: 150/170 || Max. MP: 320

Exp: 1912 || Max. Exp: 3000

Atk: 190 || Max. Atk: 300

Def: 180 || Max. Def: 300

Speed: 430 || Max. Speed: 500

Int: 51 || Max. Int: 190

[ Further details cannot be shown due to host's low level ]

He looked at the details which were shown and just by that he knew that the wolf whom he was looking at was indeed special.

Moreover, he was shocked when he spotted the words 'Wolf Warrior'. He was quite familiar with that word and without a doubt he had evolved into one of those types a while ago.


Shin's mouth was widely opened as he was staring at the wolf. She slowly marched towards the Grizzly bear which had suffered heavy damage.

Just in terms of weight, it could be easily told that the bear was at least ten times as heavy as the wolves, however it seemed like that was useless against the wolves' fierce attacks.

"Boy, close your mouth...", she said as she passed by Shin.

Shin closed his mouth immediately as she told. His gazes were constantly upon her who walked further close to the bear.

"Well well, we did warn you not to enter our terrain..."

"Such a pity, this will be your death bed."

Right after she said that, she bared her fangs and used almost all of her power to bite the bears abdomen with immense power.

With just one bite, the bear's abdomen was torn into pieces. The blood splashed out and painted the white wolves in red.


All seven of the wolves howled when the bear finally died as if they were rejoicing. Shin kept on staring at them as they did this and he could probably look at them for almost eternity but the system didn't want that.

A system notification appeared which dragged Shin's attention towards itself.


[ The Territorial Lord has arrived ]

The moment he read that, he instinctively turned his gazes towards his back.

'Tap Tap Tap'

"Good work in killing her..."

"You did well Siara."

The words with heavy tone resounded in the entire land as if the whole area was speaking.

All the wolves turned their gazes towards the small yet raised piece of area where a wolf stood while looking down on them.

It was exceptionally large, probably twice the size of the wolf Siara whom Shin considered as leader a while ago.

The wolf's shadow was covering the entire area as if he was blocking the sun light.

"Yes dear...", Siara smiled a bit when he heard the wolf that appeared now praise her.

It assured Shin that Siara was probably quite close to the gigantic wolf that appeared when she called him 'Dear'.

He thought that the wolf was indeed powerful just by looking at it's size and he was also aware of the fact that the system was mentioning him as the Territorial Lord, but no matter how hard he tried, he wasn't able to understand as why the wolf that was in front of him was completely red!

"Greetings master!"

All the wolves were bowing to him, of course out of respect but there seemed to be fear imbued in the very said respect.

"You may rise.", the wolf said.

The ones who were bowing stood up and then looked at the Lord. They were eager to return now and since the lord was here himself, they seemed a bit enthusiastic for some reason.

However that was not the case with Shin. He was still confused with the wolf's color because till now he had never spotted a wolf with any color other than white.

He wanted to point this out and ask the wolf when suddenly he saw him licking his paw.

'No way...'

The place where the wolf licked it's paw, white colored appeared suddenly.


'He has bathed in blood?!'

Now this was something noteworthy. No matter how deadly a fight with a beast or predator is, ending up being drenched in blood is not something good however for the wolves or beasts it was probably a sign of victory in the battle or whatsoever.

"Alright, let's return...", he said with a low voice while licking his paw yet again.

"As you wish master...", other wolves replied and walked towards the bear and dragged him towards their left.

It seemed like the places which they could call home was quite close by. They moved towards their left and soon vanished from the sight.

Now the only ones that were left were the gigantic wolf who was none other than the leader, the female wolf Siara and the small pup whom Shin had saved.


Shin was waiting for an opportunity using which he could essentially escape from the area, but it seemed like the fate had plans of it's own.

"So, you are the doctor who entered my terrain?", the wolf asked quite arrogantly.

"Y-yes!", Shin replied.

"Hmm, our rules state that we don't allow outsiders to our land..."

"And if anyone enters, they wouldn't be able to get out alive."


Shin was sweating profusely. Indeed, that was because whatever the wolf said sounded like a threat or a warning. iπ§π“ƒπ’“π’†π‘Žπ™™. π˜€π˜°πš–

'I knew it, nothing good could come by saving someone...', Shin mumbled.

Until now, Shin had hunted many beasts to satisfy himself, but it was probably the first time that he had saved someone.

He didn't know why he did that since he never once thought about that. However it was already done. He had saved the small pup and now due to that he was going to get in bigger problems and would attract attention since the Wolf leader wouldn't let him go just like that.

"Hmm, there is one way.", the leader said.

"Y-yes?", Shin closely listened to what the wolf was going to say.

"You have to become a part of our clan!"

"Become the healer of our clan and I would let you live!", was what the wolf said.



To be continued...

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