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Reincarnated As A Wolf With Cheats

Chapter 25 [ The Warrior She Wolves ]

[ Class Hunter and Class Predator have become dormant for 00:02:00:00 ( 2 hours ) due to the presence of the host's Natural Predator ]

Shin was astonished when he saw the notification. He knew for sure that he would be encountering some trouble but he had no idea that it would be so soon.

Furthermore, he had met his natural enemy which was probably the worst possible case.

He dropped the wolf pup which he was holding with his mouth. The pup seemed to move back slowly which was probably due to it's natural instinct that was saying it to run away from the area.


'System, show me the profile of the foe in front of me...'


[ Profile ]

Name: ???

Sex: Female

Age: 13 years 296 days 23 hours 29 minutes 03 seconds

Weight: 715 pounds ( 324.319 Kg )

Race: Ursus arctos horribilis [ Grizzly Bear ]

[ Great Brown Bear ]

Rank: B || Max. rank: A

Level: 31 || Max. level: 50

HP: 300/410 || Max. HP: 500

MP: 157/180 || Max. MP: 500

Exp: 1496 || Max. Exp: 5000

Atk: 205 || Max. Atk: 500

Def: 200 || Max. Def: 500

Speed: 480 || Max. Speed: 800

Int: 56 || Max. Int: 200

[ Further details cannot be shown due to host's low level ]

This was probably the first time that Shin had seen such bizzaire stats. Of course, that was probably expected given the rank of the beast, but it was still quite astonishing.

But now Shin was in no state to be awed with the stats. He knew for sure that the bear was quite enraged but the reason for it was unclear.

Regardless, it was in Shin's best opinion to run away from here, however after taking a look at the speed stat of the bear, he thought that running away would have been a bad idea!


"Umm... listen to me, actually I...", he was trying to do something foolish.

He thought that the grizzly bear could understand what he was saying when he looked at the intelligence stat, but he was wrong.

The bear was already enraged and any talking wouldn't give out a peaceful conclusion.

In the end, while Shin was still trying to talk, the bear swung it gigantic arm which had sharp claws that could even destroy the strongest tree of the forest with a single attack.



[ You have used the skill Dash ]

Luckily, Shin was able to avoid it thanks to the usage of the skill. However, the shockwave that was produced due to the attack was more than enough to send Shin flying.

'What the heck was that?'

He was now ten meters away from the bear which was probably due to the shockwave. But the young wolf pup whom Shin had saved a while ago was much closer to the bear.

"No...", Shin could see the bear withdrawing it's arm again as if he was going to strike once more very soon.

'I have to save her!'


[ You have used the skill Dash ]

Shin rushed as fast as he could and in a blink of an eye, he was already near the pup.

That was the same with the bear too, although it hadn't moved forward, it's arm had already reached the pup.

In a matter of second the attack would hit the pup and Shin who was right next to the pup would also fall victim of the attack.

Needless to say, a direct hit from that attack would kill both of them readily. It would instantaneous due to which Shin would get no time to use Heal!

At that very moment, he could see the claws of the bear nearing in a slow motion. That definitely didn't mean that he had become fast. Just that, he was able to see the death that was approaching him.

At that very moment, he got a thought in his mind.

'Why did I even jump to save some wolf whom I didn't even know...?'

'Why the heck am I even confronting this crazy bear when I could just run away?' π™žπ‘›π“·π“‡π’†a𝑑. π™˜ΰ«¦π—Ί

'Why did I even enter this terrain?'

'Why didn't I run away sooner?'

'Why did I...'

Hundreds of questions arose in his mind for which there were no answers.

All he could do was regret because right now the death was indeed in front of him. The claws as mentioned, were so sharp that they could pierce through almost everything.

'Damn, if only I had ran away...'




The attack hit and there was a big splash of blood, however that didn't belong to Shin nor did it belong to the pup which he had saved.

Shin had closed his eyes tightly due to which he didn't know what had happened exactly, but the moment he opened, he couldn't help but be awed.

Seven wolves with silvery white fur had appeared out of nowhere. Two of the wolves' had bitten the bear's arms preventing it from moving freely due to which the attack missed Shin and the pup by a hair's breadth.

Other four wolves stood in front of Shin while trying to intimidate the bear. And the last wolf walked slowly towards Shin from behind while asking, "Are you both fine?"

Shin was awed by seeing the wolves' strength. Their bodies were big, bigger than any wolf that Shin had ever seen.

Of course, the bear was thrice their size, but thanks to their numbers, the size difference was tackled too.

Shin looked at the wolf who asked him the question, it was a female's voice to which he replied instinctively by nodding his head.

The wolf to whom Shin looked at seemed a bit bigger and stronger than other wolves. Plus, it seemed as if she was bossing them around when she said, "Okay ladies, time to teach this bastard a lesson."

"How dare she tries to invade our homeland!?", she howled at the top of her voice when she said that.

It seemed like the howl gave a weird effect to the other wolves. They were now glowing with a faint white light which was almost invisible due to their own white color however the surrounding was a bit illuminated so Shin could notice this easily.

Moreover, his all seeing eyes was not for a show. He used that to see the glow and the given effect.


[ You have used the skill All Seeing Eyes ]


And with the help of it he finally saw the status effect which had been inflicted on the other wolves.

[ Status Effect ]

-> Courage

-> Sharpened Instincts

-> Enhanced Strength


To be continued...

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