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Reincarnated As A Wolf With Cheats

Chapter 23 The Fated Encounter

"Is this for real?"

"All this was just a part of the tutorial?"


Shin was bewildered by the thought that all this time he had been surviving in some easy mode. Without a doubt, the upcoming events would be far more dangerous.

For a second he thought that he had been trapped inside a game rather than being reincarnated, but that soon became false because there was no such game according to his memory.

Furthermore, till now not even once was he mentioned that this world was game.


Despite the shocking revelation, he felt excited. Of course, more than this could have been provided to a murderer who enjoyed seeing blood.

But in this world, more than killing and seeing blood, he enjoyed hunting and eating new varieties of beasts and monsters.


[ The Main Scenario has begun ]

[ All restrictions are removed ]

[ Complete ownership of the system has been transferred to the host ]

The texts were not that satisfying but that didn't mean that nothing good was shown.

Obviously, Shin was the new owner of the system which could only mean that there wouldn't be any intervention from any Celestial or any other being like earlier.

Though, he could now evolve to only one particular kind, the fact that he was already a hybrid one didn't change.

"Hmm, let's test it..."

He thought about it for a bit and then asked the system to display the information about the Transformation skill.

"System, show the details of Transformation Skill."


[ Transformation Lv.1 ]

[ A skill that allows the host to transfer between the four chosen evolutions ]

[ Warning: Once Transformed into a specific evolution form, the abilities of other evolution form will be sealed ]

[ Cool Down Count: 00:00:10:00 ( 10 minutes ) ]

"That's pretty cool..."

The moment he read that, he knew that he could basically transform into other forms. Mainly his physical appearance will be altered and nothing else.

That would be more than enough to scare most of the foes so it was indeed quite a good thing.

He realized that right now he looked the exact same way as he looked 20 days ago. Other than a bit of growth, there wasn't much of significant change.

"Sigh, I guess all I can do now is..."

"Prepare myself to hunt as many monsters as possible.", he grinned.

He was giving off a sinister like aura as if he wanted to finish the entire forest.

"Oh well, for that I need to check out the areas...", he said in a low voice.

He stood up and then walked forward towards the direction in which the deer had run away.

He walked quietly and slowly because he had a lot of time. Also, since the main scenario had started, it was the best to notice the changes first rather than going wherever he wanted on a whim.

He was thinking about it while walking towards the deeper areas when suddenly a system notification appeared which made him feel nostalgic.


[ You have entered the White Wolves' Terrain ]

[ Your presence has been detected by the Territorial Lord ]

[ Your presence has been detected by the Territorial Lord ]

[ Your presence... ]

When the message popped up, Shin was too confused to realize the significance of it.

Furthermore, the texts were in 'Red'. All this time, the system showed only 'white' colored texts on a green background but right now the texts were in red color.

Shin noticed that and almost instantly his fur rose up as if his instincts were warning him of something.

But he had no idea what it was. Of course, he believed that nothing would happen to him because he was also a white wolf so entering such a terrain would be actually advantageous to him but little did he know that the actual wild wolves' didn't share such a thought.

Wolves are highly territorial animals and then live in packs. Their strength is usually in their numbers.

They are highly self-caring which means that they wouldn't want any other wolf or any other race to enter their terrain after all who would like a stranger to enter their home without their permission?

'Lub Dub'

'Lub Dub'

'What is this uneasiness?'

Indeed, his heart beat had become faster and his instincts were making him wary of something which was unforeseen until now.

"Well... would the wolves actually accept me though?", fortunately he asked the question in need right now.

He was alone, he had been alone all this time. There was no one to accompany him neither in the past life nor in this life until now.

Though the Elf Celestial was the first one with whom he spoke a few words, it wasn't much.

There were no friends or family, in fact he never felt a need of them.

Regardless, right now all that was on his mind was the texts 'Your presence has been detected by the Territorial Lord'.

That was the only thing that he was thinking about right now because the same text was literally spammed at least twenty times! 𝙞𝓃𝙣r𝘦а𝘥. Co𝙢

Despite this, he didn't stop even for a single second. He kept moving forward while being aware of his surrounding.




There were a lot of mixed noises heard. Although they weren't that clear, but it could be said that those noises were increasing as he walked forward.

"Just what the heck are these noises?"

He could feel a weird chill that ran down his spine.

He wasn't completely sure about it but he had already guessed that there was a bit of turmoil happening due to which the voices of different beasts were being heard.

Shin paused for a second and was wondering if it would be the best to continue forward when all of a sudden the rustling of leaves of the bushes nearby was heard.


Shi turned his gazes almost immediately towards his right. His eyes changed and showed a weird sharpness.

He was thinking of what was going to appear in front of him and waited for a moment right after which, a small creature just walked out of the bushes.

'Tap Tap'

Shin was giving off a bit of killing intent but when he saw the small creature that appeared in front of him, all his fierceness disappeared.


[ A wild White Wolf Pup has appeared ]


To be continued...

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