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Reincarnated As A Wolf With Cheats

Chapter 22 The End Of Tutorial And The Beginning Of Main Scenario

"Sigh, and why is there no rewards for completing it?"

Shin had complete confidence that he would be able to hunt the deer due to which he was expecting to get a handsome reward, but it seemed like that wouldn't be the case.



Right now his stomach was hurting and was begging to eat something. He didn't have time to think about anything and wanted to hunt anything and everything that came to his sight.

The class had already been deactivated and now he just looked here and there while trying to find a prey.

"What do I do...?", while he was thinking that, all of sudden his eyes spotted something.

"That is...?"


[ Climber Earthworm Lv.1 ]


Shin was speechless. Right now in front of him he could see a gigantic earthworm which was probably as big as him!

It looked abnormally normal. The Earthworms were one of the preys which the wolves would eat in initial days but the size would most definitely be less.


That wasn't the only thing that surprised Shin. The fact that it's name had the word 'Climber' was clearly made evident form the fact the the Earthworm was slowly climbing the bark of the tree.


But even before Shin had realized it, he had already started to drool over it. He almost immediately rushed towards it to eat it.


[ You have used the skill Bite ]

[ Dexterity of... ]

[ You have killed the Climber Earthworm Lv. 1 ]

[ You have gained 50 exp ]



"Yum! It's quite juicy."

Indeed, his entire body was covered with the Earthworm's blood. Furthermore, since it's body was as big as Shin and the fact that it was quite soft, Shin treated it as some meat and hogged it completely.

After 5 minutes, Shin had already finished eating it. It didn't matter to him that it was just a worm, all he cared was about the taste and filling his stomach.

"Sheesh, now my tummy has bugled like a balloon..."

Of course, he had eaten preys bigger than the earthworm, but never did he engulf them out rightly. Right now, he just swallowed most of the parts of the earthworm since it's body was slippery due to which not all the parts were able to get chewed properly.

"I guess I should rest a bit..", he thought about it and lied down at the same place form where he had hunted the worm.

It was obviously a shady area thanks to the tree. The coolness provided due to the shade made his fatigue vanish.

His mind was clear now and he was calm and relaxed.

"Hmm, I should take a look at my own stats before I make any other moves..."

He had some time now and while he was resting, he thought that it was the best to take a look at his own weakness and strengths.

"System, show my profile..."


[ Profile ]

Name: Shin

Sex: Male

Age: 20 days 00 hours 58 minutes 31 seconds

Weight: 0.4 Kg (1 Pound)

Race: Lupus (wolf race)

[ Evolved Warrior Wolf ]

Rank: D || Max. rank: ???

Level: 05 || Max. level: 25

HP: 25/25 || Max. HP: ???

MP: 14/14 || Max. MP: ???

Exp: 190 || Max. Exp: 200

Atk: 20 || Max. Atk: ???

Def: 25 || Max. Def: ???

Speed: 29 || Max. Speed: ???

Int: 40 || Max. Int: ???



1] Bite Lv.2

2] Dash Lv.2

3] Copy Lv.1

4] Heal Lv.1

5] Transformation Lv.1

6] Flame Wave Lv.1

7] Dark Manipulation Lv.1 iπš—nπ˜³π™šπ‘Žπ—±. π‘π—Όπ’Ž

8] All Seeing Eye Lv.1

9] Aura Control Lv.1


1] Cold Resistance Lv.1

? 2] Heat Resistance Lv.1

3]Shock Resistance Lv.1

4] Predator Lv.???

5] Hunter Lv.???

6] Moonlight Warrior Lv.1

7] Language Translation Lv.1


Shin smirked as he looked at the number of skills which he had. Although some skills were acquired when he evolved and were untested, it was still pretty cool that he had so many wide range of attacks which he could use.

"Haha, now I really feel like the protagonist..."

"All my wishes come true and I can basically get everything that isn't present in the system..."

What he said was true, he evolved into a hybrid mixed variant even when that option wasn't present. Basically he possessed the powers, skills and boosts of all the evolutionary classes that were initially provided and perhaps he wanted to do the same in the future.

He was grinning in a rather unsightly manner and had already decided to take full advantage of the system in the future when all of a sudden all his dreams were shattered in the very next moment.



[ Age: 20 days 01 hours 00 minutes 00 seconds ]

[ The End Of Bonus ]

[ The Cheat-Hack function of the system will be terminated ]

[ No extra boosts or options other than those displayed by the system will be permitted ]

"What the-"


"You got to be kidding me..."

Shin's face was noteworthy. He was quite shocked when he took a look at the message.

He never expected that the things that happened to him were beyond a system's capabilities and were actually cheats.

But somewhere in his heart he knew that whatever happened were indeed like gifts or bonuses. He thought that this would be never ending but it seemed like the cheat had ended.

"So basically, all this time, what I have been doing was just tutorial?", he realized this when he read the message.

Tutorial was the sometimes kept in order to have a basic understanding of the world functions in gaming simulators. Shin now somewhat realized that this world to which he had been transported to was basically done by some being who provided him with the system.

It was probably the said person who provided the tutorial to him so that he could get some fundamental knowledge about the world.


[ The Main Scenario begins in 00:00:00:10 ( 10 seconds ) ]

[ The free space will be activated ]

[ All restrictions will be removed ]

[ No extra support will be provided ]

[ One rule exists now - Hunt or be Hunted! ]


To be continued...

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