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Reincarnated As A Wolf With Cheats

Chapter 18 The Celestial Elf - Part 2


[ The skill has been successfully generated ]



[ You have gained the skill Language Translation Lv.1 ]


[ You can speak and understand any and all language with only a few exceptions ]

Shin grinned yet again and then started to speak.

"Haha, I'm sorry I was lost in my own thoughts..."

He was speaking Elven language rather fine earlier, but now whatever he spoke was perfect!

The sudden change shocked the Elf who now glared at Shin yet again. π’πš—πš—re𝐚𝚍 π˜€π˜°π’Ž

"Sigh, as for the answer to your question..."

Shin didn't want to tell the actual reason that he had some amazing skill like that. Thus, he ended up making some random lie.

"I don't know how but it seems like I am able to understand and speak in most of the languages..."

That was not convincing and of course it could end up increasing the Elf's suspicion, but other than that Shin couldn't say anything anyway.

Furthermore, he knew that the elf wasn't someone bad because he could have just attacked Shin without even asking so many questions.

Instead of doing that, he waited patiently after Shin requested and thus his trust in the elf increased a bit.

Shin was expecting the elf to argue or ask something to prove what Shin said, but instead the elf just laughed it out.

"Haha! Is that so?"

'Huh? Did I say something funny?', Shin failed to realize the reason for his laughter.

"So it seems... haha!"

"Like father... like son!"


The elf just kept on laughing for a while after saying that but that was by no means funny for Shin.

Rather, he was quite confused now when he mentioned the statement - 'Like father like son'.

"Haha, tell me, where is Arnolius?", the elf asked.


Shin had no answer to that question. He didn't even know who this Arnolius was in the first place.


'Who is Arnolius?', he asked himself and expected the system to answer and the system did answer him in his head via voice.


[ Arnolius - The previous chieftain of White Wolves ]

[ He is supposedly the host's father ]


The moment the female like voice told Shin this, it became evident what the elf was asking.

He now understood what 'like father like son' meant. It might have been the case that his father could also speak other languages and probably because of that the elf might have said that.

Shin hadn't basically seen what had happened but he knew this much for sure that the humans were hunting the white wolves.


He just kept quiet and said nothing after seeing which the elf asked, "Don't tell me... the news about the White wolves hunt was true?"

Shin just nodded his head because he was sure about that but after that, he couldn't answer any other question which the elf posed about his father.

"Wait, first tell me, how old are you?", the elf asked.

Shin couldn't answer that at once since he hadn't been counting the days he lived anyway.

'How old am I?', he asked the system.


[ 19 days 15 hours 46 minutes 57 seconds ]

It seemed like the system had an exact answer to his question.

"Haha, I'm 19 days old...", Shin replied quite humbly and innocently as if that was quite normal.

"Hmm hmm, so you are 19 months..."



"Can you repeat what you said just now?", the elf's eyes were widened when he realized that the wolf had said something different.

"Uh, I'm 19 days old...", Shin replied in a similar manner yet again.

"What!?", yes now the elf heard it yet again and his reaction was note worthy.

"Are you kidding me? How can you be just 19 days old!?", that was rather a normal reaction.

The wolf pups are quite sensitive hence they don't hunt or do anything at lest until they are a month old and here the elf found a wolf pup evolving when it's just 19 days old!

"Uh, is something wrong?", Shin asked because he was unaware of the fact that what he just spoke was quite abnormal.

Of course, he had no interest on animals whatsoever and he had no idea about their life spans.

Since this world was a fantasy one which was quite different from the Earth, he never once stopped to think if he was abnormal in any manner.

'That's crazy...'

Suddenly the elf's eyes started to shine with golden light as he stared at Shin.

'Just look at his power...'

'You are telling me that he is just 19 days old!?', the elf was totally awed.

No amount of surprise could astonish him in such a way.

'If he continues to grow at this rate...'

'Then within a few years he would be standing at the same level as me!'


The elf got goosebumps as he thought about this. But at the same time he was sighing as if he was a bit sorrowful.

'Unfortunately, the life span of wolves are no more than 15-20 years...'

'I wonder if he could really become a celestial and that too as strong as me!'

"Is something wrong?", Shin asked after seeing the elf sigh.

The elf looked at him and asked out of the blue, "Do you want to be a celestial?"


Shin paused. He totally stopped thinking right now just as he heard the elf say that.

"Oh, haha! Forgive me, you might have no idea what a celestial is..."

The elf was going to explain what it was but Shin knew it already.

Just before the elf celestial started to say anything about it, Shin said, "Yes, I would definitely want to become one but I will do that with my own powers..."

The elf turned his gazes at Shin the moment he heard that. All of a sudden he could see Shin's aura taking the shape of a dragon.

'A wolf's and... a dragon's aura?', the elf was shocked to see that.

But what surprised him even more was when he looked at the aura's that were mixed with the said dragon's aura.

'A demon...? A human...? And... an elf?'

He could see these 3 auras too at the same time which was so surprising that the elf might have ended up fainting if he had thought about this matter a bit more.

"Who are you...?", the elf asked the question yet again.

"Haha, I am Shin, just a normal wolf."

"Nice to meet you Elf Celestial Elvion...", he stood up and passed the elf and continued to walk inside the forest right after he said that.

The elf whose name was Elvion was left with his mouth open while his eyes were so widely opened that they could pop out at any instant.

"I'll ask again..."

"Just who are you?"

To be continued...

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