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Reincarnated As A Wolf With Cheats

Chapter 16 Completion Of The First Evolution

Shin had now entered a dormant state where he couldn't do anything.

It was as if his body was paralyzed but that was not the case. Something different had happened which was the better.

Furthermore, his body was emitting a faint white light and was growing stronger every second.

The forest was dense, so obviously hardly any light could enter the inner areas. It could easily be misunderstood to be night time due to this.

But the moment Shin's body started to glow, the darkness started to fade away.

However, it seemed like he had lost his consciousness too so he was practically defenseless.


Since it was dark, many monsters and beasts would just roam around, but the moment they were exposed to light, they became aggressive and most of them started rushing towards the source of light that was none other than Shin.

The first beast to appear near Shin was a huge centipede like beast. It was twice as big as a human and it had poison fangs in it's mouth.

Obviously, it's agility couldn't be underestimated.


[ Threat Level B detected ]

[ Enabling Barrier ]


[ Error code: 10010 ]

[ Failed to form a barrier due to evolution process ]

The centipede wouldn't show any mercy and would eat Shin in just a single bite. The system too failed to protect Shin at the moment so it was quite the dilemma.

The beast was salivating and while doing that, greenish slimy substance was falling from it's mouth which was without a doubt poison.

The centipede was completely green in color too. However it had red spots on it which marked that it was aa variant among it's species!

So right now, Shin's luck was as worst as it could be.


The centipede charged ahead swiftly in order to attack Shin when all of a sudden the centipede ended up getting cut into more than thousand pieces!

'Slash Slash'

The head, the body and the legs, all where completely shattered in just a blink of an eye. The centipede was totally confused as to what had happened, but it was no longer alive to figure it out anyway.

"Sigh, looks like I stumbled upon something rather interesting...", a person with long white silky hair, a blackish cloak with jet black clothes and while holding a huge stick in his right hand appeared out of nowhere.

He took down a strong beast like the Centipede in a second which was indeed abnormal because no matter how you see, the person was definitely a human male!

"Tsk, now do I have to take care of them too?"

He looked ahead only to find many more beasts running towards him. Some were Spider, some Salamanders and some centipede's too.

But no matter who it was, all of their ranks definitely exceeded 'B'. Despite that, it took him just another one second to completely eradicate all those monsters whose number couldn't have been less than 20.

'Tap Tap Tap'

He then turned back and walked towards Shin who was currently in his evolving state.

"Wow, would you look at that..."

"A white wolf species is trying to evolve?", there was a mixed expression on his face.


'This is probably the second time in history that this has happened...', he thought in his mind.

'The first time was...'

He recalled the event which basically had happened 300 years ago when a Giant Wolf which had 9 tails and was completely white in color went on destroying many human cities and civilizations.

It was quite hard to stop it, in fact in order to stop it, heroes were summoned.

It wouldn't have been an exaggeration to call such a beast to be a calamity level or a dragon level threat!

The interesting thing was that the beast had evolved from a white wolf species which shocked everyone when they came to know because white wolf species were the weakest.

"Haha, I can't believe I'm really watching a similar moment happening again with my own eyes...", he smirked.

He raised the thin wooden stick with which he had just killed all the beasts and aimed at Shin.

"But... I can't watch this till the end..."


"You must die..."

The man had a serious expression on his face and his eyes showed that he was dead serious.

Earlier just a little flick of the stick was more than enough to actually kill all those beasts, so it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that just the touch of the stick could essentially kill Shin.

The light continued to grow brighter and the man was about to make his move when all of a sudden he paused.


His eyes were left wide opened when he took a closer look at Shin's body.

"No way..."

"It can't be..."

The man was completely shocked. His hands were shivering as if he had seen something extraordinary which was indescribable.


"Why is your son here?", that was the first question he asked.

There wasn't some birth mark or anything that specified this, it was just pure aura that was being liberated from his body which seemed quite familiar to the man.

"Such a young wolf pup shouldn't be alone in this dangerous forest."

"But now that he is here... does that mean..."

The man didn't say anything after that and paused the movements of his hand.

He then turned back and took a look at some more beasts such as bears and tigers that were heading towards him.

"Sigh, pests... don't you dare try to harm him...", he said this and vanished from the area while swiftly appearing in front of them and killing them in a similar way as he had done earlier!

The same thing continued and for a whole hour he guarded Shin completely without allowing any beast approaching him.


[ Hybrid Evolution is complete ]

[ Congratulation, you have evolved into Wolf Warrior ]

[ Congratulation, you have gained the skill Transformation Lv.1 ]


[ Congratulation, you have gained the skill Flame Wave Lv.1 ]

[ Congratulation, you have gained the skill Moonlight Warrior Lv.1 ]

[ Congratulation, you have gained the skill Dark Manipulation Lv.1 ]

The messages popped up right after which Shin slowly started to regain his conscious.

The man felt that and almost immediately approached Shin and was just staring at him.

Shin opened his eyes a bit only to find quite a handsome man standing in front of him who seems to be in his mid thirties.


"Who are you...?"




"I am..."

To be continued...

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