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Reincarnated As A Wolf With Cheats

Chapter 15 The Hybrid Evolution

"Yes, let's take a look at the second one."

[ Dark Wolf ]

-> Higher Wolf Species

-> Specializes in Dark Magic

-> Power increases by 200% during night time.

-> Power increases by 100% during day time in dark region.

-> Chance of evolution to this race --> 53%

[ Conditions -> White wolf species with at least one class ]

Compared to the previous one, it didn't show any much of special characteristics but whatever it had was surely interesting.



"Till now I have been using skills but not even once did I think of magic!"

So the moment he realized that, this non-important thing also showed a great significance to him.


"This form wouldn't be half bad either..."

But then again, he didn't get swept away by his feelings and checked upon the details of the next form.

[ Flame Wolf ]

-> One of the rarest but strongest predator among the wolf species.

-> Specializes in Fire magic.

-> Strength increases by 300% in fire habitat.

-> Weakness: Water element. (Can be fatal depending on the exposure amount)

-> Immortal

-> Chance of evolution to this race --> 95%

[ Conditions -> White wolf species with Heat resistance ]

The overall details were good enough however the weakness about water that was specifically mentioned bugged him a bit.

"Sigh, how will I drink water if my weakness is that?"

"Also, I can't eat the wonderful fruits, berries or even different animals because their blood would also have water!"

Even though it was evident that fire was one of the strongest element, he didn't ant to choose it based on the conclusion he derived above.

Also, he instinctively withdrew from choosing that because he disliked anything related to heat!

Despite all these things, he was fascinated by the info because of just one single word - 'Immortal'.

He wondered what it actually meant. Did that mean that he would never die or did it mean that he would rise from the ashes after death like a phoenix?

No matter what it was, he was now interested in this choice too though it was in the last order of selection.

"Well then, the next and the last one..."

[ Half - Dragon Wolf ]

-> Information cannot be provided due to the interference of Celestials.

[ Enabling forceful extraction of the details ]

[ Error code: 03015 ]

[ Details cannot be provided due to the interference of the Celestials ]


Shin was speechless when he read those texts. It was rather confusing to someone who wasn't even aware of what the choices were.


"Who the heck are they?"


[ Answer... ]

[ Celestials are the supreme rulers of this world who are otherwise termed as Mortal Gods ]


Suddenly chill ran down his spine when he read that. He understood that some God was definitely watching him right now who was probably trying to interfere with whatever he was doing.

But he realized that there was some word called 'Mortal' as prefix.

"What's... what's the difference between Mortal Gods and Gods?", he ended up asking that in order to satisfy his curiosity.


[ Answer... ]

[ Gods are the ones who made the world, otherwise termed as Supreme Celestials... ]

[ Mortal Gods are the high ranking beasts/demons/humans/fairies/elves etc. who govern or rule the world ]

Shin's eyes widened when he read that. It was as if he was given some weird invitation of growing stronger.

His heart beat began to grow stronger and his blood was boiling.

"So you mean to say that anyone who becomes the highest ranking of their respective race or species can become a celestial?"


[ Affirmative ]

"That's nice..."


His eyes sparkled and he out-rightly asked something which paved the path that he would take to become someone whose name would go down in history, whose name will be in everyone's mouth and whose name would cause most to feel reassured and many to tremble!


"Can I become a Celestial too?"


[ Affirmative ]

[ Chances -> 0.1% ]


"It ain't zero..."

"That means even I can be someone who can rule the world!"

He became quite happy probably because he finally found the dream which he could chase sincerely.

"Then for the first step to realize my dream..."

"I need to evolve..."

He decided that no matter what would happen and no matter who would come in his path, he would most definitely aim to dominate the entire world.


"Haha, now now, I can't be that serious... let's just enjoy for now..."

"First comes evolving..."


[ Specify what you want to evolve into ]

"Sigh I wish I could evolve into all the combined forms..."

"But it seems impossible..."


He was about to chose one of the four choices after looking at them again when all of a sudden the system started working on it's own.

[ Command accepted ]

[ Analyzing the chances of Hybrid evolution ]

[... ]

[Analysis complete ]

[ Chances -> 0.01% ]

[ Proceeding to Hybrid Evolution ]

[ Combining all possible future forms ]

[ Superior Hybrid form created ]

'Ding' i๐™ฃ๐งr๐‘’๐˜ข๐’…๏ผŽ ๐šŒ๐š˜m

[ Entering Inactive state for 00:01:00:00 (1 hour) ]

"Wait wait!"

"What's happening?"

"What's with the hybrid thing? And combining?"

"Just what kind of mixture are you preparing system!!?"

The words which Shin had just uttered about evolving into the combined forms of the options provided was taken seriously by the system.

There was definitely no option of 'All of these' in the choices, but the system accepted what Shin asked as if it was expecting such a situation.

Regardless, it wouldn't be an exaggeration to tell that Shin was totally confused and surprised by such a change in the events.

"No way, is the system really trying to do what I wished for?"

"No... that's..."

All of a sudden he started to feel sleepy which was probably because of the system which was now forcing his body to be inactive for a period of 1 hour.

The forest in which he is wasn't to be underestimated. Here, each and every second of delay could cost ones life an at this time he was going to be immobile for a whole 1 hour!

What would happen to him? Will he survive and successfully evolve? Or will there be some change of events that would delay his Evolution?

Next time, in Reincarnated As A Wolf With Cheats...

"Who... who are you?"



"Haha, I am..."

To be continued...

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