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Reincarnated As A Wolf With Cheats

Chapter 13 The Final Phase Of Evolution - Part 2

[ Fatigue: 02 ]

The moment he laid his eyes on this, he new that he was now ready to stand up and leave.

That was probably because he could use the skill Dash again right after the fatigue count reached to 1.

'I guess running a bit more would raise the level of the skill.', he thought right after which he stood up and was about to leave when all of a sudden he found himself immobile.

'Huh? What is...'

He turned his gazes a bit back only to find himself trapped in some weird web which appeared to be almost transparent.

"The heck is this!"

He was confused to see the webs here and failed to understand what was going on when all of a sudden he could se a group of red dots staring at him from the tree.

"No way... that us..."


[ You have discovered a nest of Purple Poison Sting Spider ]

[ Spider Count: 15 ]

[ Average Rank: E ]

[ Threat Level: C ]

The moment he saw the texts, especially the part where it told that it was a nest with 15 spiders, his instincts told him to run away as far as possible.


He mustered all his strength and was trying to free himself from the spider web, but all the efforts seemed to be futile.

'What the heck? I am unable to even run away from here?', he asked himself.

He then thought that the only way to run away was to cut the webs due to which he opened his small mouth and tried to tears the web using his small yet sharp teeth.


[ You have used the skill 'Bite' ]

-> Dexterity of the jaws has been tripled.

-> Power of the jaws has been tripled.

-> Dexterity of the teeth has been tripled.

Even after using the skill bite, he wasn't able to free himself. That was because the webs ended up sticking to his mouth too probably because they were quite sticky.

'Damn, just what's wrong with these webs?'

He was quite tensed now because if he hadn't hurried then he would have ended up being a prey.

He was now somehow positioned in such a way that he could see the movements of the spiders.

His head was facing towards the tree so he didn't have to worry about getting hunted by the spiders from his back.

He waited for around 5-10 minutes but there was no movements shown by the spiders.

'Weird... what are they...'

He thought that they might have been asleep, however he could clearly see their red eyes as if they were glaring at him and warning him that if he were to make even a slightest of the movements then he would be killed.

'Tsk, I guess I should also relax for a bit...'

He thought that it was a waste of his energy to be on guard when the spiders weren't doing anything.

He was about to sit and rest for a bit when all of a sudden one of the spiders started to rush towards him.

Since he hadn't completely let his guard down he could see the spider making it's move.

'No way...'

He saw a small spider which was completely purple with some red spots on it's body, swiftly moving towards Shin as if it wanted to eat him almost immediately.

'Damn, the way it's moving towards me...'

'It definitely thinks that I am a prey!'

The look of Shin's face changed and all of a sudden he became quite agitated.

'A mere spider wants to hunt me?'

[ Class Predator has been activated. ]

[ The Poison Sting Spider has been confirmed as Prey ]

[ All stats increased by 5 ]

[ Senses sharpened ]

[ Intimidation increased by 10% ]

Just when that happened, Shin started to give out a large amount of killing intent which completely paralyzed the spider which was advancing towards Shin.

Since the spider was in a motion, it just fell down towards Shin's legs right after being paralyzed.


He was confused to see that happen because he had no idea about what had just happened.

Regardless, he could now completely another task of the mission of hunting the spider which was now right in front of him.

More than that, he wanted to see how a spider tasted due to which he couldn't help but salivate.

The spider probably sensed that and was just staring at Shin as if it was asking for mercy.

Shin didn't stop salivating and was looking with the eyes of a predator.

'Please! Spare me!'

The spider was probably trying to say that, but Shin had no intention of doing that.

He ignored the puppy like eyes which the spider showed and immediately used the skill 'Bite'.


[ You have used the skill Bite ]

[ Your... ]


[ You have killed a Purple Poison Sting Spider ]

[ You have earned 650 exp ]

He didn't stop to feast on the spider and completely savored it. His mouth was now painted with a green color which was probably the blood of the spider.

Regardless, he had completely finished eating the spider. Just a sting and the lower half was left behind.

He could clearly see that the sting contained some sort of poison due to which he wanted to avid it at all costs, but then again he wondered if he could make a good use of it.

'Maybe... just maybe...'

While thinking that, he ended up using the skill bite on the hard sting which was probably made up of bone. But thanks to the skill upgrade that had happened quite some time back to level 2. he was able to break the sting and swallow it completely.


[ You have been poisoned by Neurotoxins]

[ You have been paralyzed ]

[You have been poisoned by Neurotoxins ]

[ You have been paralyzed ]

[ You have been poisoned by Neurotoxins ]

[ You have been paralyzed ]

[ You have been... ]

'Ughh... really now? Tsk, now give me a skill quick!'

Shin was probably expecting the system to give a skill to poison resistance, but he had no idea how much time it would take.

He thought he could wait, but little did he know that all the spiders had started to march towards him after seeing him poisoned!

To be continued...

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