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Reincarnated As A Wolf With Cheats

Chapter 12 The Final Phase Of Evolution - Part 1



[ Proceeding To Final Phase ]

-> raise 'BITE' to Level 2 [ completed ]

-> raise 'DASH' to level 2 [ incomplete ]

-> hunt Purple Poison Sting Spider (Rank E) [ incomplete ]

Time Limit: 00:03:00:00 [ 3 days ]


Shin took a look at the message that was displayed right now by the system.

'Nice! The final stage...', he somewhat felt happy when he took a look at that.

Although one of the missions that was shown was already completed, he wasn't completely satisfied since there were two more to go.

He was now completely sure that the purpose of the system was to help him and that was why he stopped cussing.

He almost immediately finished the rest of the feast that was right in front of him and then walked towards the bush where he was hiding earlier.

'Hmm, so I need to raise the skill Dash?', he asked himself and was lost in deep thoughts.

He somehow knew that by actually using the same skills again and again, he could actually let them level up.

That was why he wasn't worried about it.

The thing that was bugging him was the rank E monster or beast that he had to hunt.

"Ya, I guess I really have to face off a much more stronger opponent this time..."

The ranks of a monster depicts its strength and without a doubt a rank F and rank E monsters are in different leagues.

Rank F included some lower animals examples of which were the squirrels which he hunted earlier.

They were easily killed because of their lower ranks and thus weren't even considered a major part of the food chains!

The rank E monsters were without a doubt much more stronger than a rank F monster.

Shin himself started the journey as a rank E rather than rank F and that was quite shocking, but that could have been expected since he had already survived a huge massive fire and had escaped from his death.

The Grigard, which was the first lizard like monster that he meet in the forest was also E rank but despite that he failed to hunt, whereas he had just hunted a rank C monster which had the title of the ruler.

Thanks to that he had a lot of confidence right now which wasn't an issue to him.

"A spider...? Rank E...?", he thought a bit more about it while liking his own mouth with the long tongue that he had.


He was thinking too deeply and this was probably the first time he thought in such a way.

And for what he was thinking, it was only known after he said, "I wonder if spiders taste better when roasted..."

He was literally salivating and was already imagining himself eating the spider after hunting.


All of a sudden his expressions turned gloomy when he actually imagined how spiders are.

"Their tiny bodies won't satisfy me no matter how many I hunt!", he shouted at himself.

He then stood up and walked away from the bush.

He thought it was in his best interest to clean the blood stain from his mouth because he didn't want to attract any unwanted danger towards himself.

Since it had rained earlier, small pools of water were found all over the place and in of those pools, he thoroughly cleaned his mouth and face including his paws.

'I guess I should try upgrading the skill Dash first...', he thought in his mind.

Since he had 3 days of time, he had no rush to complete the mission right away.

He knew that the 3 days time was given for either of the 2 reasons - It could be because of the difficulty of the mission or it could be because of some other hidden mission.

Either way, he thought that it was the best to fully use the time and that too wisely.

"Alright then, I guess it's better to use the skill Dash right now...", he said to himself and then posed in such a way that he was about to run a 100 m rally!

His expression also changed and he became quite serious at the moment.

He then mustered all the strength that he gained from eating so many squirrels to his limbs.


He started to run right after he gave the cute roar when suddenly a message popped up.



[ You have used the skill Dash ]

-> Your speed is raised by 2

-> Dexterity of the limbs is increased by 5% ๐’พ๐“ƒ๐“ท๐˜ณe๐—ฎ๐’…. ๐œเซฆ๐’Ž

-> Fatigue will start to get accumulated by 0.5 per second.

-> Skill will get deactivated automatically the moment fatigue reaches 15


He just started with a normal pace, but right after the message popped up, his speed increased significantly.

For a moment he felt as if he was touching the clouds and was flying because of the strong gush of cold wind that he could feel blowing past his ears and body.

He moved quite swiftly and elegantly.

He could clearly see another text that was constantly floating right in front of his eyes.

[ Fatigue: 04 ]

It meant that he had already ran for 8 seconds and on seeing that he still could run for 22 more seconds, he increased his pace even more.

He was basically having fun while running. It was an experience which he had never received.

Soon a total of 30 seconds passed by and another notification popped up.



[ The skill Dash has been deactivated ]

-> skill cannot be used until Fatigue reaches 1.

[ Rest of 5 seconds reduces fatigue by 0.5 ]

[ Consumption of food reduces fatigue by 1 in 5 seconds ]


'Huff huff', he was panting heavily now just by running for a mere 30 seconds which seemed quite unusual.

But then again, it seemed as if this was because he had been too busy to even take rest for a while now since he was completely focused on completing the missions.

Although he could still run, he wouldn't be able to use the skill dash since the fatigue count would continuously keep on increasing!

"Ya, it's best if I take a little rest...', while thinking this he walked near a huge tree that was towards his right and then took a shelter under it.

He was now completely relaxed right now even though the day was slowly getting over.

He thought quite highly of himself and thought that he would upgrade his skills and then hunt, but little did he know that not everything would go according to his plan since a pain of many eyes watched him from the dark parts of the tree.

To be continued...

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