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Reincarnated As A Wolf With Cheats

Chapter 10 The Second Phase Of The First Evolution - Part 1



[ Second Phase Of Evolution ]

-> Hunt three Marieus Squirrels [ 0/3 ]

-> Eat three Marieus Squirrels [ 0/3 ]

-> Attain one class [ 2/1 ]

TIME LIMIT: 00:03:00:00 [ 3 hours ]


-> Failure of completion of second phase would lead to major changes in the process of evolution.


He could clearly see the text in which one of the missions was already completed.

'Ah? I need to eat 3 Marieus Squirrels?', he asked himself.

He didn't have any problem with that since he had already eaten a giant lizard.

The mission didn't feel that tough when he just thought about he, but little did he know that it was one of the toughest missions that he could have faced.

He paused near a tree which was quite far away from the river and was taking a look at the missions again when he spotted a squirrel on the tree that was just ahead of him.

"Huh? I didn't think about it..."

The Squirrels usually preferred to remain in the tall trees on which he couldn't possibly climb as he didn't have any such ability.

That was the main problem that he was about to face.

More than that, the Squirrels would indeed come down the trees once a while, but right now it was raining due to which there was 1 to 0% of channel that a squirrel would come down.

'Damn, even the nature is against me...', he thought in his mind.

It was not a wrong thought by any means as it's couldn't have be any worse timing when he got such quest.

'Now... how do I climb the trees?', that was the only question that lingered in his mind.

"Tsk...", now all he could do was grit his teeth and sit down on the ground that was wet due to the very few drops of rain that had been escaping the shelter of the trees and falling down.

'I should try to climb it...', he thought for a moment about it but it seemed quite impossible.

He gave up on the idea the moment he looked at his paws that he had instead of humans hands and legs.

"How bothersome...", he was completely frustrated because all the trees surrounding him had the Squirrels which he wanted to hunt.

The white coloured text was continuously flying above their heads and thus it seemed to be an easy Hunt but unfortunately his fortune kept face slapping him again and again.

But one thing was good that he was given at least of 3 hours and it was nowehere mentioned that the evolution would get suspended if the second phase wasn't able to get completed. π‘–π—»π—»π‘Ÿe𝒢𝗱. π’„π‘œπ‘š

'Argh.... what do I do?', he kept wondering the whole time and even before knowing it, 2 hours already passed by.

The rain had also stopped and the sky became a bit clear so there was some hop that the squirrel would come down but the hope was very less.

He couldn't wait for that long because he had to hunt 3 Squirrels which wouldn't be easier by any means.

"Let's try!!!", he couldn't sit anymore while doing nothing so he thought about at least trying.

He ran win all his might and jumped on the tree trunk and tried to climb it.


Even before knowing it, the amount of height that was covered thanks to the jump was reduced to nothing as he just slid down because of the wet surface.

"Come on! What else do you expect me to do?", he displayed his utter discomfort and displeasure.

He couldn't find of another way by which he could reach the Squirrels.

He started glaring at them as if he really wanted to hunt them and eat them.

And when he had completely fixated his gazes in the squirrel that was sitting right above him, a system notification popped up.



[ Class Predator has been activated. ]

[ The Marieus Squirrel has been confirmed as Prey ]

[ All stats increased by 5 ]

[ Senses sharpened ]

[ Intimidation increased by 10% ]


All of a sudden his eyes started to glow with bluish green light.

He himself was shocked when the view of the surrounding seemed somewhat different.

'What the heck?', everything was viewed as if it was painted by a blue layer which was weird to him because it was the first time to happen.

'The squirrel has been identified as a prey?', he read the system notification and then almost instantly looked at the squirrel.

"Holy shit!? This can't be real...", he was shocked when he saw the squirrel.

His mouth started watering all of a sudden and a large amount of saliva was being generated just by the glance of the squirrel.

He started wagging his tail subconsciously without even realising that he was somewhat behaving like a real wolf or dog.

It was not his fault either because the so called squirrel that was in front of him was now looking like a 'Chiken Leg piece' which was his favourite food back on earth.

'Am... am I hallucinating?', he asked himself.

It wasn't completely wrong but it could be said that it was an effect of the Predator class.

"I want to eat it!!!", he shouted and ran with great velocity away from the tree.

He wanted to create some distance and after doing that he ran back with all his might.

Since his agility was increased, his speed also increased sharply due to which he covered the large distance within a few seconds.

"Hyaaaa!!!", he mustered all the strength in his hind limbs after lifting his fore limbs and jumped as high as he could.

This time because his strength was more than before and so were his senses, the jump was twice the height when compared to before.

'I will eat it!!!'

'I wonder if it will be juicy!'

'Will it be crispy!!!'

Those were the only thoughts that were wandering in his mind.

'Almost there... a bit more...', the distance between shin and the squirrel was a matter of one metre that was left but unfortunately that was as far as he could go.

The squirrel too got alerted and was running away to the higher branch that was placed.


'Losing that will be as good as losing my life!', was what Shin thought.

For some reason it seemed as if he didn't want to compromise with the food.

"Where do you think you are going!!!!?", he shouted with all his might.

But he had now started to fall towards the ground, however he didn't give up.

He forced his paws to the trunk so that he would stay firm at that place but unfortunately because he was too young, he didn't have any claws and thus he started to slip.

"Arghhh!!! I won't give up! Chicken! Chicken!!!", that's what he said.

Then he suddenly looked towards the squirrel that was running away.

It seemed as if his dream would remain a dream and he was slowly falling when all of a sudden his wild instincts worked.


He gave out a cute rawr and growls immediately after which he did something which was indeed good.


He bit the trunk with his small and almost no teeth thanks to which his fall stopped and he was now attached to one place without slipping any further down.



[ You have used the skill BITE ]

-> Dexterity of the jaws has been doubled.

-> Power of the jaws has been doubled.

-> Dexterity of the teeth has been doubled.



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