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Reincarnated as a second generation villain

Chapter 28 Relationship Approved?


Zhou Yuan and Ji Luoxue were both stunned when they heard Luo Xian's words.

They didn't expect Luo Xian wasn't angry, instead, she approved of their relationship?

It's not like Ji Luoxue was disappointed, instead, she was happy. But she never had any thoughts of having a romantic relationship with Zhou Yuan.

She only loved him as her closest person.

"Mom, I already said it, I just asked sis Luoxue to kiss, nothing else."

Luo Xian smiled instead, "If it's just kissing, why did you push Ji Luoxue onto the sofa?"

Ji Luoxue's cheeks turned red, while Zhou Yuan felt awkward.

Actually, he was happy to hear that his mother wasn't angry with him and instead blessed his relationship with Ji Luoxue.

Ji Luoxue was so beautiful and strong, and for a girl like her, he wanted her.

"You know mom, I'm a man, I just crossed the line a little."

"Okay okay, I got it." Luo Xian nodded and smiled.

Then, she looked at Ji Luoxue and smiled, "Luoxue, you are no stranger to me, even I am happy if you also like Yuan'er. I'm more relieved that my son is with a perfect girl like you."

Ji Luoxue blushed and was touched when she heard Luo Xian's words.

She was speechless, Luo Xian had been very good to her since she was little until now.

She smiled warmly, "I will remember what aunt said."

The family warmed up again, and the three of them had a good chat.

Zhou Yuan and Ji Luoxue also returned as usual, friendly and often joking.

But in Ji Luoxue's heart, it seemed that Zhou Yuan had become more meaningful to her.


On the other hand, in a villa in the city of Shanghai. This villa is quite strategic, there are several buildings between the villas, and the layout looks neat.

But inside the villa, the atmosphere in the living room didn't feel good.

There was a young man wearing a fancy suit, complete with jeans and leather shoes.

His hair was blonde, and his face was quite handsome. He was sitting on a chair in the living room, and in front of him were the Liu family people.

But their expressions didn't look good, most of them were gloomy, especially the Liu family patriarch, Liu Longhai.

"Patriarch Liu, this is due, but you still can't pay off your debt. Should I confiscate your house and company?" The young man said with a grin as he looked at Liu Longhai.

"Young master Yu, I know that, but we need more time. Give us at least two years to pay off the debt." Liu Longhai said earnestly.

"You know patriarch Liu, your debt is worth 2 billion Yuan. I'm not sure you can pay it off in these two years, and I'm also not a patient person. If you can't pay off that debt in 1 month, I will confiscate your house and your company." Yu Shuai said with a grin.

Liu Longhai's expression did not look good when he heard Yu Shuai's words. He knew that Yu Shuai was not a good person, he was the arrogant second-generation type.

"Young master Yu, it is for the sake of good relations between the Yu family and the Liu family, please give me extra time."


Hearing Yu Shuai's absolute words, Liu Longhai's expression was grim, he had nothing to offer. Even if he sold all his assets, it would not be enough.

He was so helpless, his father had a huge debt to the Yu family, and it continued to swell every year.

And his father bequeathed that huge debt to him when he died.

Liu Ruyan who was sitting on the sofa with her aunt was also helpless, she bit her lip and was annoyed with Yu Shuai.

But Yu Shuai suddenly stood up and walked over to Liu Ruyan.

"Or, I can consider the debt paid off if you give Liu Ruyan to me." Yu Shuai said with a grin while touching Liu Ruyan's chin.

"Do not touch me!" Liu Ruyan shouted angrily while slapping Yu Shuai's hand.

Yu Shuai smiled instead, but he raised both hands, "Okay, I won't touch you for now, but later, your father will give you to me." i๏ฝŽ๐“ท๐“‡๐’†ฮฑ๐’…. ๐—ฐ๐˜ฐ๐˜ฎ

"Isn't that so, Patriarch Liu?" Yu Shuai glanced at Liu Longhai with a grin.

Liu Longhai's expression was gloomy, "Don't even think about targeting my daughter. Even if I die I will not hand my daughter over to someone like you!"

Hearing Liu Longhai's firm words, the veins on Yu Shuai's forehead wrinkled and his expression did not look good.


Yu Shuai slapped Liu Longhai.


"Liu Longhai, pay attention to what you say to me or you'll regret it. I'll give you a week to think, and I'll be back in a few days."

After saying that, Yu Shuai immediately left the Liu family residence with his 3 bodyguards.

In the living room, everyone's expressions were grim.

"Brother Long, we have no choice, let Ruyan be Yu Shuai's woman, then our family will be released from the debt."

A middle-aged man wearing a suit said solemnly, he is Liu Ruyan's uncle.

"No! I won't let my only daughter enter the fire pit, I'd rather die than see my daughter with Yu Shuai!" Liu Longhai said firmly.

"But what about the fate of our family?"

"I keep saying no! I'll find a solution."

"Liu Longhai, don't be selfish, think about the fate of all of us!"

Liu Ruyan bit her lip and was helpless when she saw her family members arguing with each other.

She was also thinking about the fate of her family, should she surrender herself to Yu Shuai?

But her father was very firm in protecting her from Yu Shuai, she couldn't possibly disappoint her father.

She was desperate, she hoped for a miracle to come.

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