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Reincarnated as a second generation villain

Chapter 27 Doing Erotic Things


Ji Luoxue couldn't believe what she heard, Zhou Yuan asked her for a kiss?

"Xiao Yuan, what are you saying? You're not kidding, are you?"

Zhou Yuan scratched his head, "Well, I've never kissed any girl, so I want to try it."

Ji Luoxue crossed her arms, "So you want to kiss me?"

"You know, sis, none of the girls at school are worthy of me, they're all standard."

"And you think I'm worthy?"

"Of course, who else is as perfect as my Luoxue?"

Hearing Zhou Yuan's words, Ji Luoxue looked at him and said nothing. To be honest, she felt happy when she heard Zhou Yuan's words.

She subconsciously saw Zhou Yuan's face, the longer she looked at him, the more she felt that Zhou Yuan was very handsome.

But she immediately shook her head, "But still, we are brother and sister."

"We are not related by blood, I think it doesn't matter."

Seeing Zhou Yuan's smile and excited expression, Ji Luoxue sighed. But she thought about Zhou Yuan's words.

He was right, the two of them were not related by blood, so it was fine to kiss.

But still, she already thought of Zhou Yuan as her little brother, and doing that kind of erotic thing made her feel weird. π‘–π§π“·π“‡π™šπ™–d. c𝚘𝐦

But, she looked closely at Zhou Yuan, he was very handsome. And even though he's only 17 years old, he looks like a real gentleman.

Thinking of that, Ji Luoxue blushed slightly.

"Are you sure you want to do it with me?"

"Of course."

"Okay, come here."

Despite her embarrassment, Ji Luoxue still agreed to Zhou Yuan's request. After all, her brother was also very handsome, and for some reason, it didn't feel bad to give Zhou Yuan her first kiss.

Zhou Yuan smiled. He did not expect that Ji Luoxue would agree to his request.

And what he said about never having kissed another girl was true. Zhou Yuan in this world is still holy.

But in his previous life, he was used to such erotic things.


Zhou Yuan approached Ji Luoxue slowly. While Ji Luoxue was a little nervous and blushed, Zhou Yuan looked calm instead.

Zhou Yuan held Ji Luoxue's beautiful face and brought his lips closer to Ji Luoxue's.

Ji Luoxue closed her eyes and let Zhou Yuan do his thing.

Zhou Yuan's lips finally came into contact with Ji Luoxue's. Zhou Yuan felt a strange feeling, and it was very comfortable.

Meanwhile, Ji Luoxue also enjoyed this touch of lips. It was the first time she had kissed a man, and that man was even her little brother. But this feeling is also very comfortable.

Ji Luoxue opened her eyes and smiled, "How does it feel?"

"Well, it's a weird feeling, but it's fun."

Ji Luoxue smiled, "Now that you've tasted it, I think that's enough."

Hearing Ji Luoxue's words, there was disappointment in Zhou Yuan's expression.

"Sigh, how can that be enough, I only feel it a little bit, and it's not enough for me yet."

"Xiao Yuan, that's what kissing feels like, isn't that enough?"

"Of course not, I just felt it a little. Let's kiss again for a while."

Hearing this, Ji Luoxue looked doubtful. But she thought of the feeling of kissing Zhou Yuan. For some reason, she also wanted to feel it again.

"Okay, let's do it again."



Zhou Yuan and Ji Luoxue kissed once again, but this time, Ji Luoxue was also holding Zhou Yuan's face.

But Zhou Yuan started to move his lips, and his tongue met Ji Luoxue's.

Ji Luoxue didn't have a problem with this either, in fact, she became even more excited.

They kissed for a few minutes like lovers.

Ji Luoxue's breath and her enchanting voice only increased Zhou Yuan's passion.

Zhou Yuan became bolder, he pressed Ji Luoxue onto the sofa.

"Xiao Yuan, isn't this too much?"

"No, let's do it a little more."

The two of them kissed again hotly and passionately.

Ji Luoxue's cheeks turned even redder, but she also hugged Zhou Yuan's neck and enjoyed the hot kiss.


But the two of them suddenly startled and reflexively looked towards the door.

The two of them saw that the door was open, and a beautiful woman was standing with an expression of disbelief.

It was Luo Xian.

"Oh my."

Luo Xian was shocked and stunned when he saw Zhou Yuan and Ji Luoxue's scene.

Zhou Yuan and Ji Luoxue were equally shocked when they saw Luo Xian.


It was raining outside, and the night was cold.

In the living room, the atmosphere here was awkward. Zhou Yuan sat with Ji Luoxue on the sofa, and in front of them was Luo Xian who was sitting with her arms crossed, and her expression was dignified.

"So what does this mean?"

Luo Xian's voice sounded like an explosion in Ji Luoxue's heart. She panicked and was afraid that Luo Xian would scold her.

"Auntie, it's not what you think. We, we were just trying to kiss, and it just crossed the line a bit."

"That's right mom, I asked sis Luoxue to kiss because I wanted to feel it."

Zhou Yuan also said, but he looked more calm and more relaxed compared to Ji Luoxue.

"Xiao Yuan, is what you said true?" Luo Xian narrowed her eyes.

"Mom, your handsome son can't possibly lie to you."

Hearing this, Luo Xian was still suspicious. She looked at Zhou Yuan and Ji Luoxue while crossing her arms.

Then, she took a sip of the cup of tea that was on the table.

Her expression turned into a smile.

"Well, actually I don't mind that. If you guys like each other, you can have a romance, I approve of your relationship. You two aren't siblings either, so it's fine to do that."

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