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Reincarnated as a second generation villain

Chapter 24 The Appearance Of A New Protagonist

[A protagonist is detected near you]

Zhou Yuan was stunned when he heard the words of the system, another protagonist appeared?

Then, he stood beside the wall to hear the sound of the object breaking.




The sound was like a punch, it seemed like there was a fight in the next room.

"Well, let's see them." Zhou Yuan smirked.

Li Bo and Zhou Yuan left this room and went to the next room.

Li Bo's expression didn't look good, he didn't like it when people interfered with his time.

Li Bo opened the door and his expression was fierce.

"Bastards! Can't you guys shut up?" Li Bo shouted.

There are six people in this room and there are two people fighting, it seems that it is an internal conflict.

"I didn't know you guys dared to make such a fuss here!"

Li Bo came to them and his expression was full of anger.

Meanwhile, Zhou Yuan frowned, he used the special ability of the system and did not see any golden light above the heads of the six people.

He was confused, he thought the protagonist was in this room, but apparently not.

Then, he looked around. On the second floor, there are 6 rooms.

'Must be in one of these rooms.'

He left Li Bo here to find the protagonist.

And as for Li Bo's fate, he wasn't worried that Li Bo would be beaten up by those punks.

After all, who would dare to beat up the Huaxia imperial prince?


Zhou Yuan walked around the second floor, he suddenly saw a man and woman enter the second floor and enter a room together.

But Zhou Yuan instantly detected them because there was a golden light above the heads of the two of them.

"Well well, I found you." Zhou Yuan grinned.

He walked into the room, of course he wouldn't break the door.

Zhou Yuan strengthened his sense of hearing.

A few seconds later, the chatter of the two of them rang in Zhou Yuan's ears.


And in that room...

The two of them are sitting opposite each other.

In front of them was also some wine and food.

The girl looked to be in her 20s and was wearing professional attire.

She was very beautiful, her skin was pure white, a dazzling face and a hot body.

Moreover, the girl's hair is black in a ponytail style, which adds to the beauty and charm of an office worker.

Meanwhile, the man in front of him wasn't bad either, he was quite handsome and a bit muscular.

The man's expression was full of hope as he looked at the girl in front of him.

"Liu Ruyan, I am really sincere to you, don't you love me too? Let's get engaged, I promise to make you happy every day."

"Xiao Yan, I can't hide my feelings. I love you too, but can't be together."

Liu Ruyan's expression was full of unwillingness and there was sadness in her words.


Xiao Yan asked curiously. He had loved Liu Ruyan since he was in high school.

He always chased her and was always rejected. But gradually, he was able to melt Liu Ruyan's heart.

He was already very happy when he heard that Liu Ruyan loved him. But he was frustrated and wondered why the two of them couldn't be together.

"You know our family status is different. I also have internal problems, I don't want to involve you."

Hearing this, Xiao Yan was a little surprised, he thought what was wrong, it was only a matter of family status.

His expression became more relaxed.

"Ruyan, you don't have to worry about that. I'll be honest with you, I also have an identity, I come from a wealthy family in Qingzhou city."

Hearing Xiao Yan's words, Liu Ruyan was not surprised.

"Xiao Yan, no need to brag, we are indeed not meant to be together."

"Ruyan, I'm not lying, I am indeed the young master of the Xiao family. I left the house for a reason."

Liu Ruyan still doubted Xiao Yan's words. After all, he told her out of the blue, and of course, she couldn't believe it right away. ๐“ฒ๐งn๐š›๐ž๐’‚d. ๐‘๐—ผm

"Okay, I'll prove it to you." Xiao Yan sighed and took out his smartphone and opened it.

Seconds later, his face was sweating, he just remembered that he didn't have his father's or his family's number.

Meanwhile, Liu Ruyan saw the change in Xiao Yan's expression, she believed Xiao Yan was just bragging.

"Xiao Yan, I know this is difficult. But it's for the good of both of us, please forget about me from now on."

Although reluctant, she had to say this. She didn't want Xiao Yan to get involved in her troubles.

Her expression was full of sorrow, she did love Xiao Yan, but she couldn't be with him.

Her family is more important.

"Liu Ruyan, you know I will never give up on you. I sincerely love you." Xiao Yan said in a tone filled with optimism.

"Enough, I've already told you what's bothering me. From now on, forget about me."

Liu Ruyan said and immediately left the place.

"Ruyan, wait."

It was too late, Liu Ruyan had already left this room.

Xiao Yan stood still on the spot. Even though Liu Ruyan rejected him, he was relieved to know that Liu Ruyan also loved him.

He wasn't worried about losing Liu Ruyan, he could handle all the troubles.


Meanwhile, Zhou Yuan was sitting on a chair on the first floor, and in front of him was a fat man in formal attire. The man smiled flatteringly, he was the manager of this cafe.

But Zhou Yuan's expression was indifferent, he was enjoying the cup of hot coffee he was holding.

More importantly, he was waiting for Xiao Yan and Liu Ruyan to come downstairs.

He had been on the first floor since just now, it was enough to hear the conversation between Xiao Yan and Liu Ruyan.

He could conclude something just by hearing a little of their conversation.

Xiao Yan, the protagonist loves Liu Ruyan, the Heroine. Liu Ruyan also loves Xiao Yan, but she is forced to not be with Xiao Yan due to internal problems.

Zhou Yuan had thought about this, the matter might be a family or business matter, and there was a third person behind it.

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