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Reincarnated as a second generation villain

Chapter 217 The Power Of Nirvana

Lin Fan landed not far from Zhou Yuan.

His expression was full of seriousness and worry.

He went straight to Zhou Yuan.

"Where's Liu Meng'er!" Lin Fan shouted as he grabbed Zhou Yuan by the collar.

"You can check it yourself." Zhou Yuan said with a grin.

Hearing this, Lin Fan had a bad feeling. He immediately moved so fast that in the blink of an eye, he arrived at the area of the great magic sect.

But, his eyes widened when he saw the figure of a girl lying on the ground with blood on her body.

He knelt on the ground with an expression of disbelief.


He didn't want to believe this. His heart was pounding and sadness mixed in his mind.

He just knew love after a long time. Although not the only one, he already regarded Liu Meng'er as his woman.

And now, she's dead...

His hands shook and his face contorted into a fiery rage.

"Zhou Yuan!"

Lin Fan shouted extremely loud and shrill. His tone was filled with anger and sadness.

He stood up and was about to look for Zhou Yuan, but his face was suddenly grabbed by something and sent him flying at super speed.

This speed was abnormal, even he could feel time slowing by a fraction of a second.

He suddenly stopped flying and was thrown to the ground.


He fell to the ground, making the ground crack.

At the same time, a man also landed on the ground.

"You want to fight me right? Let's do it in this place." Zhou Yuan said with a grin.

Lin Fan stood up and looked around, only to find that he was in the middle of a deserted forest.

He gritted his teeth.

"You! You killed Liu Meng'er!" He shouted.

"I do kill her." Zhou Yuan grinned without hesitation.

Hearing this, Lin Fan's body trembled and his anger seemed to explode like a volcano erupting.


He shot forward as he readied his punch.


He managed to hit Zhou Yuan, sending him flying into the trees.

His anger was channeled with that punch, adding strength.


Zhou Yuan smashed into a boulder until it shattered.

He immediately got up and his expression was serious.

He couldn't even relax for a second because Lin Fan was running towards him at such a fast speed.

"You want to be serious? Then I will serve you!"

Zhou Yuan dusted off his clothes and prepared to face Lin Fan.

Lin Fan had already arrived in front of Zhou Yuan and was preparing to attack him.

He punched Zhou Yuan's head.


Unfortunately, it was blocked by Zhou Yuan.

But he didn't attack once.





Lin Fan attacked Zhou Yuan one after another. His anger blinded him and his strength grew with it.

Zhou Yuan only blocked those attacks, but his expression was serious.


One punch hit his nose until it bled.


Zhou Yuan became very annoyed. He looked at Lin Fan and a gray-colored aura along with distorted air appeared.

Lin Fan suddenly felt his body getting heavier and heavier so he found it difficult to attack Zhou Yuan again.

"Let's try this new power." Zhou Yuan grinned.

He stepped on the ground and the ground cracked into huge blocks floating in the air.

Lin Fan was shocked when he saw this.

"Take this!" Zhou Yuan shouted.

He moved his hand and the earthen blocks descended toward Lin Fan.

Lin Fan was sweating and he immediately ran to dodge the attack.


One of the blocks of earth hit the ground creating a crack.




The blocks of earth hit the ground, and Lin Fan managed to dodge them all.

He was panting heavily as he looked at Zhou Yuan.

"The power of gravity.... He has that power?" Lin Fan said earnestly.

He could see that Zhou Yuan was controlling those giant blocks of earth. He also felt great pressure as if the air was pressing down on him.

It was nothing but the power of gravity!

At this moment, he couldn't calm down because a sword slash effect came towards him.

Lin Fan dodged it easily.

"I didn't expect you to have this power." Lin Fan narrowed his eyes and said.

"Then what? Don't you also have a secret power?" Zhou Yuan said indifferently.

Lin Fan did not answer when he heard this.

"Not willing to tell me, huh? Even with that, I can tell that you have the immortal flame and the immortal heart." Zhou Yuan said coldly.

Lin Fan was shocked when he heard this.

What Zhou Yuan said was true, he possessed the secret power which was the immortal flame and the immortal heart.

But the problem was, how did Zhou Yuan find out?

"Still quiet? Well, it's not important anyway, there's no need to talk about it." Zhou Yuan said.

After that, he lifted his finger and the giant earthen blocks flew back into the air.

Lin Fan was sweating when he saw this.

"Take this!" Zhou Yuan floated in the air and aimed the gigantic earthen blocks at Lin Fan.

Like before, Lin Fan dashed swiftly to dodge the attack.



The blocks of earth hit the ground again and Lin Fan was able to dodge.

But this time it was a bit different, the speed of turning over the ground was faster.


One of them hit Lin Fan, not just once, but three other blocks of the earth also hit his body so that he was covered in a pile of dirt like a mountain.

Zhou Yuan's expression was dignified. He wasn't sure that Lin Fan would be seriously injured by that attack.

But at the very least, he would be hurt.

And sure enough, the sound of flames was heard and the pile of earth suddenly had a hole.


Golden flames shot out like pillars, flying toward Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan only dodged easily but his expression was serious. He couldn't underestimate the flames.


The pile of earth suddenly shattered and the ground was scorched everywhere.

Not far from him, Lin Fan stood majestically and there was a flame mark on his forehead, his pupils also turned the color of golden flames and his body was surrounded by golden flames.

"You forced me to use this." Lin Fan said coldly.


Zhou Yuan landed on the ground and stepped forwards.

With every step he took, his feet ignited the flames.

His sleeves were burned and tattoos appeared on both his arms and down to his neck.

At the same time, his pupils turned into the eyes of the heavenly demon.

"I think it will be an interesting fight." Zhou Yuan grinned.


Hellflame and immortal flame, are different types of flame.

At noon today, the two kinds of flame will have a confrontation.


Crimson flames and golden flames, Zhou Yuan and Lin Fan looked at each other and their auras of hostility could be felt.

They both suddenly disappeared.


Flames blazed in the sky, and the speed of the two of them was so fast that their movements in the sky looked like fireworks.

In fact, they are fighting.




The sound of crashing blows along with burning flames rang out in the sky.

They fought intensively in the sky. Zhou Yuan with the power of hell flame, heavenly demon, and his techniques could keep up with Lin Fan's immortal flames.


A dragon-shaped flame shot out from Lin Fan's hand and flew toward Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan was serious, he tried to dodge, but the fire dragon followed him.

Even as fast as he was, the fire dragon still followed him.

Even he couldn't calm down anymore when he saw the flame fist also flying towards him.


Zhou Yuan chose to face them. He stopped and faced the fire dragon.

But, his pupils shone with a golden color and he blinked.


The fire dragon suddenly turned into a more solid golden color and it hit Zhou Yuan's body!


The sound of flames blazing was heard.

Zhou Yuan was shocked. It turned out that the fire dragon did not hurt him.


Lin Fan was also shocked. Why didn't the fire dragon incinerate Lin Fan, and instead just pass him by?

He couldn't believe this. This shouldn't have happened.

One thing that is possible is that Zhou Yuan also mastered the power of the immortal flames.

But, that's highly impossible.

Meanwhile, Zhou Yuan smirked instead. He had just realized something.

"The power of Nirvana, so that's how it works." Zhou Yuan grinned.

Then, he looked at Lin Fan and blinked his eyes.

Lin Fan felt strange, the flame suddenly weakened.

Zhou Yuan shot toward Lin Fan.


He managed to punch Lin Fan's cheek and bounced.

Not stopping there, he focused his energy on his arms.

Then, he punched upwards and a flame fist appeared. This time bigger.


Zhou Yuan blinked his eyes and the flame fist turned into a solid golden color.

He pointed at the fiery fist and it suddenly stopped.

"Even I can control it." He grinned.

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