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Meanwhile, at Nanjinglu Street, in an alley...

"Ugh, my head hurts." Peng Hu sat down and held his aching head.

Then, he looked around and saw that three of his bodyguards were also sitting and holding his sore body.

One person was holding his shattered hand, and the other two were holding his head.

"Hey, where am I now?"

"Boss, it looks like we are still in the alley. As I recall, we were beaten by a teenager. He is very strong. I believe he is a cultivator." One of the bodyguards said seriously.

Peng Hu frowned as he remembered that. He still remembers when that person strangled him tightly.

Luckily, he didn't die, he just ran out of breath and passed out.

Thinking of that, he was furious. He had never experienced anything like this, and this was the first time.

"That bastard! I want him dead! I'll tell my father to find and kill him!" Peng Hu said in a tone full of anger.

"I thought what? It turned out to be public trash." Suddenly, a voice was heard from behind.

Peng Hu and the other three people reflexively looked back immediately. They saw a man in a black suit and hat walking towards him.

"Bastard, who are you?" The veins on his forehead constricted, and Peng Hu looked displeased with the man.

"I'm just a passerby."

Everyone's expressions were shocked, as the man suddenly appeared in front of them.

"Y-you! Who are you!"

Everyone became alert and serious. But the man's expression was indifferent.

He raised his right hand slowly, and a sword flashed.

Everyone's expressions were shocked. But they were too slow to react.




Three heads fell to the ground, and the headless body still stood and didn't move.

"I don't know if young master Zhou likes my methods, hahaha."

The man laughed innocently after decapitating Peng Hu and his bodyguards.

However, he was used to the sight of a headless body. It's like daily food.


Zhou Yuan was still driving and was on the road.

He was listening to music using earphones and seemed to be enjoying driving his new Ferrari.

Ring ring!

Suddenly, his smartphone in the car drawer rang. Zhou Yuan picked it up and looked at the caller id, it was Long Han.

He immediately accepted the call.

"Hello, young master Zhou. As you said, I've cleaned up the trash." Long Han's voice was heard as soon as the call was connected.

"Well, that's great. Did anyone see?" Zhou Yuan nodded and asked again.

"Of course not. You know what I'm capable of."

"Good work." Zhou Yuan nodded.

"Okay, young master Zhou, that's all I want to say."

"Yes, goodbye."

After that, the call was closed.

Zhou Yuan put his smartphone into the car drawer again and continued to drive.

As a second generation from a top family, Zhou Yuan naturally knew some powerful people who worked for his father.

One of them was Long Han, a cultivator. He didn't know what realm he was in, but he was very strong and a former mercenary.

thinking about cultivators, Zhou Yuan suddenly remembered something.

"Status windows."

Then, a hologram appeared before him.

[Name: Zhou Yuan]

[Identity: Young master of the Zhou family]

[Age: 17 years old]

[Cultivation base: First-level flowing qi]

[Charm: 95 (Full score is 100)]

[Lucky points: 50 (average is 5)]

[Villain points: 2700]

[Skills: High-level medicine, High-level driving]

[Talent: High-level cultivation talent, High-level martial arts talent]

[Item: 1× lottery]

[System store: locked]

"Lottery, of course. I almost forgot about this."

He got this lottery right after helping Su Yan. He was quite curious about what he would get.

"System, draw the lottery now." Zhou Yuan said lightly.

[Are you sure?]


[Congratulations, you got the fire-breathing sword; the sword forged by the legendary blacksmith; it has the power of smoldering fire]

[Congratulations, you got a high-level calligraphy skill]

Zhou Yuan raised one of his eyebrows when he saw the hologram in front of him. He got a sword.

Not only that, but he also gained a skill, and that wasn't bad either.

He had never heard of the name of the fire-breath sword. But it seems to be quite strong.

And for high-level calligraphy skills, it was quite useful. As he recalls, calligraphy is still loved by many people, especially people who like philosophy and meaning in a word.

[The sword is in the system storage. You can take it whenever you want.

[And for high-level calligraphy skills, it will automatically be extracted]


After that, he felt something enter his brain. That's a lot, but it doesn't hurt.

About 1 minute later, it finally stopped. And a satisfied smile appeared on Zhou Yuan's face.

"Hahaha, this is great. I remember Xiao Chen will get a connection from a master with his calligraphy skill. Well, it will be mine soon."


Zhou Yuan had arrived at the gate of his villa. But this gate is already open.

In front of him is a magnificent villa with luxurious exterior decoration.

This place was near a mountain and not far from the forest, but it was still in the city.

Zhou Yuan put his car into the garage, then directly entered the villa.

Opening the door of the villa, he saw a perfect luxury. This home decor looks luxurious and elegant, neatly arranged, and without dust. The place is also quite spacious and very clean.

"Welcome, Xiao Yuan."

Zhou Yuan was about to go to his room, he suddenly heard a voice.

He looked to the side, towards the dining room, and saw a very beautiful woman walking towards him.

Zhou Yuan was slightly surprised when he saw her. She was very beautiful and no worse than Lin Ziyan.

And her mature aura adds to her charm.

She was dressed casually, had long flowing hair, perfect curves, and a hot body. But her gentle and cold face made her seem untouchable.

He was no stranger to the woman. She was Ji Luoxue, his older sister.

Even though she said that Ji Luoxue was his older sister, she wasn't his actual sister. Ji Luoxue had always been with him since childhood and he already considered her like a sister.

Zhou Yuan looked at Ji Luoxue. He recalled the original plot of this world where in the future Ji Luoxue would become one of Xiao Chen's women.

That's right, because he was always dealing with Xiao Chen. Ji Luoxue was also involved. And because she had always fought with Xiao Chen, instead of adding to the enmity, Xiao Chen had melted Ji Luoxue's heart.

But now, everything will change. He would take all the good things that Xiao Chen was supposed to get.

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