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Reincarnated as a second generation villain

Chapter 13 Opportunity In Sight

"I happen to have good medical skills, let me see your father."

Hearing Zhou Yuan's words, Su Yan smiled wryly.

"Zhou Yuan, there's no need to comfort me. I'm used to this life, It will be fine if I live it patiently and trustingly."

"Do I look like I am joking? I can heal your father, just let me see him."

Su Yan's expression was still in disbelief, she doubted Zhou Yuan.

"Okay, show me your hand." Zhou Yuan suddenly said.

"Why?" Su Yan was curious and confused.

"Do you trust me?"

Hearing this, Su Yan was still suspicious, but she followed her heart and showed Zhou Yuan her hand.

Zhou Yuan took Su Yan's hand and gently massaged it.

Su Yan was still confused about what Zhou Yuan was doing, but she was enjoying the gentle massage. Zhou Yuan's masculine hands made her feel at ease. 𝐢𝓷n𝗿e𝙖𝑑. 𝘤om

And without her knowing it, she felt a difference in her feeling. She felt that the lingering fear in her heart was slowly dissipating and was replaced with calmness.

A few seconds later, Su Yan actually felt a different feeling, her fear had disappeared and she became very calm.

"Do you feel it? It's a therapeutic technique to relieve panic, stress, and fear."

"I didn't know there was such a technique, you're so great."

"It's a technique used by professional psychiatrists, not something great. What's more, I can cure your father's illness."

Hearing Zhou Yuan's words, Su Yan's heart beat faster. She wondered if Zhou Yuan's words were true.

Her father had been sick since three years ago. Previously, her life was happy, he lived in a luxurious apartment and was always well off.

But since her father fell ill, her life changed. It's hard to even eat, her mother has to work hard, work day and night to support her, and she has rarely felt happiness since then.

Luckily, she had good academic grades, so she got a scholarship to attend a Shanghai high school.

But if Zhou Yuan could cure her father...

Su Yan couldn't imagine it, her tears fell and she looked at Zhou Yuan expectantly.

"I-if you can cure my father, I, I will do anything." Su Yan's face blushed and she said expectantly.

Hearing Su Yan's words, Zhou Yuan smiled with satisfaction in his heart. His plan worked to make Su Yan melt and wish him well.

Zhou Yuan touched and stroked Su Yan's head gently.

"I don't want anything from you. You are a strong girl, I am very impressed with what you are doing. Looking at the state of your family, you are not running away from home, you are helping your mother and father by working side jobs, you are a good girl."

Hearing Zhou Yuan's words, Su Yan couldn't hold back her tears, she burst into tears.

Thinking of her family, Su Yan was very sad. Previously, her family was prosperous and wealthy. But everything has changed now, her family has fallen, and lives in poverty.

"Sniff, Zhou Yuan, you are very kind and care about me, thank you."

Zhou Yuan smiled and responded by gently hugging Su Yan and stroking her head.

Su Yan also hugged Zhou Yuan and cried in his chest.

[Su Yan's mood changed and her impression of you has improved for the better. You get 300 villain points]

Zhou Yuan was very satisfied when he heard the system's words.


15 minutes later...

Su Yan got into Zhou Yuan's car and also sat beside Zhou Yuan.

There were still weeping marks in the corners of her eyes, she rubbed them gently.

But her face blushed, the feeling of being hugged by Zhou Yuan was very comfortable.

She also told Zhou Yuan many things about her family. Honestly, it calmed her down and lifted the weight in her heart.

Meanwhile, Zhou Yuan thought in his heart. Xiao Chen should have been the one who helps Su Yan.

Xiao Chen was supposed to be driving with the Lin family driver and accidentally saw Su Yan being bullied by Peng Hu.

Like the plot in general, Xiao Chen helps Su Yan and also cures her father's illness. And Su Yan slowly fell in love with him.

But everything changed, he will cut off Xiao Chen's opportunities and get a lot of villain points.

But he is also confused, why is the system store is still locked?

"Zhou Yuan, over there, that is my house."

Su Yan's sudden words woke Zhou Yuan who was thinking.

Then, he looked in the direction Su Yan was pointing at. It was a wooden house.

Perhaps because he was used to luxury, when he saw a standard wooden house, he thought that it was a house that was not fit to live in.

"I'm sorry if my house is not a good one."

"I don't care about the type and layout of your house, let's go inside." Zhou Yuan said with a smile.

"Thank you." Su Yan smiled gently and said.


Getting out of the car, Zhou Yuan and Su Yan entered the house.

Zhou Yuan looked around before going inside. This place is a bit far from the city. There are few tall buildings and only wooden housing.

He immediately entered the house.

"Mom, I'm home."

No answer from inside the house. But a woman about 40 years old came out of a room.

She was about to greet Su Yan, but she was surprised when she saw a handsome teenager behind her daughter.

"Yan'er, is he your friend?"

"Mom, this is Zhou Yuan, my schoolmate. And Zhou Yuan, this is my mother, Su Hanxi."

"Hello, auntie." Zhou Yuan greeted in a friendly manner.

But he hid the surprise in his heart. He didn't expect that Su Yan's mother was still beautiful despite being in her 40s.

Her skin is a little dull and her hair is disheveled. If she was made up with expensive cosmetics, she would definitely be very beautiful, she would even look in her 20s.

"Hello, Zhou Yuan. I just happened to have finished cooking. Let's have lunch together." Su Hanxi also greeted and said in a friendly manner.

"Okay, aunt."

The room in this house is not large, and the living room is close to the dining room.

But even so, the furniture in this house is neatly and cleanly arranged. And this room smells good too.

While Su Hanxi went to the kitchen, Zhou Yuan and Su Yan sat at the dining table.

"Is that all right? Our food isn't fancy, and maybe that's not your taste."

"Don't worry, I'm not picky."

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