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Reincarnated as a second generation villain

Chapter 11 The Second Heroine

Xiao Chen stopped near the gate, he saw Lin Ziyan and Lin Tao standing.

Getting out of the car, he immediately approached the two of them.

"Ziyan, are you okay? Did Zhou Yuan do something bad to you?" Xiao Chen asked worriedly.

"The only bad thing is your existence!"

Lin Ziyan's expression instantly turned annoyed when she saw Xiao Chen. He said coldly and immediately left him and went inside the gate.

Xiao Chen sighed and was helpless, it seemed that Lin Ziyan was still angry at him.

He also regretted having accepted Zhou Yuan's challenge to prove that he was Lin Ziyan's fiancé.

He should have kept it a secret for a while. But, rice has turned into porridge, and everything has happened. He could only accept that.

"Cough, Xiao Chen, I want to ask you something. Does Ziyan have a boyfriend?" Lin Tao patted Xiao Chen's shoulder and asked curiously.

"What? Boyfriend? That's impossible." Xiao Chen was shocked and immediately shook his head.

"Ziyan said that she is dating Zhou Yuan, her classmate. do you know him?"

"Zhou Yuan? I know him, but I'm sure he's not Ziyan's boyfriend. I remember the two of them just met yesterday." Xiao Chen said with a frown.

"But Ziyan said that Zhou Yuan was her boyfriend, she also held his hand, and Zhou Yuan also admitted it."

"Old Lin, it looks like Ziyan is lying. Maybe she had planned this so she could avoid the marriage contract."

"Hmm, that makes sense." Lin Tao nodded.

"And Xiao Chen, please don't give up on Ziyan, she may be cold to you now, but her heart will slowly melt. Be patient." Lin Tao patted Xiao Chen's shoulder and said to comfort him.

"Don't worry Old Lin, I will never give up on her. After all, I love her too." Xiao Chen said optimistically.

"Good, it seems that master Zhen did not wrongly educate a disciple."


Zhou Yuan was driving his car while listening to music and he was heading to his villa.

He was also thinking about something. Ever since he was reincarnated, things got easier.

And going back to school again made him feel like he was back in the hot-blooded era of his youth.

That's a good memory.

But now, things are different, he becomes a villain and will climb the path of a villain.

No need to be kind, cruel, and merciless is the best way.

"Hmmm?" Zhou Yuan suddenly saw something ahead and he slowed down the car.

He saw that 4 people were dressed formally, and they were disturbing a girl.

They were on a side street, and it was also quiet, there was no one walking or doing anything in this area.

One of them was wearing luxurious clothes, and the other three seemed to be bodyguards, they were muscular and burly.

But Zhou Yuan focused more on the girl, he knew her, her name was Su Yan, one of the Heroines.

Zhou Yuan smirked, he found the second heroin.

Then, he blinked his eyes, and a golden light appeared above Su Yan's head.

But Zhou Yuan raised one of his eyebrows, the golden light above Su Yan's head was dimmer than Lin Ziyan's.

But he didn't think long, there was gold in front of him, would he let it? Certainly not.

Zhou Yuan stepped on the gas pedal slowly, he wanted to observe what would happen first.

A few seconds later, his eyes narrowed when he saw Su Yan and the 4 people enter the alley.


Meanwhile, Su Yan's expression was frightened. She was surrounded by 4 unknown people, let alone the young man in front of her who looked at her with lustful eyes.

It made her feel uncomfortable and scared.

"I don't know you guys, please let me go, my father is sick at home and I have to go home early." Su Yan retreated slowly, and there was fear in her words.

"Miss, don't worry, I can help you take your father to the hospital, and I will pay for it. But, there is one condition, how about we get in the car first?" The young man said with a friendly smile, but those lustful eyes couldn't be hidden.

Su Yan was a little surprised when the young man said he would support her ailing father. But she immediately shook her head, the man in front of him must have bad intentions toward her.

"I'm sorry, I can't just trust strangers. Please let me go." Su Yan refused the young man's offer.

The young man's expression turned cold after hearing Su Yan's words. It was the first time he had been rejected by a girl.

Previously, he always got everything if he wanted it, no matter if it was a woman, a car, etc.

Now, a girl in front of him dared to refuse him, it made him angry and annoyed.

"I guess there's no need for further ado, get her in the car." The young man said coldly.

Su Yan was shocked when she heard the words of the young man in front of him, she was also frightened at the same time.

The three burly men in the back immediately responded, they would put Su Yan in the car.

"You trash, you can't hold back your lust, and are going to kidnap a girl?"

Suddenly, a voice was heard from behind.

Everyone looked back including Su Yan, they saw a teenager wearing a school uniform walking toward them.

Su Yan was surprised, the uniform was the school uniform of Shanghai High School, which she also attended.

And the teenager's face looked familiar.

"Hehe, there is a hero who will save the beauty. Unfortunately, you won't be a hero, you will be my bag of fists." The young man smirked and said disdainfully.

"Of course a trash second generation like you will talk a lot. I don't want to argue with you. Hurry up and get all your bodyguards forward and I'll beat them up."

"This bastard! You all, catch him and let me beat him until he kneels at me!"

The young man pointed at Zhou Yuan with his finger and shouted angrily. He was provoked by Zhou Yuan's words.

The two burly people walked over to Zhou Yuan, and their expressions were fierce. While one of them held Su Yan so as not to run away.

Zhou Yuan smirked, he wanted to try the power of the flowing qi realm.

It didn't seem bad to have those bodyguards as punching bags.

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