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Reign of the Hunters

Chapter 23 School Begins!

Chapter 23 School Begins!

Ye Ci did not know whether to laugh or cry in regards to that black line above her head.

“You are the Gongzi You who had cleared Icy Cave at Difficult Stage?”


The line above Ye Ci’s head became darker for a few minutes. It couldn’t be... Even a newbie knew about this?

“Big sister, why are you here?!” Clear Moon looked at Gongzi with his unrestrained excitement. His pair of eyes were sparkling brightly as diamonds. “Everyone is looking for you on the World Channel.”

After contemplating for some time, Ye Ci still did not know how to answer him. In the end, she just laughed and said, “Don’t tell anyone else that I am here.”

“Sure, sure, I won’t tell anyone! Big Sister, don’t worry. Your secret is safe with me!” Clear Moon nodded. He winked and laughed at her before he turned and ran away.

Finally, she had the time to practice her Arrow Crafting skill...

Today was really too eventful. Ye Ci had only practiced her Arrow Crafting skill for twenty to thirty minutes when she heard the shuffling footsteps heading her way. She lifted her head. Other than Liu Chang, who else could it be?

Her smile was like the arrival of spring. Ye Ci could feel the goosebumps on her back when she saw that shuddering expression.

“Hi, my dear little Ci Ci. I’m here. You only have to call once and I will find you immediately. It is even faster than calling your darling.” Liu Chang said as she leaned forward to hug Ye Ci. Ye Ci promptly plopped a skill book on Liu Chang’s face, pushing that girl away.

“Fine! Fine! It is such a hot day, don’t be so corny.”

“You’re really quite something! You’re actually going to give me this book?!” Liu Chang took the skill book and planted multiple kisses on its cover. It was almost as if she wanted to print her saliva on the cover.

Ye Ci checked if there was anyone behind Liu Chang. Before she could say a word, Liu Chang said, “Stop it, no one followed me.”

Do you think I am stupid. I have closed all my channels. Of course I don’t want anyone to find you. I can even hide from the entire world.” Liu Chang stuffed the skill book into her backpack. She sat down beside Ye Ci. “Peacock Blue is looking everywhere for you.”

“Peacock Blue?”

“She is the guild member in charge of logistics.” Liu Chang replied as she snorted. “She is only slightly better looking but she is so full of herself. What gives her the right to talk to us with her nose in the air?”

“Why is she looking for me?” She wondered how Peacock Blue had offended Liu Chang as she looked at her friend’s expression.

“I am 100% certain that it is because you cleared the Icy Cave. What else could it be? When the information was announced, the faces of the whole management level turned green. They were extremely unhappy.” Liu Chang continued, snorting again. She complained angrily, “Blue Peacock looked for us immediately. She acted like a queen and told us, ‘You all brought Gongzi You in. Now the guild is looking for him so get him here quickly! You’ll all face the consequences if he’s late.’”

The smile on Ye Ci’s face widened. ‘Face the consequences...’ That person had a queen complex!

“She belongs to the management level of the guild. It is normal.” Ye Ci did not mind Peacock Blue’s remarks. She raised her brow with a teasing look and asked Liu Chang, “What makes you so angry?”

“How can I not be angry? Especially that Yi Cang, he was just like a dog. One word from Peacock Blue and he immediately agrees! Fuck, is he so deprived of women!” Liu Chang became angry and angrier the more she complained, even her face was turning red.

Ye Ci chose to keep her views to herself. To some extent, Liu Chang did like Yi Cang. Maybe, she could not differentiate whether that feeling was romantic or a sort of familial feeling which arose from the time they had known each other. Since she did not make it clear, Ye Ci naturally found it inappropriate to bring that up to embarrass her. She just consoled her with a few choice words.

“Little Ci, aren’t you even a tad bit angry? How can that woman talk this way!” The more Ye Ci consoled, the more Liu Chang raged with a need to find someone to stand on her side against that enemy.

Ye Ci squinted her eyes. “She is just a stranger. Why should I get angry over a few words? It isn’t as if I will face any consequences just because she say so. Plus, what are the consequences?” Even though this was Ye Ci’s second life, her personality was still basically quite cold. She did not even care about what Blue Peacock said so she was naturally not infuriated.

“Well, you’re open minded.” Liu Chang sighed. Almost instantaneously, she seemed to have received a message. “The guild is inviting me to fight a normal small dungeon, I’m leaving.”

“Didn’t you say that you don’t want hard labour?”

“Members with 80 GS and above will be rewarded 2 DKP per trip into the dungeon. You can change 1 DPK for $100. This is a deal I won’t miss!” Liu Chang stood up grinning cheekily again. “I have never earned a cent from any games. Even if I can’t get any equipment, I will be pleased to have earned some change!”

She was someone whose anger came quickly and dissipated just as fast, so Ye Ci was not worried about her little rant.

“You can just hide here. I am leaving. I won’t tell anyone your location.” Liu Chang bid Ye Ci farewell and left to find the teleporting NPC in the village. She disappeared in seconds.

After Liu Chang left, she seemed to have also brought away all disturbances. No one else looked for her. She was thankful for the silence and she continued making arrows as if her life depended on it.

For the following days, Ye Ci did not open her personal channel nor her word channel. She did not return to the guild encampment. She simply grinded through the Normal level Icy Cave over ten times to level up. She spent her remaining time crafting arrows. When the proficiency level of her Beginner Arrow Crafting reached 35.2%, it stopped increasing.

From her observation, crafting additional wooden arrows would not add to her proficiency any longer. She had to find a different component list to create another type of Beginner arrow.

Even though she spend most of her time in these two days crafting arrows and grinding in the Icy Cave, she also did some other things. Her Gathering skill was already at Beginner Level. She could now gather Fire Dragon plants, which were required for beginner grade fire resist potion, as well as Water Caltrop Flowers required for beginner grade ice resist potion.

These two herbs could be found in the Difficult Level of the Icy Cave. Ye Ci brought Ol’ Three with her as she went into Icy Cave a few times each day to gather herbs. She spent her days quite happily.

When her Gathering Skill, Apothecary Skill, Skinning Skill, and Cooking Skill had all reach Beginner Level, her University semester had finally started.

Ye Ci woke up early in the morning and headed for her university, carrying the bag she prepared the previous day.

This was a really weird feeling. Even though she had returned back to ten years ago, it didn’t feel that different because she had always been in Fate. It didn’t feel that different at all. Going back to the university was vastly different.

She had graduated many years back. She felt very uneasy entering the university at the “old age” of 28.

Ye Ci grades were quite good. She had done extremely well for her finals and managed to enter the elite university — D University. Ye Nantian and Zuo Xiaolan felt that it was the outcome of the fortune gathered through the culmination of many incenses placed on their ancestral tomb throughout the generations.

As Ye Ci rented an apartment near D University, she packed lightly and went ahead to register at the school herself. She did not need the hassle of having her parents accompany her.

Many senior students were orientating the new students. They were quite friendly and it did not take long for Ye Ci to complete her registration and go to her own class. 𝙞𝓃𝙣r𝘦а𝘥. Co𝙢

D University was famous for its environment. The place was wide and spacious, with colourful greenery spreading across the campus and pavilions that littered the space. Nine out of ten people would think that this was a garden if they had not told that it was a university.

Walking along the once familiar path, she easily found her classroom. The lecturer in charge was not here yet and the class was filled chattering students.

D University was one of the top university and they had many students from all over the world. Everyone was curious on the first day. Ye Ci was one of the students who arrived later. Those that were early had already stayed in the campus for a week so they were already familiar with each other. As she did not stay in the hostel, this was her first day here. So many of her classmates were curious.

“I am Fang Su Su from 612. Which hostel are you living in? I have never seen you.” Ye Ci had just found an empty seat when a round-faced girl greeted her warmly.

Ye Ci looked at her as a wave of emotions rushed through her.

Fang Su Su was one of the people who treated her very well. She was a good person. However, Ye Ci hurted her so badly that she left the country with a downtrodden heart.

Ye Ci did not want to think about the past.

“I am Ye Ci. I live in an apartment near the school so I don’t stay at the hostel.” Ye Ci smiled brightly. She offered her hand for a handshake.

“What a pity. It would be great if you were staying at the hostel.” Fang Su Su was a person who easily warmed up to others. It wasn’t long before they were acquainted with each other. She even grabbed her bag to sit with Ye Ci.

Even though they both had very different emotions, they both regretted not knowing each other earlier. They got along well very quickly.

“Students! Students!”

A few loud shouts broke the lively chatter in the room. There were three or four students from some student clubs standing at the lectern. The leader was a guy in dark blue T-shirt. He had dark hair and his pair of crystal black eyes sparkled with enthusiasm. He wore a warm, gentle smile and his face had a heroic spirit to it.

“We are from Zhengfeng Club, I am the vice president Qin Churuo. Everyone questioned what Zhengfeng club was. Zhengfeng club was a student club that was formed 5 years ago. Our gaming club is formed by various D university students from different years!”

Qin Churuo spoke with charisma and resolution, which subconsciously attracted many listeners. “We have played in various popular games like Seas of Grey L and Wonderous World L, and we have set many great records for multiple categories. Our guild, World Conqueror Guild, is ranked 20th countrywide....

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