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Reign of the Hunters

Chapter 15 Heishan’s Lair

Chapter 15 Heishan’s Lair

The five of them had never been in the same party before, but they fought as if they were familiar with each other.

“Tsk...” Let Go Of That Girl clicked his tongue and praised Ye Ci. “No wonder you said that she’s good. I’ve never seen a Huntress with such balance before. It’s almost like she could handle this alone. If her attack damage was higher, I think she could’ve finished SOLO.”

“Four Seas, what do you think?” Golden man ignored his companion’s praise and asked Four Seas, the latter of whom was doing his job and healing the party.

Four Seas stretched himself and sighed, “The pressure is real...”

Let Go Of That Girl shouted, “Hey! Hey! Hey! Do your job. I’m risking my life here. Heal me, don’t let me die!”

“Somebody else was working hard up there and you’re complaining at a mere scratch?” Ideal Height 1.7m did not miss the chance to make fun of Let Go Of That Girl.

Four Seas looked at Let Go Of That Girl, then at Ye Ci. He appeared to be deep in thought.

“You’re not yourself today. You’re actually doing a good job as a healer.” Golden Man could not believe that Four Seas was sticking to his job.

“I’ve always been a good healer.” Four Seas was proud of himself. “Nobody is as good as I am.”

Ye Ci could see everything clearly in the air. “Get past that door, there’s a bridge beyond it. We can make a stand there.” Ye Ci shouted.

The group sped up and managed to clear away the last of the wolf pack, getting onto the bridge.

The dungeon was easier after that. It was almost like they were steamrolling through the entire dungeon.

The bridge was so narrow that Let Go Of That Girl alone could block the entire way just by standing in the middle, allowing only two wolves to attack them at the same time. With such excellent terrain, they could even defeat an entire army.

Four Seas was the one who did the least among the five. He sat on the ledge, yawning while healing his comrades.

Out of boredom, he looked at the damage output ranking.

He was not surprised to see that Let Go Of That Girl, their usual main damage dealer, was no longer ranked first. Gongzi You was, without a doubt, the one who dealt the most damage. Her damage output was 35% of the total damage output. Four Seas could not help but steal a glance at Ye Ci.

Few Hunters or Huntresses had managed to deal more damage than the tank. They tended not to attract aggression from the monsters.

This Huntress... Her gorgeous movements and kiting were not the only thing she was good at.

Ye Ci could feel that somebody was looking at her . As she turned around, she locked eyes with Four Seas. He did not avert his gaze. Instead, a lazy smile formed on his lips.

Ye Ci did not suspect much, as she was never one to care about somebody else’s thoughts. It would be too tiring for her.

The group have also nearly cleared the bridge. The wolves on the other side of the bridge obviously thinned out.

Only a few grey wolves lurked around, but they were visibly larger than the wolves earlier on.

Their attributes identified them as Elites.

“We’re facing against Elites, put your backs into it.” Golden Man reminded the party.

He received no reply. The others were already in action before he spoke. Even Four Seas that appeared bored a few moments earlier charged into the fray.

“What a bunch of animals...” Golden Man, who had been left behind, sighed before he charged out to join his companions.

There was basically nothing difficult about the dungeon. The only situation that placed everyone in danger was at the part before the bridge. They could easily get surrounded by the wolves, therefore teamwork was very important. After that, everything was very straightforward except for the occasional Elite Wolf.

They effortlessly reached a staircase. Ye Ci leaped onto a huge rock beside the staircase and surveyed the surrounding before jumping back down. “Heishan is in there. His hit points are high, around 100,000. This we can handle. But for the three guardians in front of him, it seems like their movements are linked.”

“I’ll take care of two of them. You guys concentrate your attacks on the remaining one.” Let Go Of That Girl drank a Defense Potion and rushed onto the staircase with the three Guardian Wolves in hot pursuit.

The group, or as Golden Man said, the group of animals, pounced on the wolves.

Of the group, two of them were listed on the Rankings. One of them was a moving cannon, and the other a ferocious Huntress. With the aid of a basically useless Cleric, they took care of the three guardians in under 10 minutes.

“Go go go, hurry up, go for the loots!” Let Go Of That Girl rubbed his hands happily, laughing at the corpse of the three guardian Wolves.

Ye Ci stood far away. She was afraid that her “Black Hand Aura” would affect the loot.

Golden Man thought that she was merely being shy and said, “Gongzi, what are you doing, go pick up the loot.”

Ye Ci smiled and said, “Nevermind, I’ll leave it to you guys.”

“Your damage output is the highest, you should do it.” Golden Man pushed Ye Ci towards one of the corpses.

“My hands are very unlucky.” Ye Ci was helpless.

“Don’t worry, the so-called “Black Hand” means that you’ll get things that we don’t need. But with our current situation, I think you’ll get lucky no matter what.”

Ye Ci looked into the sky. She was speechless. Her “Black Hand” was different. Her “Black Hand” would ensure that there were no loots.

The “Black Hand” aura had always followed Ye Ci. It had always been by her side. Always.

The corpse that Ye Ci looted contained nothing, while the other two yielded three Blue equipments.

Let Of Go That Girl looked at Ye Ci and cried out in anguish after failing to obtain the weapon that he dreamt of, “You sure as hell are unlucky.”

Ye Ci shrugged and sighed, “You made me do this...”

Heishan was a paper tiger without his three guardians. Nevertheless, he lasted for almost an hour just because of his immense number of hit points.

Let Go Of That Girl was the one that looted the corpse, and his luck was good.

The corpse yielded 4 Blue equipment, as well as some potions and materials. There was also a key that was a Quest Item.

The description was vague: You might be able to use it at the cellar of the Red Monastery.

The Red Monastery!

It was a 50-man-party lvl 40 dungeon!

Ye Ci remembered the time when she went to the Monastery with a group. There was a mysterious door in the cellar, but they had never been able to open it. Looks like they had just found the key.

Each of them received the Quest Item. They added each other as friends and promised to go to the Red Monastery to complete the quest when the time came.

They divided the loot and each of them received at least two or three items, with the exception of Ye Ci who only received a gauntlet that doubled her strength. Golden Man felt sorry for Ye Ci, and he gave her all the potions and materials looted from Heishan.

Ye Ci happily accepted.

“This dungeon is so lit. It’s easy but it gives a lot of experience points and good gear, although we don’t know when it will reset.” Let Go Of That Girl was deeply satisfied from his experience bar, which was already half full at lvl 9.

“I’ll go see if I can find some quest item.” Said Ye Ci who was the first one to have cleared up her items. She saw a pile of rope ladder glistening with a light which hinted it could be picked up. It could be the Quest Item.

Something fell out from beneath the pile of rope ladders as Ye Ci lifted it up.

Ye Xiu picked up the object and a system notification chimed in: Black Ring was bound to you.

It was a very curious case. For an item in Fate to be bound, a player was usually required to bind it through Soul Bind Mage.

She took a look at the ring’s stats. It was a Grey equipment, something with the lowest quality. It had 0 stats, as if it were merely for decoration.

Walking out of the house, Ye Ci showed the ring to her companions. They waved it off as a BUG, and since it was bound to Ye Ci, it belonged to her.

Ye Ci felt guilty. She did not obtain that item fairly, even though it was a simple Grey equipment.

She attempted to pay Golden Man with 10 gold coins as compensation.

Her action, however, unsettled the group. They refused the compensation while Four Seas jokingly said, “If you really mind about it that much, the next time you obtain some sort of God-tier weapon, give it to me.”

Although it was a simple joke, Ye Ci found closure in her heart. The group left the dungeon and parted ways.

Frodo accepted the rope ladder from Ye Ci, but he maintained a glare at her without explanation. He sat on a rock and refused to speak with Ye Ci.

It was already late and if Ye Ci did not go for dinner soon, her parents would be worrying about her again. She logged off the game.

Ye Ci made some food to satiate her hunger after climbing out of the gaming cabin. She immediately received a phone call from her parents checking in on her. After hanging up the call, her phone rang again before she could go into the shower.

It was an unfamiliar number. After a moment of hesitation, Ye Ci connected the call.

“Hello? Who is this?”

“Little Ci, it’s me.”

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