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Reborn Missy An Adorable Wife

Chapter 632 - 632 Chapter 632, International Exhibition (17)

632 Chapter 632, International Exhibition (17)

Although Timothy Ruskin was reluctant, Gu Qingchen had agreed, so he could not say anything. He could only watch gloomily as Douglas Rowell fought with him over Gu Qingchen.

In fact, the large-scale raw stone (s) could not be mined, so basically, the raw stone that people saw was not particularly huge. In any case, Gu Qingchen had never seen such a huge raw stone (s) in the country before, and she had never heard of such a huge raw stone.

When she heard that she was going to see such a huge raw stone (s) , Timothy Ruskin immediately became spirited. He did not fight with Douglas Rowell and pulled Douglas Rowell forward.

“Is there such a huge raw stone (s) ? Quick, quick, quick, let’s go and have a look. Let’s go and have a look too. It’s really hard for me to imagine the size of a huge stone.”

The few of them quickly walked towards the huge stone. Sure enough, after a few steps, Gu Qingchen saw a raw stone (s) that was really the size of a huge stone! Basically, this raw stone occupied a quarter of the area of the Jade Stone. With such a huge raw stone (s) , the first thought that Gu Qingchen had when she saw it was how the royal family had moved this raw stone (s) in, this was definitely a huge project.

When she came to the surroundings of the raw stone (s) , Gu Qingchen saw that there were people around the huge raw stone (s) . All of them were wearing professional glasses and holding tools in their hands. They looked at the huge raw stone (s) but did not know where to start?

Indeed, it was absolutely impossible to appraise such a huge raw stone (s) . At least, it was impossible to do it manually.

Moreover, because the raw stone (s) was too big, even if someone could identify it manually, they could only identify the outermost circle. It was impossible to see what was deep inside.

Seeing such a huge raw stone (s) , Gu Qingchen was also a little excited. But overall, Gu Qingchen was still calm. She did not rush over to touch the raw stone (s) immediately.

“F * CK, is there really such a huge raw stone? Are you sure this is not a stone? Don’t tell me you just randomly picked a stone to fool us?”

Timothy Ruskin exclaimed the moment he saw the raw stone (s) . Because he blurted it out subconsciously, he did not deliberately lower his voice. The people around him also heard what he said and turned around.

When everyone saw that it was Timothy Ruskin, their eyes revealed a look of contempt, as if they were not very friendly to Timothy Ruskin.

[ so it’s Timothy Ruskin. No wonder he’s so uncultured. He only smells like money, and he always wants to come to the jade to get his hands on the jade. ]

[ sigh! ]! I knew that only Timothy Ruskin would say something like that. It was not the material to play with Jade, but he had to stick his head into the pile of jade. This kind of person was really hard to come by. His perseverance was really firm! Of course, his skin was thick enough

[ Big Stone? Hehe, thanks to Timothy Ruskin’s imagination. His imagination is really rich. ]

Gu Qingchen looked around and saw through everyone’s thoughts. Although these people looked calm on the surface and smiled at each other. In fact, they all looked down on Timothy Ruskin. They did not put Timothy Ruskin in their eyes at all. At least, in the jade industry, Timothy Ruskin was looked down upon by them.

Gu Qingchen could now understand why Timothy Ruskin was so eager to acknowledge her as his teacher. According to his little reputation in Europe, it was too difficult for him to acknowledge a teacher in this field.

Since he couldn’t do it in Europe, he could only consider going to Asia to acknowledge a teacher. Coincidentally, he saw Gu Qingchen in Paradise. Timothy Ruskin seemed to have seen hope.

“You guys continue, everyone continue! I’m just casually saying, Don’t take it to heart.”

Douglas rowel took a look at Timothy Rowel. There was a look of disappointment in his eyes. He shook his head and said, “I really don’t want to walk with you. Your level has been lowered a lot!”

Timothy Rowel also knew that he had said the wrong thing, so he did not refute Douglas rowel.

Instead, he turned to Gu Qingchen and asked, “Child prodigy, do you have a way to identify this piece of raw stone (s) ?”

Timothy Ruskin knew Gu Qingchen’s deeds like the back of his hand. There were some details that even gu qingchen did not remember, but Timothy Ruskin actually knew them.

Regarding this, Gu Qingchen also expressed her helplessness. It turned out that she had always been so closely followed by a person.

Timothy Ruskin eagerly urged Gu Qingchen to give it a try. Gu Qingchen knew what Timothy Ruskin was thinking. He wanted Gu Qingchen to be in the limelight so that he could make a name for himself. After all, Timothy Ruskin was always ridiculed in the Jade Circle. With Gu Qingchen by his side, how could he not want to show off.

Although Gu Qingchen felt helpless about this, she really wanted to give it a try. She wanted to see if her ability was as useful as this giant rock.

Gu Qingchen walked to the edge of the giant rock. Timothy Ruskin finally squeezed out a spot for Gu Qingchen. He also took professional tools from Warren and handed them to Gu Qingchen, “Little prodigy, which one do you want to use first? I’ll Be Your Assistant.”

Gu Qingchen looked at these professional tools. To be honest, she did not even know how to use these tools because she had never used these tools when looking at raw stone (s) .

Thus, Gu Qingchen looked at Timothy Ruskin and said, “I don’t need these. You can keep them for yourself!”

Timothy Ruskin was stunned. He didn’t understand what Gu Qingchen meant? These were the most advanced and professional tools. wasn’t raw stone (s) made with these? Gu Qingchen didn’t use these tools. Could it be that she had something better?

For a moment, Timothy Ruskin was very excited.

That’s right!

An expert was always unexpected and different from others!

It seemed that Gu Qingchen was able to identify the raw stone (s) so accurately because the tools she used were different from the others. Instantly, Timothy Ruskin felt like he was about to steal her!

Great, he could finally see how Gu Qingchen identified the raw stone (s) . He could also learn from it. Maybe he could be like Gu Qingchen in the future!

Not only Timothy Ruskin had the same thought, even Douglas Rowell had the same thought. His eyes were fixed on Gu Qingchen, wanting to see how Gu Qingchen identified the raw stone.

Although Gu Qingchen knew what they were thinking, she did not care. She just placed her hand gently on the raw stone (s) and used her hand to feel the unique texture of the raw stone (s) .

Gu Qingchen placed her hand on the raw stone (s) and closed her eyes, quietly feeling it.

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