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Chapter 8: Who Do You Think You Are?

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When Bai Ran received her message, she was not surprised at all and said mockingly, “Our Miss Su will be here soon.”

Cheers erupted from the booth. It was not to welcome her but because she would foot the bill tonight.

“Miss Su is really persistent. Wherever Master Qi is, she will be there,” someone teased.

“That’s right, that’s right. Can’t you see that our Master Qi doesn’t even care about her? Why is she still chasing him?”

“That’s because our Young Master Qi is very charming.”

These people supported Qi Cheng only because Su Shanshan had taken a fancy to him. Qi Cheng had gotten a lot of resources from her. Otherwise, the Qi family, which was only considered a second-class family, would not have become the center of these people’s attention. Other families in City B all wanted a piece of the pie.

A hint of smugness flashed in Qi Cheng’s eyes, but his expression was cold and disdainful.

The Gu family was considered one of the top families in City A, a first-tier city, not to mention in City B, which could only be considered second-tier. Su Shanshan was backed by the Gu family, so she was naturally the most eye-catching among all the young masters and young misses in City B.

They were envious and jealous at the same time. After discovering that she was gullible, they had always treated her as a fool.

Bai Ran smiled and said, “You can order whatever you want to eat. I’ll get Su Shanshan to settle the bill later.” She said this very generously, as if she was treating them.

Although the people present were not short of money, they were still far behind Su Shanshan. The service staff brought out all the most expensive drinks.

It was late when Su Shanshan arrived. She looked up at the darkening sky. The moon had turned a strange red. Few people noticed this change. Even those who noticed did not take it to heart.

No one expected things to be different at dawn.

The door to the private room opened and the people inside looked towards the door. They stopped drinking the wine in their hands and looked at Su Shanshan in surprise.

Su Shanshan had abandoned the white dress and long, straight hair that Qi Cheng liked. Instead she wore a black tight-fitting outfit. Her hair was scalded into waves, and her lips were painted red. She looked extremely charming.

Bai Ran was the first to recognize her. A hint of jealousy flashed across her eyes as she said, “Shanshan, why are you here only now? And why are you dressed like this? This isn’t how Qi Cheng likes you.”

She whispered the last sentence into Shanshan’s ear and covertly tightened her grip on her arm.

Su Shanshan frowned and shook off her hand. She looked at the dark bruise on her arm. “Who cares whether he likes it or not?”

Not bothering to hide her words, she shouted out loud. Everyone in the room heard her.

They were all stunned.

Su Shanshan walked straight in and casually picked up a glass of wine on the table. Without drinking, she swayed the glass and sat down beside Qi Cheng.

Bai Ran sized her up and cursed, “Shanshan, what’s wrong with you today?”

She thought of something and smiled. “Are you angry about what happened yesterday? You were drunk yesterday. I wanted to look for you, but I saw a man take you away. Who is he to you?”

She asked innocently. She had not received any photos from that man today and had lost contact with him, so she did not know if he had succeeded.

There was ambiguity in everyone’s eyes as they fixed their gaze on Su Shanshan. She said, “Really? I asked him to look for you tonight. You can ask him directly then.”

Bai Ran was startled and felt uneasy. She could only laugh dryly.

Qi Cheng frowned and said, “Little Ran cares about you. As you are so indecent, you should learn from Little Ran.”

As everyone watched the show unfold, Su Shanshan poured the wine in her hand over Qi Cheng’s head. The red wine stained his white shirt, and the usual cold expression on his face became twisted with anger. “How ugly,” she thought. She did not know why she had taken a liking to him back then.

Su Shanshan threw away her glass and sighed.

“Su Shanshan, you’re crazy!” Qi Cheng said angrily, glaring at her with bloodshot eyes.

Su Shanshan sneered. “Who do you think you are? How dare you control me!”

“When I was supporting you, you were still a toyboy. I don’t care about you anymore. Who do you think you are? I’ve been giving you too much face. A toyboy having the audacity to teach his owner a lesson.”

Her mocking tone made Qi Cheng’s face turn red.. The gazes around him made him feel as if they were stabbing him.

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