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Chapter 7: Spiritual Spring Space

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Su Shanshan quickly recalled some of the safer bases and the Achilles’ heel of level-one zombies from her memories and posted them online. After that, she turned off her computer, ignoring the comments on the Internet.

Regardless of whether people believed her or not, these things would become their means of self-preservation tomorrow.

After tidying up the things in the room, she found what she could use after the apocalypse. While rummaging, she chanced upon a bracelet. On the bracelet was a ruby the size of a pigeon egg. This was Gu Jincheng’s birthday present to her.

But because she was disgusted with him, this bracelet was chucked into a corner. The last time she went back to the Gu family residence, she did not take this bracelet with her. That man was disappointed for a long time.

With that thought in mind, she took the bracelet in her hand. The ruby was very beautiful, and it sparkled under the light. When she was about to put it away, she noticed something flashing inside the ruby. She touched it with her hand.

“Hiss!” Her finger was scratched. Blood quickly dripped onto the ruby and then disappeared.


Su Shanshan’s eyes widened as she stared in disbelief. If it were not for the wound on her finger, she would have thought that it was just an illusion.

She blinked her eyes, which had been fixated on the ruby, and the scene before her changed. It became a vast space. There was a well in this space and nothing else.

The well water looked very clear. Having experienced the apocalypse, Su Shanshan’s first reaction was to recognize this as a portable space. In the end times, spatial superpowers existed, but this was obviously not a normal spatial superpower. This was a space inside the ruby.

She was pleasantly surprised that she understood this. She was still worried about where to put the supplies when a space appeared. It was God helping her.

She found a jade pendant beside the well and the moment she picked it up, it vanished. Immediately a memory surfaced in her mind.

After processing these memories, Su Shanshan realized that this space had been left behind by an immortal. Space could not contain living things; anything else could. Besides, time stood still here.

In other words, if a cup of hot water was placed inside this space, it would still be hot no matter how long it was kept there. This meant that she would not have to worry about her food supplies deteriorating after their expiry dates.

This was definitely good news. She had been considering what to do with the frozen food she bought today.

The spiritual spring was even more amazing. It had healing and disinfecting powers. She wondered wildly if it would have any effects on the zombie virus. “Probably not,” she thought. After all, eight years after the apocalypse, scientists found out that the zombie virus was a form of radiation.

She went to the basement. The 800-square-foot basement was stuffed to the brim. Essentially, all her daily necessities were ready. She tried placing her hand on these boxes. With a thought, the boxes under her hand disappeared. Her mind returned to the spiritual spring space and found these boxes on the empty floor.

That result made her smile slightly. With this space, she would have more leverage to survive in the post-apocalyptic era. She quickly put those things into her space.

By the time all the supplies in the basement were put into the space, her face was already pale. Cold sweat kept dripping down her face. She panted and thought, “It seems that putting things into the space exhausts mental stamina.”

However, looking at the half-filled space, she felt that it was all worth it.

As she wiped her sweat and walked out of the basement, her mobile phone suddenly rang. She thought it would be Gu Jincheng and quickly took it out. The moment she saw the caller on her phone, her eyes turned cold.

Bai Ran: “Shanshan, we’re at the Starry Night Bar. Qi Cheng is here too. I’ve already helped you keep him here. Come quickly.”

It was a message from Bai Ran. This had happened in her previous life as well. How could she have forgotten?

In her past life, she had always been chasing after Qi Cheng. While Qi Cheng rejected her, he helped himself to her money and resources. He was exactly like her in her past life.

If Qi Cheng did not like her, she would not blame him. However, he and Bai Ran used her to get all sorts of benefits from Gu Jincheng during the apocalypse. They used her to lure Gu Jincheng out of the base. That was why he died at the hands of the zombie crowd.

Su Shanshan sneered as she pressed a button on her phone and replied, “Yes.”

After all, she had yet to settle a score with this man today.

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