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Chapter 6: The Childish President Gu

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Su Shanshan then said, “Tomorrow is the end of the world. By then, all the money in your hands will be worthless, so use your money to exchange for as many items as you can today.”

Gu Jincheng was silent for a moment before saying, “I’ll get Gu Zhao to take you to the hospital for a checkup. Wait for me, I’ll be there soon.”

Su Shanshan screamed, “Don’t come over, don’t come over!”

“Okay, I won’t come…” Gu Jincheng looked anguished. “Right, how could I forget how much she hated me? Why would she want to see me?” he thought. He felt that he was being too greedy. Shanshan had just treated him nicely and he wanted more.

Su Shanshan was worried that he might come over. “If you dare come over here, you’ll never see me again,” she threatened.

Gu Jincheng hurriedly said, “I, I’m not going over, don’t not see me.”

Still worried, Su Shanshan said, “Repeat after me: ‘If I go to City B today, let Su Shanshan die a horrible death."”

Gu Jincheng was shocked and refused to say anything. Under her coercion, he said, “If I go to City B today, let Gu Jincheng die a horrible death.”

Su Shanshan was not satisfied. “You will do as I say.”

Gu Jincheng had no choice but to say reluctantly, “If I go to City B today, let… Su Shanshan die a horrible death.”

Su Shanshan was relieved. He would not take any chances with her as a wager.

“Do you remember what I said just now? Do as I say and wait for me in City A obediently.”

“If I do well, will there be any reward?”

The deep voice in her ears was infinitely suggestive. Su Shanshan’s unusual behavior today made him push his luck.

“Of course there is. The more items you stockpile, the greater my reward.” Su Shanshan’s eyes fluttered, but she gave him a boost anyway.

A low chuckle sounded in her ear, making her blush.

“I feel like I’m dreaming a dream that I wanted to have for a long time,” Gu Jincheng said.

“You can try hitting against the wall and see if it hurts. If it hurts, it means that you’re not dreaming.”

Suddenly, there was a loud bang on the other end of the line. Su Shanshan winced. “Did this person take me seriously?” she asked herself. “Why didn’t I know that he has such childish moments?”

She then heard a commotion coming from the other end of the line. It was mixed with “Young Master, are you alright…” Su Shanshan could not help laughing.

“Shanshan, you actually made fun of your Brother Jincheng.” His voice was filled with tenderness.

“Haha, I just didn’t expect Brother Jincheng to be so childish.”

“Shanshan, you’re willing to call me brother again. Can you call me that again?”

Su Shanshan blushed. Her ears turned red, followed by her neck. She cursed his shamelessness to herself and hung up.

The moment she hung up the phone, she regretted it a little. She had not spoken to Gu Jincheng in a long time, but she did not have the courage to call him back either. She stared at the phone and thought, “You shameless man.”

On the other side, Gu Jincheng listened to the beeping sound for a long time before hanging up.

“Hahahahaha, hahahaha!” The smile on his face became more and more exaggerated and silly. Shanshan finally responded to him.

Although she was still far from falling in love with him, he would wait slowly. This time, he must not rush things. He had to take it slow…

In a good mood, he called his subordinate. “Gu Ling, don’t sleep anymore. Hurry up and prepare some things for me…” He told him what Su Shanshan said.

Gu Ling was in his little lover’s bed and was about to do something when he received a call from his boss. He asked reluctantly, “Boss, it’s already very late. Why don’t I prepare these things tomorrow?”

Gu Jincheng did not get angry and still had a smile on his face. “Don’t talk nonsense, this is what Shanshan wants.”

On hearing that it was Su Shanshan’s request, Gu Ling swiftly got off his lover and said, “Don’t worry, Boss. Give me three hours and I’ll definitely complete the mission.”

After hanging up the phone, Gu Ling sighed and resigned himself to his fate. He put on his clothes. His little lover wrapped her arms around his waist and said unhappily, “It wasn’t easy for you to come visit me. Are you leaving already?”

Gu Ling patted her hand and gave her a perfunctory kiss. He said, “How can there be any other way? If it’s what President Gu wants, I can make an exception. But if it’s what Su Shanshan wants, I don’t dare to not do it. Who doesn’t know that if you offend President Gu, you can still plead for mercy.. But if you offend Su Shanshan, President Gu will be the first to kill you.”

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