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Chapter 5: Do You Believe Me?

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He had a very important business to discuss today. He had been so busy that he did not have time to read the daily routine report. This report was about what happened to Su Shanshan that day.

Gu Jincheng looked at the phone in his hand in disbelief. This was the first time she called him, and he was overcome with worry. “Did something happen to her?” he wondered. “Otherwise, why would she call me?” Without thinking, he tapped the answer button.

This was very unusual. He knew very well how much Shanshan hated him. Previously, when he called her, she would just casually reply with a few “mm” and hang up. This time, she actually took the initiative to call him! This was something that had never happened before. His manner became even more cautious.

Of course, Su Shanshan could tell that he was being guarded. Ever since that incident when she was 18, he had always been careful not to provoke her or she would never return to the Gu family.

“I’m fine.”

“Shanshan, did you call me because… because you don’t have enough money? Or did something happen?” He looked at the report in his hand. Today, she actually used her card to buy a lot of daily necessities and food.

This strange behavior made him even more worried.

“Aren’t you most well-informed about my matters?” She knew that he had been sending someone to keep tabs on her daily activities and report back to him.

Gu Jincheng panicked when he heard that. He quickly explained, “Shanshan, I was just worried about you. I didn’t mean anything else. I’m sorry…” All he could think of was to apologize.

If outsiders saw this, they would be shocked and open their eyes wide. When had they ever seen the humble side of this driven and decisive President Gu?

Gu Jincheng was just too afraid that he would never see her again. He was unwilling to use any coercion to keep her by his side.

His Shanshan was supposed to be free and flamboyant. He would never interfere with her freedom. Even if she went after another man, he would only endure the pain and bitterness in his heart. He had no right to question her or stop her. He had only sent someone to follow her because he was worried about her safety—and there was some selfishness on his part.

He would allow her to leave him, but he still wanted to stay informed about her life. Even knowing a small thing about her would make him happy for a long time.

“I’m not blaming you.” Su Shanshan’s voice was husky. She did not like being followed, but she knew he was doing it for her own good.

“Shanshan, what… what did you say?” His voice was trembling. This was the first time they had not quarreled and were having such a good conversation.

“I said, I’m not blaming you,” Su Shanshan repeated.

“Shanshan, you’re angry, right? I was wrong, I won’t ask anyone to check into your activities anymore. Please forgive me… But I really sent someone to follow you to ensure your safety.” Gu Jincheng’s tone was even more fearful now. To him, Shanshan’s unusual behavior must mean that she was angry. He wondered if she would never see him again.

“Gu Jincheng, that’s enough.” Su Shanshan could not help yelling.

“… I’m sorry.” Gu Jincheng felt a little more relieved after being yelled at. He also calmed down and flipped to the last page of the daily report which mentioned the man who had sneaked into Su Shanshan’s room. A vicious glint appeared in Gu Jincheng’s eyes. He exerted so much force that he almost crushed the phone in his hand.

He quickly said, “Shanshan, are you hurt today? I’ll go look for you now.”

Su Shanshan guessed what he was up to. “Hold still,” she said quickly. “Listen to me.”

Gu Jincheng, who was about to walk out of the study room, stopped, and stood rooted to the spot obediently.

Su Shanshan asked, “Do you trust me?”

“I believe so,” he said without thinking.

Su Shanshan’s eyes reddened. The man who trusted her without hesitation like this had been destroyed by her in her previous life. She softened her tone and said, “Then you will listen to me and prepare a large amount of supplies, food, water, and necessities. If you can get arms, that will be even better. The more the better. Oh, and also prepare a car and gasoline. You will need a modified Hummer. The sturdier, the better.”

Gu Jincheng frowned. “Shanshan, what’s wrong? Are you sick?”

Su Shanshan winced. “Do you trust me?” she asked again.

He replied quickly, “I do.”

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