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Chapter 4: Stockpiling Supplies

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There was no time to lose. She looked for all the bank cards and cash in the villa. The villa and money were all given to her by Gu Jincheng, but she was so complacent that she prided herself on her independence. As she was using the most vicious words to draw boundaries with him, she was enjoying the benefits he brought with a clear conscience. In her previous life, she was really a stupid and ignorant person who lacked self-awareness.

She had always thought that that man was disgusting, but she was actually the most disgusting one…

She wondered why she only realized how well he had treated her now…

She resolved to treat him very, very well—better than anyone else in the world…

She rushed out of the house and drove straight to the nearest wholesale food market. She bought a lot of cereals, instant noodles, canned food, and other convenience food items. The seller asked her if she was opening a supermarket. As she was leaving, she alerted the people there, “You all should stock up on food supplies at home.”

Some of the people at the supermarket took heed and gathered items for the home, with a view to being prepared. Others did not take her words seriously and even mocked her for being an alarmist.

Su Shanshan did not have the time to concern herself with them. She could not care so much. Warning them was already her limit. Unless a crisis was right in front, these people would not readily believe her. Even if she spoke the truth, she would only be treated as a lunatic.

After that she went to the farmers’ market and bought a large amount of pork, beef, chicken, and canned food.

She then went to a specialty store and bought a few sets of hiking clothes and backpacks, as well as some things for the wilderness. Most of her existing clothes were dresses that were flashy but not practical. She also bought a lot of clothes that were suitable for combat purposes. She bought the smallest and largest sizes in the store.

The largest size clothes were naturally meant for Gu Jincheng. Although she was not sure if he needed them, she still had some handy.

She asked all the merchants to send the items to the villa and drove away. She bought the highest limit of gasoline on the way back and put it in the trunk.

She looked at the gasoline at the gas station ruefully. That was the limit that people could buy in a day. It seemed that she could only come back to purchase more after doomsday. After all, gasoline was very important in the end times.

These things could be stored in the basement of the villa but how to transport them would pose a problem.

“Forget it, let Gu Jincheng think of a way then. He’s always the smartest,” she thought.

Equipped with these things, she finally felt a little more relaxed. She remembered that she had yet to contact that man and quickly returned to the villa.

As soon as she arrived at the villa, she saw Gu Zhao standing guard with a grim expression at the entrance. She rushed over to him as soon as she got out of the car and said, “Quickly, give me Gu Jincheng’s contact number.”

Gu Zhao looked at Su Shanshan suspiciously, feeling that something was wrong with her today. She had actually taken the initiative to mention President Gu. If anyone had dared to mention President Gu to her before, she would go berserk.

Su Shanshan asked again, “Have you told him about today?”

Gu Zhao let out a mocking laugh. “If Miss Shanshan is really worried about this, then behave yourself. You have caused enough trouble for President Gu.”

The respect in his voice was gone as he felt that she had wronged his master.

Su Shanshan pursed her lips. “Give me his number,” she said.

“What do you want to do?” Gu Zhao asked warily, wondering if she had thought of some trick to tease him.

Su Shanshan did not have time to waste on him. “If you don’t give it to me,” she said, “I’ll bring a man back to the Gu residence next time.”

Gu Zhao’s mouth twitched. “How could there be such a shameless woman?” he thought.

Su Shanshan got what she wanted and walked back to the villa. She said, “Oh yeah, I have some things to send over later. Help me pick them up.”

Gu Zhao was not dismissive of her orders, but thinking of his own master, he waited at the door with a hostile expression.

When the trucks arrived, one after another, at the villa, the coldness on his face cracked. “Was this what she was talking about?” he wondered.

Su Shanshan took a deep breath before punching the phone number with a trembling hand.. Almost a second after she dialed, she heard a familiar deep voice on the other end, with a hint of panic. “Shanshan, what happened to you?”

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