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Chapter 30: Departure

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Su Shanshan did not notice this and did not bother about Mu Qing and the rest of the people. She walked out of the house and went to the corridor. She spoke to Gu Zhao and Fei Lan in a low voice and they went down the stairs cautiously.

Not long after they came out of the house, Mu Qing and the others also came out. However, they were feeling carefree and not at all worried. The zombies had been so easy to deal with these past few days that they were no longer vigilant. They thought that if the zombies came, they could kill them with a single blow.

When Mu Qing saw how guarded Su Shanshan and the others were, he even mocked them.

He shouted, “Miss Su, why don’t you come to my place? I can protect you.”

His voice attracted the attention of the zombies nearby. Su Shanshan looked at him with disdain.

The zombies rushed towards the source of the sound. A zombie rushed to the corridor. Those who had never faced a zombie before immediately shouted. This sound agitated the zombies again.

“Damn it!” Su Shanshan’s eyes flashed with murderous intent. She cursed under her breath and kicked a zombie away before running out.

Gu Zhao and Fei Lan tacitly followed. They did not have time to waste in the corridor, or more and more zombies would exhaust them to death. There were more zombies outside than there had been two days ago. The sun in the sky was blocked by dark shadows, and what people saw was a black sun.

It was a dark and ominous feeling.

There was no sunlight in the sky. The zombies roared and rushed at them as if they had been drugged.

The endless swarm of zombies made Mu Qing and the others panic completely. When they swung their axes at the zombies’ heads, they realized that the zombies were speedier and tougher than before. One of the people had his neck bitten.

“Ahhh!” This scream was like a switch that had been turned on. Everyone screamed and wanted to return to the corridor, but there were zombies in the corridor too. Caught in a dilemma, the people started treating everyone around them as zombies. The ugliness of human nature was evident at this moment.

Mu Qing’s face was no longer as calm and collected as before. When he recalled Su Shanshan’s reminder last night, he regretted not taking it seriously. When he raised his head again, Su Shanshan and the others had already run a distance away. He couldn’t care less about the large group of people behind him. He grabbed his mother with one hand and Mu Cheng with the other and ran towards Su Shanshan.

Bai Ran hugged Qi Cheng’s arm tightly as she cried out repeatedly. Not only was she unable to help, but she was also a burden. In the face of death, Qi Cheng pushed Bai Ran away and shouted, “Get lost! Don’t take me along even if you want to die!”

Bai Ran cried pitifully, but no one was going to show her any mercy.

They cut a bloody path out of the chaos. However, there were fewer than 10 people left of the group of 20-plus people. They finally experienced the cruelty of the apocalypse. The sound of zombies gnawing on bones in front of them almost made them collapse.

Mu Qing’s family, Bai Ran, Qi Cheng, and the middle-aged woman’s family survived. However, there was a large group of zombies following behind them. Soon they realized that these zombies liked the middle-aged woman very much. Bai Ran saw the red mark on her back and shouted, “She has blood on her body. Quickly, throw her out.”

Blood? Everyone was puzzled. They all had blood on them.

However, the zombies kept following the middle-aged woman, so they had to push her out.

The middle-aged woman hugged the child and begged. However, her husband snatched the child and kicked it away. The woman looked at Bai Ran with hatred.

Bai Ran hid behind Qi Cheng, feeling indignant. “The bottle of blood was supposed to have been used on Su Shanshan, so why did it appear on herself instead? Useless trash!” she thought.

Su Shanshan was almost next to the car, but there were too many zombies. The mutant zombie from two days ago was gone, or they would be in big trouble.

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Su Shanshan weighed the situation. With her superpower, she could deal with four zombies without a problem. She could also kill two zombies with her skills. Gu Zhao should be able to deal with 10 zombies.. Fei Lan could only handle two.

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