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Chapter 3: The Day Before Doomsday

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Su Shanshan knew that he wanted to say that she did not know what was good for her, but she did not blame him. She remembered that she had just discovered that Gu Jincheng had actually sent someone to follow her, and that at Bai Ran’s instigation, she had sent Gu Zhao away today. She did not expect that she would fall into Bai Ran’s trap and lose her innocence.

Gu Zhao calmed down and said, “Since Miss Shanshan is fine, I will take my leave first.”

“Wait… there’s something I need,” Su Shanshan said.

This surprised Gu Zhao. After all, she had always wanted to cut ties with President Gu. He had not expected her to seek his help.

“Miss Shanshan, please instruct me,” he said.

Su Shanshan pointed to a spot near the door. “Take him away.”

It was only then that Gu Zhao saw the man who had gotten a nosebleed after being knocked down by the door. He was a pathetic sight. Gu Zhao was momentarily stunned, and when he realized the implications of a man appearing in Su Shanshan’s room, his face darkened. “Alright, Miss Shanshan. Leave him to me.”

He picked up the fat man with one hand and walked out, closing the door after him.

Su Shanshan stopped concerning herself with this matter. She believed that once this man fell into Gu Zhao’s hands, his fate would only be worse.

She took out her phone and checked the time.

April 18, 2032!

It was the day before the apocalypse.

“Hahahaha!” She suddenly burst into laughter. As she laughed, tears flowed out of her eyes. She cried and laughed as she poured out the anger and pain in her heart.

It had been eight years. She had been struggling to survive. Even though she could only live on the lowest rungs of the apocalyptic world because she did not have any supernatural power, she still tried hard to live. Because she owed her life to Gu Jincheng, the guilt and indebtedness she felt made her cling to this last thing he had given her.

Gu Jincheng… Ever since he died, this name had become a taboo in her heart. It could not be mentioned or touched.

By now, Su Shanshan was certain she was back. Back to before the apocalypse, before everything started.

She did not know why this was happening, but she felt lucky because she still had a chance to repay that man.

He was the one who protected her from the zombie crowd and wound up being devoured by zombies in order to keep her out of harm’s way.

Su Shanshan quickly gathered her emotions. Tomorrow was the end of the world. What could she do in one day?

She wanted to return to Gu Jincheng’s side immediately but she could not.

It would take five hours to fly from City B to City A, but tonight, the world would change. The plane would crash before it arrived.

She could not look for Gu Jincheng, nor could she let Gu Jincheng look for her. Yes, she definitely would not let him come over.

In her previous life, when Gu Jin Cheng heard about her situation, he wanted to rush over but was stopped by her because she hated him then. Well, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

If things went as expected, Gu Zhao would report today’s incident to him. She had to stop him from coming.

Su Shanshan searched through the contacts on her phone but could not find his number. “Oh right, I hated him so much, why would I have kept his number?” she recalled. Gu Jincheng had always been the one initiating contacts with her and she did not have any means of reaching him now.

When she went out to look for Gu Zhao, she could not find him. He was probably dealing with the man that she beat up.

Since that was the case, she could only deal with other matters first. What was the most important thing on Doomsday?


She needed large amounts of food. In the post-apocalyptic world, food could be exchanged for anything. However, she would also need a place where food could be stored. Otherwise, she would have food supplies but no means of protecting them. In the end, she would only be robbed.

“If only I have superpowers,” she thought wistfully. Her eyes flashed with envy. If the apocalypse spelled the destruction of mankind, then superpowers would offer redemption for mankind.

In her past life, she was a useless bum who only knew how to drag people down. However, she was protected by him, who had the strongest lightning superpower. In the end, he lost his life trying to save her. Everyone in Southwest Base hated her. They hated her for letting their Chief die. She hated herself too.

However, she was no longer useless in this life.. Based on her understanding of the apocalypse, she could still use all her money to stockpile large amounts of supplies.

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