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Chapter 29: Strange Gu Zhao

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The people involved in the incident had left, and the onlookers had also left. Bai Ran wanted to stay behind to express her concern, but the look in Su Shanshan’s eyes during the day made her a little afraid. She hesitated and left as well.

Su Shanshan smiled at the empty bottle in her hand. “She asked for this,” she thought.

When Su Shanshan turned around and saw Gu Zhao’s startled expression, she asked with concern, “Gu Zhao, how are your injuries?”

Gu Zhao returned to his senses and recalled that she had kicked the middle-aged woman away just to protect him, protect… him.

This word was very unfamiliar. He had been given a mission since he was young to protect his master well. If necessary, he had to die for his master. This was the first time he had been protected by someone else.

His pale face suddenly blushed. Before he could suppress the strange feeling in his heart, a soft and warm hand was placed on his forehead, making his face even redder.

Su Shanshan frowned. “You don’t feel hot. Why is your face so red?”

Fei Lan also looked over curiously. “Big Brother Zhao, are you feeling shy?”

He was just joking. “After all, how could Gu Zhao—that big block of ice—be shy?” he mused.

Unexpectedly, these words caused Gu Zhao to cough violently. This made them even more puzzled. Gu Zhao quickly turned around and said, “I’m fine. It’s just that my back is a little itchy.”

Su Shanshan was relieved. “The itch means the wound is healing. Don’t worry.”

Fei Lan teased, “So powerful Big Brother Zhao is actually ticklish.”

As soon as the sky brightened, Su Shanshan and the other two prepared to set off. After confirming that Gu Zhao could manage on his own, they armed themselves and hid weapons in every corner of their bodies. These were all life-saving items to be used at crucial moments.

After exiting the room, Mu Qing saw that the people in the living room were already preparing to set off. His eyes lit up when she saw Su Shanshan. He smiled gently and said, “Miss Su, I’ve prepared breakfast for you. Quickly, go and eat.”

His obvious goodwill caused everyone to look at the two of them mockingly. Mother Mu was looking at Su Shanshan with a critical gaze.

Su Shanshan frowned. Before she could say anything, Gu Zhao already pulled her behind him. He said coldly, “No need for breakfast.”

It was only then that Mu Qing saw Gu Zhao. He had not expected that the patient they brought in would actually be a handsome man. Their male intuition made Mu Qing and Gu Zhao look at each other like sparks were about to ignite.

Mother Mu said unhappily, “It’s better for girls to keep a distance from men. Otherwise, it’ll be hard to find a husband in the future.”

Ever since Mu Qing had told her about Su Shanshan’s family background, she was very pleased with her background even though she did not like her. They were mother and son indeed. Her son took after her in his self-confidence.

Mu Qing looked at his mother unhappily. After apologizing, he pulled her aside.

Fei Lan whispered, “Sister Shanshan, what’s your relationship with Brother Zhao? Why is he so angry when a man is wooing you?”

Su Shanshan remembered that it was the same in her previous life. As long as a man approached her, Gu Zhao would always appear with a cold face and take her away. Gu Jincheng had probably given him instructions. She could not help but laugh and say, “That’s because this is also part of his mission.”

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Fei Lan did not quite understand, but he did not ask any further because he could already feel Gu Zhao’s cold gaze. He scratched his head and looked up at the sky, refusing to look at him.

Gu Zhao said in an unpleasant tone, “Let’s go.”

Su Shanshan quickly followed up and explained, “Gu Zhao, I didn’t pay attention to him. He’s the one who latches onto me. If you don’t believe me, you can ask Fei Lan.”

The corners of Gu Zhao’s lips finally curled up slightly, but her next sentence made his heart sink into an icy hole.

Su Shanshan thought for a while and added, “You must not tell Gu Jincheng.”

Gu Zhao’s expression was a little dazed, and a hint of struggle flashed across his eyes.. In the end, he calmed down and quietly took a step further away from Su Shanshan.

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