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Reborn In The Apocalypse: It Had Always Been You

Chapter 26 - I Can Kill You Easily

Chapter 26: I Can Kill You Easily

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Compared to their panic, this calm and composed demeanor made them very upset. Needless to say, they started to find fault with them.

An auntie said, “She’s really a snobby missy. Not only did she occupy a room when she just arrived, she didn’t do anything and just waited to eat for free.”

Bai Ran lowered her head and smiled. As she raised her head, she looked tense. She glanced at Su Shanshan and said, “Auntie, don’t say that. Although Shanshan really doesn’t know how to do anything, she’s a very nice person.”

The auntie’s expression became even more disdainful. “This young lady is just too kind. It seems like she has bullied you quite a bit. These young ladies are just domineering and unreasonable.”

Bai Ran said anxiously, “No, although Shanshan has a bad temper and often scolds people, she’s still very nice.”

These words were meant for Su Shanshan, and every word villainized her as an unreasonable and unruly young missy.

Su Shanshan looked at them coldly and said, “Bai Ran, when you were with me, did I force you to do anything? When you took my branded bags, jewelry, and clothes, did you say that I had a bad temper and liked to scold people?”

She did not explain. She thought, “There is no need to talk to these people, but Bai Ran… I will not let her off easily.”

Bai Ran’s face turned pale. She did not expect that Su Shanshan, who was a bum in the past, would actually say such things. Ever since the last gathering, Su Shanshan had seemed different. She raised her head abruptly and looked at Su Shanshan. “Was she pretending from the start?” she wondered.

The auntie who had just praised Bai Ran for being kind had already distanced herself from her with a look of disdain.

Bai Ran could not stand the gazes of everyone and decided to stop pretending. She said fiercely, “Su Shanshan, what right do you have to be so arrogant now? It’s the end of the world now. Maybe the Gu family is finished. What else do you have to be proud of?

We’re all the same now. No, you can’t compare to me. You’re just a young missy who can only cry helplessly at the end of the world.”

Her words belied all the resentment in her heart.

As she looked up, Su Shanshan was already in front of her. She took a step back in fear, but Su Shanshan grabbed her neck.

“What… what are you doing? Let… let… let me go.” She kept struggling, but Su Shanshan used even more force.

The next second, she saw something that she would never forget in her life. The intense hatred in Su Shanshan’s eyes scared her. The two of them used to be very close to each other. Su Shanshan said in a voice that only the two of them could hear, “Even if I have nothing left, I can still kill you easily.”

Bai Ran was so frightened that she did not even dare to struggle. She had escaped all the way from the school and had been following behind others for protection. This was her first close shave with death.

Of course Su Shanshan did not kill her. After all, her vengeance had only just begun. If Bai Ran was dead, that would be so boring. She was going to make her suffer the same way she herself had died in her previous life.

Bai Ran was thrown to the ground. She started to cough uncontrollably, unable to suppress the hatred in her eyes. She vowed to take revenge for today.

Su Shanshan’s move completely stunned everyone. The auntie who had just spoken had turned pale and was trembling.

Fei Lan gave her a thumbs up.

Mu Qing, who was standing on the side, had been watching from the sidelines. He did not say anything because he wanted to see what this young Miss Su was capable of. She was even more arrogant than he had imagined. This was different from what his younger brother had said about her.

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Su Shanshan paid no attention to their reactions or speculations. She went straight to the window and looked up. The moon in the night sky had turned red. Tonight there will be a solar eclipse. After tonight, the zombies would evolve for the first time. By then, humanity would be in an even more difficult situation.

There was a knock on the door. The people who had gone out to look for food had returned. After opening the door, Mu Cheng brought Qi Cheng and three to five young boys in. They were holding packages in their hands. The packages were filled to the brim. It was obvious that they had gathered quite a lot of food.. This made the people in the house beam with happiness.

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