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Chapter 25: Treatment

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Mu Qing cleared out a small room for Gu Zhao to recuperate in.

Su Shanshan nodded her thanks.

Mu Qing smiled gently and said, “Miss Su is Mu Cheng’s classmate. There is no need to be so distant with me.”

When he saw that Su Shanshan did not respond, his eyes flashed and he said, “Miss Su is from the Gu family in City A. Why did you come back to a small place like City B?”

With a cold expression, Su Shanshan said, “My friend still needs treatment. I’m afraid that I won’t have the time to chat with you.”

Mu Qing was a smart person. He nodded politely and left the room.

“Sister Shanshan, will Big Brother Zhao be alright?” Ever since he had seen Gu Zhao’s skills, he had been upgraded to Big Brother Zhao in his heart.

Gu Zhao lay on the bed, looking dreadfully pale. His black sportswear was soaked in blood. Su Shanshan reached into Fei Lan’s backpack and took out a first aid box from her space. She did not want to expose her identity as a space-powered person. “It is better to be cautious when I’m outside,” she thought.

Fei Lan leaned to the side to shield her. Su Shanshan took out a pair of scissors from the first aid box and slit Gu Zhao’s clothes. The clothes and the wound on his back were already stuck together. While Fei Lan frowned and could not bear to watch, Su Shanshan bit the bullet and tore his clothes.

She figured that it was better to get the job done quickly, or else it would only prolong his injuries.

After Gu Zhao’s clothes were torn, the wound on his back was completely exposed. It was very deep, and a part of his flesh had been removed. The entire wound was dark brown, and the blood that flowed out was black. This was a sign that he had been infected by the zombie virus. However, not much blood had flowed from the wound and the blood had stained only the part of his clothes that were torn.

Su Shanshan guessed that it was because of the mouthful of spiritual spring that she had given Gu Zhao. She placed her hand over his wound. The spiritual spring flowed out from her hand, but it did not flow down. Instead it was absorbed by the wound on his back.

This phenomenon also confirmed her thoughts. Su Shanshan was delighted. After the wound turned from dark brown to red, she put down her hand and fed Gu Zhao another mouthful of the spiritual spring water. His complexion visibly improved.

If anyone else had witnessed this scene, the consequence would be unthinkable. Even eight years after the apocalypse, scientists all over the world were still working hard to unravel the secret of the zombie antibodies, let alone now. If anyone found out, Su Shanshan would probably be sent to be experimented on.

The door opened suddenly. Mu Qing sized up the situation in the room and asked, “Miss Su, I see that your friend seems to be seriously injured. Do you need help?”

Su Shanshan had already put away the spiritual spring in her hand and was bandaging Gu Zhao’s wound with gauze. When she heard the question, she said, “No need. I happen to have some first aid skills. I’ve already taken care of it.”

Mu Qing looked at the gauze in her hand and said, “Miss Su, you really prepare everything wherever you go. You even packed gauze.”

Su Shanshan stood up and looked at him. “I just took a first aid box from the supermarket. It just happened to be useful. Is there a problem?”

Mu Qing rubbed his eyes and said, “Of course not.”

Before he left, he took a look at their backpacks. Fei Lan purposely showed him the things in the backpacks. Fortunately, Sister Shanshan had packed some food items inside. Otherwise, it would seem really weird not to pack food but to pack medical supplies instead.

Su Shanshan’s eyes darkened. “What exactly is Mu Qing trying to find out?” she wondered.

As Mu Qing walked out, his expression darkened. Although everything seemed normal with Su Shanshan, he felt that this woman was harboring a big secret. This was his intuition and it had helped him many times before.

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Night fell. Su Shanshan recalled what day it was today and glanced at Gu Zhao who was lying on the bed. As his complexion had improved a lot, she walked out the door. Fei Lan naturally followed her.

There were only three rooms in the Mu residence, so it was impossible for all twenty-odd people to stay in one room. Now they were gathered in the living room. The moment Su Shanshan and Fei Lan came out, they attracted everyone’s attention because their faces were pale and they were in a daze.. But in comparison, Su Shanshan appeared to be too calm.

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