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Reborn In The Apocalypse: It Had Always Been You

Chapter 24 - Meeting Old Friends Again

Chapter 24: Meeting Old Friends Again

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“Su Shanshan!” A voice exclaimed.

“Shanshan, it’s great that you’re still alive.” Bai Ran rushed over and held her arm.

As the place was too small, Su Shanshan could not dodge her. Fei Lan purposefully took Gu Zhao from her. Only then did she have some room to shake off Bai Ran’s hand.

If she was not mistaken, Bai Ran was holding Qi Cheng’s hand just now. It seemed that the two of them had been a couple before the apocalypse.

“Shanshan, I’d been very worried about you. I was just about to look for you,” Qi Cheng walked over and said affectionately.

Su Shanshan found this strange and frowned. “What are these two doing?” she thought.

At that moment, a radio broadcast could be heard.

“The bases in City M, City S, City H, and City A have already been built. The government has launched a rescue operation in the vicinity, but manpower is limited. We hope that everyone can head to these bases on their own as soon as possible.”

Regarding the lack of manpower, the first batch of people that the government would rescue would definitely be the families of high-ranking officials and those who were of value to the country. This was an issue that everyone was aware of.

Qi Cheng asked quickly, “Shanshan, the Gu family has already built a base in City A. Did they send someone to pick you up?”

Bai Ran also looked at her expectantly.

Only then did Su Shanshan understand what they were planning. On the other side, when Mu Qing heard about the Gu family in City A, he took another look at Su Shanshan and pulled his younger brother, Mu Cheng, into the room.

“No. After all, I’m not a member of the Gu family.” Su Shanshan shook her head and shattered their fantasies.

Qi Cheng and Bai Ran’s expressions stiffened as disbelief crossed their faces. Bai Ran immediately cried out in shock, “How is that possible? Doesn’t the head of the Gu family love you very much?”

They knew that Su Shanshan was only the stepdaughter of the Gu family, but they had witnessed the Gu family’s indulgence towards her and tolerance for her behavior all these years.

Su Shanshan sneered. “Even so, what makes you think I’ll take you with me?”

Bai Ran and Qi Cheng’s expressions darkened. Neither of them spoke anymore, and they did not appear as warm as before.

Needless to say, Su Shanshan did not take them seriously. She brought Gu Zhao inside. Mother Mu stopped her and said in an unfriendly tone, “Who let you in? My son is kind, but my family can no longer accommodate so many people. Besides, we don’t have any food to feed a few idle people.”

Mu Qing walked out in time and said, “Mom, let Miss Su stay here. It’s not easy to survive in the apocalyptic era. If you can help her, please do that.”

Mu Qing, who was wearing a pair of gold-rimmed glasses, was a rather refined man. He revealed a gentle smile to Su Shanshan.

Mother Mu seemed to be very obedient to her son. Hearing his words, she stopped talking, but the other people in the room were unhappy.

“They can come in but not this injured man. Who knows if he’ll turn into a zombie!”

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“Exactly. Exactly. Kick them out.”

Mu Qing adjusted his glasses and said, “Those who don’t want to stay here may leave. Miss Su is my friend.”

He was obviously showing his goodwill, so Su Shanshan naturally did not reject him. She nodded and said, “This friend of mine is only injured. He won’t become a zombie. He’s still a superpowered man.”

Superpowered man! The people present were shocked. From the broadcast, they already knew that some people would become superpowered, spewing fire and conjuring up water. However, they had not seen it with their own eyes. Instantly they started to look at Su Shanshan and the others differently.

In their hearts, they deified those with superpowers and believed that Gu Zhao would not become a zombie.

Actually, there was a certain chance that those with superpowers could become infected as well, but it was much slimmer than that of ordinary people. Su Shanshan did not explain. She had a feeling that the spiritual spring could suppress the zombie virus.

Someone muttered, “Who knows if it’s true?”

However, in the face of Mu Qing’s words, he only whispered the sentence and did not chase her away.

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