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Chapter 23: Pursued

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This was just the place that Su Shanshan wanted to go. There was a small hospital nearby. She figured that there must be a lot of people in the big hospital by now. More people meant more zombies. This kind of small hospital was suitable for them.

She needed a safe place to treat Gu Zhao’s injuries. She had already found an opportunity to give him some spiritual spring water. She did not know if it would be of any use.

They soon arrived at Mu Cheng’s neighborhood. After Mu Cheng got out of the car, Su Shanshan suddenly said, “Quick, let’s get out of the car.”

Fei Lan had developed a rapport with her over the past few days. When he heard this, he quickly got out of the car and brought Gu Zhao down from the back seat with him.

The three of them had just got out of the car when they heard a loud noise. Their car instantly shattered into pieces. A long tongue had smashed the car and then came at them quickly. The mutated zombie they encountered earlier did not die but followed their scent and caught up with them.

“Take him.” Su Shanshan shoved Gu Zhao to Fei Lan and conjured up an ice blade in her hand to fight the zombie. The ice blade wrapped around its tongue, but this zombie was too strong. Su Shanshan was dragged by the tongue and collided with its gaping mouth.

“Damn it!” She cursed under her breath and increased the force in her hands. She anchored her foot to the stone pillar beside her to stop herself from getting closer to the zombie.

Before she could heave a sigh of relief, the mutated zombie crawled toward her at a high speed. It landed on all fours, moving at an unusually fast speed.

Su Shanshan leaped onto the zombie’s back and thrust her dagger into the back of its head. But the zombie tilted its head and the dagger landed on its shoulder, leaving only a small scratch on its body. This action completely infuriated the zombie, and it swayed wildly.

“Sister Shanshan, be careful!” Fei Lan looked behind her in horror.

Su Shanshan turned to see another zombie approaching her from behind. It was about to bite her neck. She quickly bent over and twisted her body into an incredible arc. She kicked her feet in the air and moved away from the spot.

The new zombie bumped into the mutated zombie on the ground. The mutated zombie was territorial. Seeing that its food was being stolen, it got angry and roared at the zombie who had landed on it.

The new zombie got up confusedly. It walked towards Su Shanshan but was pushed away by the tongue of the other zombie behind.

Taking advantage of the zombie infighting, Su Shanshan quickly called Fei Lan to the residential building nearby. She only heaved a sigh of relief when she entered the corridor.

“Why don’t you go to my place first?” Mu Cheng, who had been observing the scene from the corridor, hesitated for a moment and then said.

He did not know that the zombie had followed them here, but he felt that Su Shanshan, who had changed into a different person, was very skilled in combat. With her around, they would be safer, so he wanted to rope her in.

Su Shanshan glanced at the mutated zombie who was still looking for them and nodded. “Okay.”

She followed Mu Cheng up to the third floor. There were quite a lot of people in the residential building. All the houses had their doors and windows shut tight, but no zombies were found. She did not know if it was because someone had cleaned up the place, or if the place was lucky in that no one had turned into a zombie.

Mu Cheng explained, “Those who were unconscious were sent to the hospital. After all, there’s a hospital nearby. We’ve worked together to clean up the remaining zombies, so we’re safe.”

Su Shanshan thought with a frown, “I guess I’ll have to abandon the idea of going to the hospital.”

Mu Cheng stopped at the furthest unit of the third floor and knocked on the door.

A soft voice came from inside, followed by a cautious question. “Who is it?”

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After Mu Cheng answered, the person inside opened the door quickly. It was a middle-aged woman. When she saw Mu Cheng, her face lit up. When she saw people behind him, her face darkened abruptly.

Mu Cheng did not notice that and said warmly, “Shanshan, this is my mother. Come in quickly.”

Su Shanshan nodded politely and walked in. When Mu Cheng’s mother saw that they were bringing an unconscious man with them, she instantly turned pale and said, “Is he going to become a zombie?”

The moment the word ‘zombie’ was uttered, people started coming out of a small room.. There were over 20 people, including quite a few familiar faces.

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