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Chapter 22: Crisis

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The zombie was irritated by the two of them. Food was right in front of it, but it just could not get in. It stomped its feet on the ground angrily and opened its mouth to shoot a fireball at Gu Zhao. The wind blade in Gu Zhao’s hand could no longer be released. He could only move to the side to dodge the fireball.

But if he avoided it, Su Shanshan would be in danger. Without Gu Zhao holding it back, the mutated zombie quickly rushed toward Su Shanshan. She had used up most of her ice power, and her face was so pale that she could not avoid the zombie’s attack.

The zombie’s tongue swung at her again, trying to roll her up and stuff her into its importunate mouth. The zombie was already slobbering, its eyes filled with greed.

Su Shanshan quickly found the fuel truck that she had stored earlier in her space, but she no longer had the mental strength to take out such a huge thing. Because she had mobilized her mental strength forcefully, her face started to drip with cold sweat.

The zombie was already in front of her. It was too late.

Su Shanshan closed her eyes in fear. Suddenly she felt a surge of warmth. When she opened her eyes, she saw herself being protected in Gu Zhao’s arms. This scene was reminiscent of a scene in her previous life when Gu Zhao protected her from the villa’s nanny.

For a moment, she could not tell which was reality.

Gu Zhao was hit on the back by the zombie’s tongue. A large piece of flesh fell off and blood splattered on Su Shanshan’s face.

“Ah!” She screamed. The fuel truck in her space was finally taken out and she smashed it down on the zombie. It was pinned under the truck.

Fei Lan, who had just recovered his strength, quickly dragged the two of them out of the warehouse. Su Shanshan supported Gu Zhao on the other side and they increased their speed. The fuel truck would not be able to hold off the zombie for long.

Sure enough, as soon as they were out of the warehouse, the mutant zombie broke away from the fuel truck. Its food had run away. With an indignant roar, it spat out a fireball that ignited the gas in the fuel truck. The entire warehouse was ablaze, and the mutant zombie was engulfed in its own flames.

Su Shanshan glanced behind her and said with relief, “Let’s get out the back door.”

“It’s on fire, it’s on fire!” The people who were fighting over the items in front of the supermarket saw the fire and rushed out.

Excessive pain and weakness from the mental exertion caused Su Shanshan to stagger. Fei Lan was supporting Gu Zhao by himself. He turned back quickly to look at her. “Sister Shanshan, are you alright?”

Su Shanshan shook her head and said, “Send Gu Zhao to the car first. Don’t worry about me.”

Seeing her persistence, Fei Lan gritted his teeth and quickly helped Gu Zhao to the back seat of the car. Then he returned to support Su Shanshan. Unexpectedly, in a flash, a young man rushed into their car.

Fei Lan and Su Shanshan sat in the front seats. In the back seat lay the unconscious Gu Zhao and the young man.

“Sorry, there are zombies chasing me from behind. Please give me a way out,” the young man said, embarrassed. He saw Su Shanshan in front of him and was pleasantly surprised. “Su Shanshan.”

Su Shanshan turned around and remembered this person from her distant past. It was Mu Cheng, her university classmate.

“Get off,” Su Shanshan said coldly.

Mu Cheng was stunned. He had never seen Miss Su exhibit such coldness. She had always been following Qi Cheng closely.

Fei Lan looked at the blazing supermarket and started the car hastily. “Let’s go first. This place looks like it’s about to explode.”

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Su Shanshan had no choice but to tolerate Mu Cheng’s presence silently.

Mu Cheng acted as if they were very close. He said, “Su Shanshan, where are you going? Can you send me home?”

“I can’t,” Su Shanshan said coldly.

Mu Cheng was even more surprised, but he found this Su Shanshan much more pleasing to the eye than before. He chatted about his thoughts incessantly.

Su Shanshan was concerned about Gu Zhao’s injuries and berated him. “Shut up. If you say anything more, get lost now.”

Fei Lan stuck out his tongue and looked sympathetically at Mu Cheng, who did not dare to speak. “Where are you going?”

Mu Cheng quickly gave an address. Fei Lan glanced at Su Shanshan, who was beside him. Seeing that she did not say anything, he said, “We’ll send you to the vicinity.”

“Thank you so much,” Mu Cheng thanked him with a smile.

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