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Reborn In The Apocalypse: It Had Always Been You

Chapter 21 - Level-One Zombie

Chapter 21: Level-One Zombie

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When a burly man saw them, he mocked, “Yo, you’re still holding on to your weapons. Are you afraid? Don’t worry, we’ve destroyed everything inside.”

The burly man wanted to pat Gu Zhao on the shoulder, but Gu Zhao dodged him. The burly man did not mind. When he saw someone touching his rice, he cursed. “Hey, that’s the rice I took. Put it down.”

Fei Lan looked at the bag of rice being snatched by five people and asked, “Sister Shanshan, what should we do?”

Gu Zhao was also looking on.

“Come with me.” Su Shanshan led the two of them to a hidden place. She had not thought of taking anything on the shelves outside when she came in. Her goal was this supermarket’s warehouse.

“Sister Shanshan, how did you know about this?” Fei Lan looked at the door with the words “warehouse” written on it in surprise.

“I’ve been to this supermarket before. No one would be thinking of the warehouse for now. Let’s move quickly.” Actually, she had already had this place in mind. Even if she bought food items in advance, the inventory might not be as well stocked as this place. So she wanted to make a trip here after the apocalypse arrived.

Because not everything on the shelves outside had been looted, no one thought of the warehouse. The lock on the warehouse was still intact.

Su Shanshan was about to kick the door with her raised foot when Gu Zhao, who was beside her, kicked open the warehouse door.

She retracted her foot and followed behind Gu Zhao.

“Wow, Big Brother Gu, you’re so fierce!” Fei Lan was at the age where he admired people who were strong. Looking at Gu Zhao, who always spoke coldly, he could not help admiring him after witnessing this scene.

Gu Zhao’s expression changed in an instant. Someone who did not know him well would not realize that he was feeling shy.

Su Shanshan laughed discreetly, but Gu Zhao happened to see it. His ears turned red, and his face turned even colder.

“Well, cut the crap and come on in,” Su Shanshan said, trying to smooth things over for him.

The three of them carefully checked if there were any zombies in the warehouse. It was very quiet.

“Ah, Sister Shanshan, there’s a zombie!” Fei Lan shouted suddenly. He wanted to hit it with the metal rod in his hand, but this zombie seemed different. It moved quickly and…

With superpowers… Fei Lan nimbly dodged a fireball. Knowing that he could not defeat this zombie, he quickly called for help.

Gu Zhao and Su Shanshan quickly headed in Fei Lan’s direction. As soon as they got close, they could feel the heat of the fireball. The warehouse was full of boxes that were not suitable for combat. Su Shanshan moved the boxes to her space as she moved swiftly.

Fei Lan’s arm was struck, and as he extinguished the fire hastily, the next fireball came right at him. He wanted to dodge, but his body could not keep up.

In the face of death, he suddenly felt a surge of power in his body. This force caused him to teleport directly to the other side of the warehouse. He escaped death and lay on the ground, panting. Waves of fatigue overcame him, and he could not even move a finger.

The other two were already in front of the zombie. After cleaning up the warehouse, it had become much more spacious. A zombie was lying on the ground. It stuck out its long tongue as it attacked the two of them swiftly. There was a sharp barb on its tongue. If it touched them, a large piece of their flesh would be removed.

“This is a level-two mutated zombie,” Su Shanshan said in surprise. She did not expect a level-one zombie to show up at this time, let alone a level-two zombie. “How unlucky,” she thought.

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Gu Zhao stood protectively in front of her and said, “Step back. I’ll do it.”

Su Shanshan shook her head and said, “No, this is a level-two mutation that’s comparable to a level-three superpowered man. You can’t handle it alone.”

The ice shield in her hand kept appearing to block the advancing tongue. When the tongue came into contact with the ice shield, it would freeze for an instant. However, it was only for an instant.

“As expected, a level-one superpower is still too weak to fight a level-two mutated zombie,” thought Su Shanshan.

While trying to attract the attention of the zombie, she gave Gu Zhao a look.

Gu Zhao nodded. He kept shooting the wind blades in his hands at the zombie. The knives went straight for the zombie’s head, but it dodged them all. This zombie’s movements were indeed different from other zombies.

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