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Chapter 20: Supermarket

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However, the zombies were already behind them. Through the rearview mirror, the people in the car watched those people being eaten by the zombies, one by one.

This bloody scene made them swallow their saliva and accelerate the car. For the first time, it really dawned on them that this was the end of the world.

Gu Zhao drove while Su Shanshan and Fei Lan sat in the back seat. As they passed through the street, it was obvious that it was much livelier than before.

“Aren’t they afraid?” Fei Lan did not expect the shops to remain open.

“They didn’t see zombies eating humans with their own eyes, so of course they won’t be afraid,” Su Shanshan said coldly.

“Should we tell them?”

Su Shanshan glanced at Fei Lan. This child was nothing like her. He might have killed a zombie before, but he still retained that kindness.

“If you want to do it, try it,” Su Shanshan said.

Fei Lan wound down the window and shouted, “Hey, close the door! There are zombies!”

Someone looked at him scornfully. “Little kid, what’s so scary about zombies? Look over there.”

Looking in the direction the shop owner was pointing at, a group of young men were surrounding a zombie with a metal rod. The rod hit the zombie hard, causing rotten flesh to splatter everywhere. Su Shanshan saw the zombie scratch the back of someone’s hand with its sharp nails.

The man who was scratched cursed angrily and tightened his grip.

“They should have hit the zombie’s head.” Fei Lan saw the scene and muttered, “That person is doomed.”

“They won’t believe you.” Su Shanshan put a damper on his intention. “The sooner one recognizes human nature in the end times, the better,” she thought.

Fei Lan turned around and saw that the shop owner was just watching the show. He wanted to give him a few kicks. After that he fell silent and put this matter behind him.

Su Shanshan looked at the sun in the sky. Zombies were afraid of the sun and generally did not come out during the day. Even if they did, they would move slowly. At night, this city would become a dangerous place.

The experiences of her past life flashed before her eyes. The screams she heard at night and the neighbor knocking on her door had made her afraid to close her eyes for a long time. She only dared to have a good sleep when that person came to her side. But in the end, she pushed him away.

“Sister Shanshan, are we heading to City A now?” Fei Lan suddenly asked.

Su Shanshan nodded and said, “Let’s go to City M first. I have something very important to get there.” In her previous life, she had made a serendipitous stopover in City M on her way to City A and got the Tang sword that accompanied her for eight years.

“Gu Zhao, if we see a supermarket that isn’t open for business later, let’s go in for a while,” Su Shanshan reminded.

Gu Zhao, who had been silent all this while, responded to her suggestion.

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He drove his car to the entrance of a supermarket but did not stop. Instead, he circled around and parked his car at the back. There were too many zombies in front. They could not get out of the car even if he parked there.

After parking the car, the three of them got off with their weapons.

The back door of the supermarket was very quiet, but the blood red handprint on the snowy white wall seemed very strange.

A zombie was hovering around them. When it saw their car approaching, its stiff body moved very slowly.

Bang! Su Shanshan, who was closest to it, raised the baseball bat in her hand and swung it at the zombie. The zombie fell to the ground, and it extended its stiff hand towards them. Fei Lan smashed its head with the baseball bat.

Su Shanshan gave him a thumbs-up. Fei Lan scratched his head sheepishly.

Among the three of them, he was the only one who did not have supernatural powers, so he tried his best to show his useful side. He was afraid that they might leave him behind.

They walked in through the back door of the supermarket. The supermarket was on the first floor, which saved them the trouble of climbing the stairs. After all, narrow stairs posed a greater danger.

Unexpectedly, the supermarket was bustling with noise and people were coming and going. Everyone was fighting over the items on the shelves. Hoarding more food was probably something everyone could think of. So when they saw that the zombies were not that dangerous, their first reaction was to run to the supermarket.

Everyone was chatting leisurely as they packed their things into their bags. They were holding weapons in their hands as they walked in cautiously.. It was a rather funny scene.

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