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Chapter 2: That Man

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She sat on the sofa and looked at the man. He slowly leaned against the wall and curled up, looking up at her.

The man’s bruised face recalled some memories. Before the apocalypse, a man had taken her virginity. Now she woke up to see this man whom she had just beaten up badly.

Su Shanshan crushed the can in her hand as she remembered what happened. The sound made the man by the wall shudder.

He also felt like crying. “Who said that Miss Su is delicate and frail? She’s obviously a violent woman,” he thought.

Su Shanshan recalled some unpleasant memories. “Who sent you?” she asked coldly.

The man rolled his eyes and said, “It’s Gu Jincheng, President Gu.”

Su Shanshan’s expression turned even colder. She tossed the crushed can in front of him and said, “My question tells you that I already know who it is. You’d better tell me the truth obediently. Otherwise, ha.”

The man was alarmed by the murderous intent in her eyes. “She would really kill me.” This thought sent chills down his spine and he broke out in cold sweat.

He gritted his teeth and said, “It’s Bai, Miss Bai. She asked me to take photos of you in bed. She asked me to do it.”

Bai Ran, her best friend, the one she had treated as her own sister.

Su Shanshan was not surprised when she heard this. She only felt sad and her heart ached—for that man. In her past life, she really thought that Gu Jincheng was the one who did this out of revenge after she rejected him.

She had grown up by Gu Jincheng’s side and they had known each other for the longest time, but she refused to give him even the slightest trust.

Ever since her mother married into the Gu family when she was five years old, she had tagged along with Gu Jincheng. The 12-year-old Gu Jincheng protected her well in the Gu family. When she was young, she liked this big brother very much, but when she was eighteen, a kiss shattered the harmony between them.

That night, Gu Jincheng hugged and kissed her impulsively when she was drunk. But it turned out that she was not drunk at all. She was surprised, angry, and even hated him.

She could not accept that someone who had always been her big brother had such thoughts about her. From then on, she used all sorts of vicious words to curse him, but no matter what she did, he simply endured it silently, always with that indifferent expression.

His silence reinforced her belief that he felt guilty. It made her hate his indifference even more, and after that, her emotions ran high.

Once she asked him, “Gu Jincheng, did you harbor those disgusting thoughts towards me from the start?”

Gu Jincheng revealed a disappointed expression for the first time and said, “Do you feel disgusted?”

She said fiercely, “Yes. Utterly disgusting. You pedophile. You pervert.”

She was trembling with anger. That was the first time Gu Jincheng lost control and kissed her forcefully. These were the only two intimate interactions they had.

After the incident, she moved out of the Gu family, left City A, and went to school in City B by herself.

All sorts of memories flashed across her mind. “Is everything in the end times a dream?” she wondered

“No, it can’t be. This isn’t a dream. There is no pain in dreams.” The pain she felt when she was torn apart by the zombies was real. When she thought of that pain, Su Shanshan shivered. Her face was pale and she broke out in cold sweat… “Was Gu Jincheng like this when he died?” she thought.

She watched with her own eyes as the zombies ate her hands and feet… It hurt so much. She felt like she was dead, but she was conscious until her body was eaten up.

The atmosphere in the room became tense as she lost her composure. The man in the corner shuddered. Seeing that she was not paying attention to him, he edged slowly towards the door.

He managed to move to the door. It swung open and hit him squarely, knocking him down. He screamed in pain.

Su Shanshan came back to her senses and looked towards the door. Gu Zhao, dressed in black, was sweating profusely as he stood at the door. His usually cold face looked alarmed. Only when he saw that Su Shanshan was unharmed on the sofa did he heave a sigh of relief.

“Miss Shanshan, please don’t make such jokes next time. I’m here on President Gu’s orders to protect you. You’re really…”

Gu Zhao’s expression did not look good.. He did not understand why President Gu would regard this useless woman who always caused trouble as special.

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