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Chapter 19: A Provoking Hooligan

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The three of them walked out cautiously. Zombies were slow, but if they were caught by zombies, they would be infected by the zombie virus. Therefore they had to be vigilant.

People on the streets who were not aware of what was happening were not keeping a safe distance from the zombies. They did not know that their actions were hastening their death.

Su Shanshan made a hand gesture. She would stop by the garage first and put the sturdier car with a higher base into her space. She did not hide her intention from Fei Lan who was beside her. After all, she could not conceal things from someone who wanted to be her partner.

She simply explained that this was a spatial superpower. Spatial superpowers were rare but not non-existent. Also, spatial superpowers were harmless and could only be used to store things. Therefore, at the beginning of the apocalypse, spatial superpowered people would be popular, but later on, they would become useless.

Gu Zhao frowned and gave Fei Lan a warning look, but he did not even notice. He was looking at Su Shanshan in admiration.

“Let’s go.” Su Shanshan took the lead and walked out.

Gu Zhao hurried to catch up, going in front of her in his habitual manner to protect her.

As they turned the corner of the villa neighborhood, Gu Zhao paused. There was a sound coming from the corner.

Heavy footsteps could be heard. A zombie whose intestines were half gone slowly appeared.

Its appearance could only be described as hideous. Gu Zhao’s hand paused for a moment before he shot a wind blade at him. The wind blade created a sonic boom. Due to his years of practice with pistols, once Gu Zhao was familiar with the assault modes of the wind blade, he could accurately hit the back of the zombie’s head.

The wind blade seemed to have eyes in the air. It circled behind the zombie, turned back, and pierced through its head.

After the zombie fell, the three of them left without even looking at it. These level-zero zombies did not have nuclei.

They had just taken a few steps when a fireball was hurled at them. Su Shanshan quickly raised her hand and a layer of ice covered the fireball.

She frowned and looked across the street. A group of hooligans were standing by the road and whistling at her. Seeing that she was also a Chosen One, the leader’s expression became more serious.

God’s Chosen One was what they called those with supernatural powers.

The leader walked over and said with a smile, “Beauty, you’re God’s Chosen One too. Why don’t you follow us? There are two God’s Chosen Ones among us.”

Wang Zhigang was originally a hooligan that nobody knew. When the end of the world came, he suddenly realized that he had the superpower to release fireballs. A sense of heroism arose in him. He used this ability to usurp the position of his boss. He had brought these men to this wealthy district to seize a villa.

Looking at how those wealthy people who were elitist in the past were now groveling at his feet, he became more arrogant and his actions became unbearably insolent.

Before Su Shanshan could reply, the wind blade in Gu Zhao’s hand was already hovering above his head. Wang Zhigang was so frightened that his face turned pale. As someone with superpower, he quickly sensed that this man’s superpower was above his.

He shivered and said, “Big Brother, I don’t have any ill intentions. I’ll make way for you now.”

“Get out of the way, you ignorant fools!” he shouted at his men.

The people surrounding the entrance of the district quickly made way. After he had walked through with Su Shanshan and Fei Lan, Gu Zhao retracted his wind blade. As he retracted it, it went straight past Wang Zhigang’s scalp and snipped away a lock of his hair.

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After they left, the lackeys gathered around and asked, “Boss, are you alright?”

Wang Zhigang touched the bald spot on his head and said viciously, “I will definitely teach them a lesson.”

He attacked Su Shanshan and the others for a while. He hated them for making him lose face in front of his underlings. Before he could think of a good idea, he was startled by his underlings’ shouts.

“Boss, Boss… bad news.”

Wang Zhigang said impatiently, “What are you shouting for? What are you making a fuss about? Are there zombies? I’ll aim a fireball at them…” He turned around and saw a large group of zombies charging at him. Suddenly, his voice turned hoarse and his mouth opened wide.

He abandoned his lackeys behind him and quickly got into the car.. As he drove away, a few smart underlings followed him into the car, while more underlings chased after the car.

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