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Chapter 18: GPS

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“I’m not at the villa now. I’ve already set off for City A. Wait for me to find you. Don’t come over. You won’t be able to find me even if you come over.”

In his anxiety, Gu Jincheng was unaware that his tone sounded stern. “How could you leave the villa? Do you know how dangerous it is outside?”

Su Shanshan knew that he was doing this for her own good, but in her previous life, when she behaved badly towards him, he had never raised his voice at her. Now that she was considerate of him, he did not appreciate it. The more Su Shanshan thought about it, the more wronged she felt. “Why did you scold me!”

Gu Jincheng panicked. “I… I didn’t scold you…”

Su Shanshan’s voice was choked with emotion. “You just yelled at me.”

“Shanshan, I was just worried about you. I didn’t mean to yell at you,” he explained hurriedly.

“Are you wrong?”

“Yes…” No matter whose fault it was, it was always his fault.

A sly look flashed across Su Shanshan’s eyes. “Then listen to me. You’re not allowed to come looking for me. Wait for me to look for you, okay? Brother Jincheng?”

Gu Jincheng, who had wanted to refute, felt his heart burn after being called “Brother Jincheng”. Someone looking on would have thought that he had a silly smile on his face as he was holding the phone.

It was only after he agreed that he realized he had been tricked. “Shanshan, you did it on purpose.”

Su Shanshan chuckled. “Anyway, you can’t go back on your word now that you’ve promised me.”


When she heard Gu Jincheng’s tender voice, Su Shanshan’s face turned slightly red. She laid back on the chair and looked up at the moon.





One called out the other’s name while the other answered. They both had warm fuzzies without saying anything else.

They stayed this way until the phone connection was disrupted and they reluctantly hung up. Putting away her phone, Su Shanshan looked at the moon and prayed, “I hope Gu Jincheng is well and safe and won’t come looking for me.”

Gu Jincheng hung up the phone. He was reluctant to put the phone away and kept it by his ear for a while.

Gu Ling rushed into the study room. The moment he opened the door, he saw President Gu smiling foolishly. The laptop in his hand fell to the ground instantly. He could not believe that this was his brilliant and capable President Gu.

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Gu Jincheng instantly changed the expression on his face and said with a frown, “Speak.”

Gu Ling picked up the laptop on the floor and heaved a sigh of relief when he saw his cold expression. “It must have been an illusion,” he thought.

He passed the computer to Gu Jincheng and said, “President Gu, the GPS has been connected. Miss Shanshan is now in a villa in City B.”

Gu Jincheng raised his eyebrows. “What a little liar,” he thought.

He nodded and said, “Bring the computer. We’ll set off now.”

He could not wait any longer. The thought of the dangers outside made him want to rush to her side immediately.

Gu Ling was not surprised at all. He nodded and left, instructing his men to set off that very night.

After a few days, the initially terrified humans slowly accepted the fact that it was the end of the world. The government also began to actively organize rescue operations. Media stations in various cities were broadcasting the safety zones that had been established, allowing the masses to head there on their own.

As the number of pedestrians on the street increased, many people who had not dared to venture outside started to take action. Only then did they realize that the scary-looking zombies could not even withstand a single blow. They became bolder.

Through the window, Su Shanshan could see two boys who looked like students treating the zombies as a game. They kept chasing the zombies away and celebrating after they beat them to death with wooden sticks.

Many people started to look for an online post that warned them about the end of the world a few days ago. The post that they had reacted badly to at that time was now their life-saver.

However, they realized that the post had been deleted…

Gu Zhao came to her side and looked at the situation on the ground. “This is just the beginning, right?”

Su Shanshan nodded. “After the zombies evolve, people will be at a disadvantage if they are not careful.”

When Fei Lan was ready, they set off. The three of them were wearing the same black sportswear, with daggers at their waists and baseball bats in their hands.

This time, when they stepped out, they found that the situation was different from the last time.. Many people were making a big fuss at the window, and the zombies had gathered again.

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