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Chapter 17: Leaving the Villa

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Gu Zhao still looked cold. Fei Lan kept saying that he had almost been beaten to death and that the wound on his face was evidence.

“Shut up!” Su Shanshan and Gu Zhao berated him at the same time.

Fei Lan pouted pitifully and stopped talking.

The sudden silence in the room made Su Shanshan heave a sigh of relief. She felt that her left ear was going deaf from the excessive talking.

She briefly introduced the two of them to each other. Gu Zhao frowned and said, “Miss Shanshan, it’s better to be wary of people of dubious backgrounds.”

Fei Lan opened his mouth to retort, but Su Shanshan quickly covered his mouth and said, “We don’t know how to cook. We won’t starve if we let him tag along.”

Gu Zhao paused and stopped looking at Fei Lan. This arrangement seemed very reasonable to him.

Fei Lan’s eyes widened. He did not expect his own value to be that of a chef.

Su Shanshan signaled to him to stop talking or he would not be allowed to follow her.

Fei Lan pursed his lips and blinked to show that he understood. Only then did Su Shanshan let him off the hook.

She turned to look at Gu Zhao, her eyes shining as she asked, “Gu Zhao, how do you feel now?”

Gu Zhao felt a little uncomfortable under her expectant gaze. He extended his hand, and with a thought, a wind blade appeared in his palm. The wind blade was about the length of a forearm, and there was a silver flash on the blade. It was obvious how sharp it was.

Both Su Shanshan and Fei Lan cried out in surprise. She said, “You actually have a level-two superpower.” Thinking of her own level-one superpower, she felt a little disappointed.

When Gu Zhao saw this, he—who was not good at comforting people—could only say dryly, “Your supernatural power is also very good.”

Her disappointment was fleeting. She nodded and said, “I have you by my side anyway. The stronger you are, the safer I’ll be.”

Fei Lan was confused but he was not too shocked since he had witnessed a piece of ice appear suddenly in Su Shanshan’s hand.

Su Shanshan said to Fei Lan solemnly, “We will be leaving this place tomorrow. Do you want to stay here or go with us?”

Fei Lan was stunned. “This place is very safe. Why do we have to leave?”

Su Shanshan shook her head. “It’s not safe here. The zombies nearby may have been cleared, but other zombies will be here soon. And the villa will soon be out of water and power. When that happens…”

She did not finish her sentence, but Fei Lan understood and nodded solemnly.

The three of them discussed the route briefly before returning to their rooms.

Su Shanshan sat in a small chair by the French windows and stared out at the red moon, lost in thought. The patterns on the moon gradually became a person, the one who always stood behind her and protected her.

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Gu Jincheng…

She repeated the name silently, wondering where he was and what he was doing.

“Is he missing me?” she wondered.

The thought made her blush and she buried her face in the pillow in her arms. Her heart was beating faster and faster when her phone suddenly rang in the room.

Su Shanshan was stunned. She took out her phone and realized that there was a signal. However, the signal was very weak.

The screen flashed “Brother Jincheng”. She had updated the contact on her phone.

“Hello?” she answered quickly.

“Shanshan, you’re still at the villa, right?” The call was successfully connected, and it was a joyful voice on the other end.

“What are you going to do?” Su Shanshan did not answer directly. She was uneasy.

Gu Jincheng quickly said, “Stay obediently in the villa and don’t go anywhere. Wait for me to pick you up. The things you bought previously should be able to sustain you for a while. I’ll be there soon.”

Su Shanshane’s worst fears were coming true, and she feared that he was already on his way to see her. She frowned. “Don’t come. No, wait. Where are you now?”

Gu Jincheng fell silent. After a while, he said, “Shanshan, don’t mess around. It’s the end of the world now. No matter how much you hate me, I’ll let you do whatever you want to me after I’ve ensured your safety.”

Su Shanshan wanted to roll her eyes, but she knew that she had gone too far in the past, so he would not believe that she had suddenly changed her attitude. However, in her previous life, he had lost an arm on the way to look for her. She did not know the exact details of the situation and could not help him at all.. She did not dare to let him take any risks now.

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