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Surrounded by zombies, Su Shanshan and Gu Jincheng perished in their mouths.

A trace of disappointment and boredom flashed across the zombie king"s eyes. It had finally found two interesting humans, but they were too weak. This world is really too boring.

He waved his hand to dismiss the zombies and jumped again to leave, but he realized that he couldn't move. What's going on?

A trace of doubt flashed across his eyes as he reached out to touch his eyes. He had just regained his human mind and was not very familiar with it. He was thinking seriously.

A clear voice sounded. "You're not qualified to kill us!"

The zombie king turned around and saw Su Shanshan and Gu Jincheng, who were supposed to be dead, standing behind him. He looked back at the ground again. Their corpses had disappeared. He was stunned. He looked in the direction of the base. The people he had just seen with his own eyes had come back to life. The gate of the base was also fine. There were no signs of zombies breaking through. The people surrounded him, just like what the zombies had done just now.

A glint flashed across the zombie king's blood-red eyes as he locked his gaze on Gu Jincheng. "You're a mental-type superpower."

He had just entered this man's mental domain without even realizing it.

Gu Jincheng waved his hand, and the zombie king's body was punctured with a few holes. It was as if he could not feel the pain. He was still smiling, and his smile showed genuine joy.

"You guys make me so happy. We'll meet again. Next time, I'll cut out your hearts and collect them." He left with a broken arm.

Gu Jincheng, whose mental domain had been broken, suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood. There was a hint of seriousness in his eyes. This zombie king was not simple.

Su Shanshan looked at the broken arm on the ground. Was this zombie born in the year of the gecko? It could break its tail and survive.

Everyone was celebrating their victory. Su Shanshan looked at Gu Zhao, who was lying on the ground.

Her death, Gu Jincheng's death, and the fact that the base had fallen to the zombies were all fake, but Gu Zhao's death was real.

The moment he died, Gu Jincheng had a chance to pull the zombie king into his mental domain.

She walked in front of Gu Zhao's corpse. His eyes were still looking at the sky. Su Shanshan squatted down and gently closed his eyes. Tears fell unconsciously and dripped to the ground. She really treated Gu Zhao as family. In her previous life, he had protected her and brought her to the Southwestern base. In this life, he had followed her all the way.

The grief in her heart made Su Shanshan choke. She could not speak. Gu Jincheng stood behind her and patted her shoulder.

Ling Jing came up to them at this moment. He looked at his dead brother with a smile on his face. He had just seen the way Gu Zhao looked at Su Shanshan. So that was how it was...

He finally understood why his brother had such thoughts about Su Shanshan.

Su Shanshan did not seem to know. His eyes were red as he said, "Leave Gu Zhao's corpse to me. I know where he wants to go."

With that, he left with Gu Zhao's corpse. Su Shanshan felt that Ling Jing's gaze seemed to be blaming her. She felt that she had missed something.

Gu Jincheng, who also understood everything, pulled her back to the base. About half of the people in the base had died. This battle had caused heavy casualties, but everyone understood that this was the best outcome.

Su Shanshan was in a bad mood for the past few days. Gu Jincheng had no choice but to think of various ways to make her happy.

She did not want him to worry, so she wore a smile and pretended that she had recovered. Today, as she walked alone in the base, the smile on her face disappeared. Over the past few days, she kept recalling the scene of Gu Zhao helping her to block the zombie king. This scene had been tormenting her.

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