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Reborn In The Apocalypse: It Had Always Been You

Chapter 165 A Familiar Zombie King

Sure enough, the zombie king, who had been blinded by anger, shouted, "It"s all because of you that I became like this. Why should you be a Missy since you were born while I was just your sidekick? Why are you still surviving the apocalypse, but I've become like this? Why does that man love you forever? I can't accept it. How am I inferior to you? Ahhh!"

She lost control and shouted, her movements becoming more and more violent.

"Bai Ran!" Su Shanshan said her name accurately.

,m The zombie king froze and stopped in midair. She looked at Su Shanshan opposite her and smiled strangely. "You recognized me. Unfortunately, it's too late--"

Su Shanshan looked behind her. The gate of the Southwestern base had been broken through, and Gu Jincheng was rushing towards her.

Bai Ran said again, "Do you think his heart will ache if I kill you?"

Su Shanshan was constantly on guard against her actions. As long as she killed her, those zombies would not be a threat. Her Tang sword slashed at her with ice-type power, but Bai Ran did not take the blow. Instead, she dodged her attack and rushed towards Gu Jincheng.

Su Shanshan immediately turned around and shouted, "Gu Jincheng, dodge!"

Opposite her, Gu Jincheng's eyes were filled with fear as he tried his best to rush towards her.

Su Shanshan felt a killing intent behind her. Before she could turn around, she felt an attack on her back.

A muffled groan sounded. She did not feel any pain. When she turned around, she saw Gu Zhao standing behind her. He had been stabbed in the heart by a white hand.

Gu Zhao looked at her and a smile appeared on his expressionless face. He said quietly, "It's good that you're fine."

For the first time, his eyes openly revealed his affection for her. No one would know about his feelings, and he finally didn't have to worry about whether they would hurt her.

At the last moment, his mind went back to the days in City M when he had secretly hidden her. That was the first time he had gone against his principles and betrayed his master. But he did not regret it because it had been the happiest time of his life.

There was a beatific smile on his lips, as if he'd been transported back to that time.

Gu Zhao spat out a mouthful of blood, staining his clothes. Su Shanshan's hands were trembling and she did not know what to do. She pushed away the zombie that had killed Gu Zhao. This zombie easily dodged her attack and jumped onto a huge rock not far away.

Su Shanshan looked up at him and realized that this zombie looked exactly like a human. He was wearing a clean white shirt and black pants, and a pair of gold-rimmed glasses. Other than his red eyes, she could not tell that he was a zombie.

This was the true zombie king!

At this moment, Gu Jincheng had already killed Bai Ran and was beside Su Shanshan.

The two of them looked at the zombie king opposite them warily. He smiled and said fluently, "Nice to meet you!"

Neither of them spoke. It was as if both sides had pressed the pause button and were silently watching each other. Even the zombies behind them had stopped moving. The superpowered people who could finally heave a sigh of relief were resting in a group, recovering their strength to deal with the upcoming battle.

The zombie king looked at Su Shanshan and Gu Jincheng with interest and said casually, "You two are quite interesting. I like you very much. Give your lives to me."

He said these extremely nasty words very gently. With a move of his hand, the zombies rushed into the crowd again. In an instant, half of the people left in the Southwestern base died. Soon the zombies eliminated the humans and came outside the base, surrounding Su Shanshan and Gu Jincheng.

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