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Chapter 16: Gu Zhao Woke Up

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Fei Lan said innocently, “I feel safer following my sister. Didn’t we agree that I can follow you after I kill a zombie?”

Su Shanshan paused. “I didn’t make that promise.”

Fei Lan’s face fell. “Ah, why are you like this—”

Su Shanshan shook her head and walked forward.

Fei Lan’s expression changed in an instant. With a shout of joy, he followed closely behind.

Back at the villa, before Su Shanshan went to check on Gu Zhao, she said, “You can choose a room on the second floor. I will stay here for two days.”

“Sure,” Fei Lan replied.

Gu Zhao was still unconscious. Su Shanshan recalled that she herself had been unconscious for three days. He should regain consciousness sometime soon.

As soon as she walked out of the room, she saw Fei Lan making himself busy in the kitchen.

When she went to the kitchen, she was a little surprised to find that a young man like him had such good culinary skills. Although he had not finished cooking, she could tell from the way he handled the utensils that he cooked often.

Fei Lan noticed her gaze and laughed heartily, saying, “I saw that you were busy, so I made dinner. It’s going to be night soon, and Sister hasn’t had dinner yet, right?”

Su Shanshan nodded and left, giving Fei Lan the run of the kitchen. She had never cooked before.

She went straight to the gym in the villa. After running and warming up, she recalled the combat skills she had learned from an ancient martial arts master in her previous life.

After throwing a series of punches, Su Shanshan’s face turned red, and sweat kept dripping down her face. Her body was really very weak now, and she had to seize the time to train. The fact that she almost died at the hands of a zombie today gave her a strong sense of danger, and also made her realize that she was a little complacent in her current state.

She had a sense of superiority because she understood Doomsday very well, but she realized her mistake today.

Panting hard, Su Shanshan persisted and executed another set of fist techniques. She had completely lost her strength. She lay on the floor and looked at the ceiling. The self-satisfaction in her eyes slowly disappeared and was replaced by determination.

She walked out of the gym and took a quick shower. When she came out, Fei Lan had already finished cooking. He waved at her and said, “Sister, it’s time to eat.”

There were four dishes and a soup on the table. It was a simple home-cooked meal, but it looked delicious.

Fei Lan scratched his head and said in embarrassment, “I only know how to make home-cooked dishes.”

Su Shanshan took a bite and her eyes lit up. She felt that bringing him back was not without benefits. She complimented, “Not bad.”

Fei Lan smiled happily and sat opposite her.

Finally, she could relax. Fei Lan went back to his room to rest after dinner.

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Su Shanshan mapped out an easier route that she remembered from her previous life. When Gu Zhao woke up, they would set off.

The next morning, she woke up early and went straight to the gym to exercise. As she was walking out, she heard the sounds of fighting coming from the living room. She quickly went over there and saw Gu Zhao with his hands around Fei Lan’s neck. Fei Lan’s expression looked very ugly.

“Gu Zhao, stop.” She had not expected him to wake up so early. It seemed that his constitution was better than hers.

When Gu Zhao heard her voice, he subconsciously let go of his hands. Fei Lan regained his freedom and quickly ran behind Su Shanshan. He grabbed onto the corner of her shirt tightly. Pointing at Gu Zhao, he complained, “Sister, this baffling person tried to kill me the moment he appeared.”

Gu Zhao’s gaze sharpened. Looking at Fei Lan and Su Shanshan’s intimate posture, he said, “Miss Shanshan, it’s best if you watch it. If President Gu finds out, he will get angry again.”

Su Shanshan rubbed her brow. The hostility between the two men was giving her a headache.

“Alright, be quiet.”

Fei Lan refused to give up. “Sister, I don’t know where this person’s stench came from. Let’s just chase him out.”

Gu Zhao stiffened. Only then did he notice the stench on his body. It was exactly the same as Su Shanshan’s.

Su Shanshan understood the awkwardness of the situation and said, “Gu Zhao, you’d better clean up first.”

Gu Zhao nodded and returned to his room. His stiffness could be seen from his back view. He had just woken up when he heard a man’s voice outside. That was why he ignored his own condition and rushed out.

Moments later, Su Shanshan sat in the middle of the sofa in the living room. Fei Lan and Gu Zhao sat on either side of her. They still looked unhappy with each other.

“Ahem! Shall we have a chat?” She broke the awkward atmosphere with a suggestion.

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