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Chapter 15: Do You Dare To Kill Him?

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Fei Lan quickly shut his mouth. Su Shanshan’s duel with the zombie made him worship her. From now on, she was his goddess. He wanted to follow in her footsteps.

He looked at Su Shanshan with shining eyes.

Su Shanshan was not paying attention to the young man behind her. She looked at the four fuel trucks in front of her and went forward to inspect them. When she found that they were all loaded, she smiled in satisfaction.

Fei Lan guessed her motive and quickly said, “Sister, I know how to drive. I can help deliver them to you. Really, I don’t want these things. As long as… as long as you let me follow you.”

He said it coyly.

Su Shanshan looked at him awkwardly. “Go and wait for me outside,” she said after a pause.

Fei Lan was stunned for a moment, but he picked up an iron rod from the supermarket and walked out obediently. Not long after, Su Shanshan also walked out. She did not mention the fuel truck anymore, and Fei Lan did not ask. He scratched his head casually and said, “Sister, where are you going?”

Su Shanshan swung the baseball bat at the young man quickly. Fei Lan stood rooted to the spot and the baseball bat went right past him. He heard a loud smack from behind, turned around, and saw a zombie lying on the ground. This zombie was less than a meter away from him.

He looked at Su Shanshan with bright eyes and moved closer to her fearfully. This incident made him even more determined to follow her.

Su Shanshan put her baseball bat away. “Don’t follow me.”

Fei Lan was stunned by her callousness and only came back to his senses after she had walked a distance away. He followed her hastily and said, “Big sister, I won’t hold you back. I also eat very little.”

Su Shanshan turned around suddenly. When Fei Lan took a step back, she smiled evilly and pointed at a zombie in front of her. “I don’t accept trash. Do you dare to kill it?”

Seeing that the zombie’s face was a little pale, Fei Lan clenched his fists and said, “I’ll prove myself to you.”

He rushed forward with the iron rod, shouting to bolster his own courage. Su Shanshan shook her head. “Making such a loud noise would only attract more zombies, wouldn’t it?” she grimaced.

She merely wanted the young man to back off. However, if he did not even dare to kill a level-zero zombie, he would not be able to survive in the apocalyptic era.

It was impossible for Fei Lan to not be nervous when facing zombies for the first time, but to prove himself, he gritted his teeth and swung the iron rod in his hand. The feeling of the iron rod hitting flesh and bones made his face turn pale. He had embraced socialism for more than ten years, so he could not take to killing people, even though zombies were not considered humans…

Because his first blow was a little off-target, it landed on the zombie’s shoulder. The zombie’s hand reached for him, its long black nails about to touch his face. He quickly took a step back and dropped the metal rod in his hand. The zombie leaped toward him.

“Pick the rod up. Its fatal spot is on the back of its head,” Su Shanshan reminded him coldly.

Her voice gave Fei Lan courage suddenly. He picked up the iron rod on the ground, walked behind the zombie who was moving slowly, and hit the back of its head with all his strength.

With a bang, the zombie’s brain exploded. Panting, Fei Lan supported himself on the ground with the iron rod. He looked at the zombie at his feet. He did not panic as he had expected. Instead he felt a sense of pride. He grinned and waved at Su Shanshan. “Sister, I did it! I did it!”

The young man, who was grinning in the sunlight, had a little blood on his face, but he looked energetic.

If he had ignored the zombie behind him…

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Su Shanshan quickly ran to his side and knocked his forehead. “Are you trying to offer food to the zombies by being so loud?”

She quickly dragged him away from the place. After they left, all the zombies in the surrounding areas started moving toward that area. These zombies who had missed their target had no choice but to reach for the people lying on the ground.

When Su Shanshan returned to the villa area, she pointed at the surrounding villas and said, “You can choose a villa with no one around.” At this time, most of the villas here were empty.

Fei Lan was still following behind her. Just as Su Shanshan was about to reach her doorstep, she stopped abruptly and asked, “Why are you still following me?”

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