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Chapter 14: Level-One Zombie

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Su Shanshan was shocked. That kind of speed came from a level-one zombie. She did not expect to encounter a level-one zombie at this time. There was no time to think too much. She flipped over again and dodged the zombie’s attacks.

At that moment, she finally got a good look at the zombie. It was a tall and skinny young male. It was not wearing any clothes, and its veins were bulging. Large pieces of rotten flesh were hanging on its body. The biggest difference between a level-one zombie and a level-zero zombie was that the former could move faster. At the same time, some zombies could also awaken their superpowers.

Su Shanshan let out a sigh of relief after dodging a few zombie blows. It seemed that this zombie did not have any supernatural power. This made things easier. After confirming this, she held the baseball bat and rushed forward quickly, directly fending off the zombie’s attacks.

The zombie’s sharp claws came at her head. Su Shanshan blocked the zombie’s hand with the baseball bat in her hand. She leaped and kicked it in the jaw. The zombie stumbled back, snarling.

Su Shanshan did not give it any time to react. She nimbly rushed up again and kicked it repeatedly until it fell backward onto the ground. Her moves could be attributed to her previous life, when she did not have any superpower and could only fight zombies in close combat. She was a commoner, but she was able to fight a level-four zombie to a draw. With her skills, she had a place in the base.

The level-one zombie could not stand up, so it tried to grab her ankle. If it touched her, she would definitely be scratched. She could take a few steps back, but then this would give the zombie the opportunity to stand up and rush towards her. Su Shanshan’s stamina was gradually dropping. This body had never been trained before, so she would be at a disadvantage if she fought a prolonged battle with a zombie that would not become fatigued.

Her eyes hardened. She grabbed a nearby shelf and threw it at the zombie. The zombie was hit by the shelf and pinned under one of its legs. It was sprawled on the ground, trying to crawl toward Su Shanshan with one arm outstretched.

Su Shanshan breathed a sigh of relief and went to the zombie that was still pinned down by the shelf. She took out her dagger as she wanted to see if there was any crystal core in the back of its head.

The zombie suddenly raised its head. It tore off one of its legs to free itself and lunged at Su Shanshan.

Su Shanshan’s eyes widened. The zombie was too close for her to avoid.

A chill ran down her spine. The zombie was now right in front of her, but its head was frozen in place! Su Shanshan gulped. She had triggered her superpower without realizing it, or she would have died here.

It seemed that she would have to practice her superpower in the future. Living without superpower for a long time made her forget that she now had a superpower.

The frozen head in front of her was showing signs of melting. After all, her newly generated superpower was not enough to kill a level-one zombie. She nimbly used her dagger to cut a hole in the back of the zombie’s head. After stirring the brain matter a few times, she found something that looked like a small stone. Her eyes flashed with delight.

She was really lucky that this zombie had a crystal nucleus.

It was a close call just now, but it was still a happy thing to get a crystal nucleus. The crystal nucleus of a level-one zombie was a pure white crystal about the size of a thumb. After they became level-two zombies, their attributes would be different. Then their crystal nucleus could only be absorbed by someone with a corresponding superpower, while the crystal nucleus of a level-one zombie could be absorbed by anyone.


A voice suddenly came from the side. Su Shanshan quickly turned around. The voice came from the wooden cabinet beside the shelves.

Su Shanshan walked over slowly. A young man came out of the cabinet. He looked defeated. The image of her stirring the zombie’s brain just now made him feel sick, so he could not help but make a noise

Even so, he raised his hands in surrender. “Sister, I mean no harm. I’ve been hiding here. I don’t dare to go out when there are zombies outside.”

Su Shanshan saw that he had a defeated look, but his eyes were clear. If he was not a bad person, then she did not have to bother with him. She walked towards the backyard.

This young man’s name was Fei Lan, and he was a part-time employee in this gas station. He told Su Shanshan that three days ago, he worked the night shift. He did not expect the world to change suddenly. After his colleague turned into a zombie, he was lucky enough to hide in a wooden cabinet and survive for three days by relying on the food in the supermarket. However, a terrifying zombie came today, and he had not left the cabinet the entire day.

Unable to tolerate this young man’s babbling any longer, Su Shanshan said furiously, “Shut up.”

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