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Chapter 13: Going Out

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She mumbled and rested for a while before exhaling again. She dragged Gu Zhao onto the bed and did not forget to cover him with a small blanket. After doing all this, she wiped the cold sweat off her forehead and left the room.

Looking at the peaceful villa, nobody would have thought that the outside world had already become a purgatory.

Su Shanshan did not choose to wait at home. Instead she changed into black sportswear that was convenient for fighting. She picked up a baseball cap and a baseball bat. Once again, she missed the Tang sword that had accompanied her in her previous life. It seemed that she would have to make another trip when she had time. She recalled the antique street in the neighboring city, which was en route to City A.

Thinking of other places she wanted to go to, she opened the door and went out. There were indeed traces of zombies being cleaned around the villa. There were not many people living here to begin with, and the number of zombies was naturally much smaller. After being cleaned up by Gu Zhao, only the bloodstains on the ground could be seen.

There was silence all around her but Su Shanshan stayed vigilant. This was a habit she had developed after eight years in the apocalyptic era. She reached a bend in the path and stooped down. An arm with long black nails brushed past her head.

If she had not bent over, her head would have exploded. Even if she was lucky enough to survive, she would have turned into a zombie after being scratched by one

Her eyes darkened, and she quickly swung the baseball toward the back of the zombie’s head. This was the weakest spot of the zombies—their fatal spot.

After being hit, the zombie roared angrily and fell down dead.

Su Shanshan reached the street. The number of zombies on the street was slowly increasing. She carefully hid in a corner and watched the gas station nearby. Her goal was gasoline.

Many people were lying on the ground. Those who fainted were undergoing the evolution of the zombie virus in their bodies. If they succeeded, they would become one-in-a-million people with superpowers. If they failed, they would become zombies. This was the first batch of zombies. After that, all zombies would be those who were infected after being scratched or bitten by zombies.

Su Shanshan did not have the ability to help those people who had fainted, but she used a thin board to shield them. Many people with superpowers got eaten by the zombies around them the moment they woke up, not realizing what was happening. This board would become their life-saving tool.

Su Shanshan arrived at the gas station. On the way, she dealt with the zombies she encountered. She did not proactively clean up those she did not encounter. After all, there were too many of them. She could not kill them all by herself.

When she walked into the gas station, it was quiet inside. This unusual phenomenon made her cautious. She gripped the baseball bat in her hand tightly while her other hand was slowly building up her ice-type superpower.

There were a few gas tanks outside the gas station, but the gas inside was not her target. Her target was the fuel truck behind the gas station. If she wanted to go to the back, she had to pass by the small supermarket at the gas station.

First she kicked the door open with her foot, deliberately creating a loud noise. Zombies were supposed to determine where people were by sound. It was better to lure the zombies out than to fight them in a confined supermarket.

After waiting for a while, the supermarket remained silent. Su Shanshan raised her eyebrows slightly. “Was someone here before?” she wondered.

She thought that it was not likely. The food items on the shelves in the supermarket were neatly arranged, just like before the apocalypse. There was not even a trace of blood. The oil tanks outside were also full. It did not look like someone had been here before.

She walked in slowly, not touching the items on the shelves. She felt that, given a choice, she should leave the food and gasoline on the shelves for other people who would be coming later. “Human hearts have become dark in the apocalypse, but for the survival of mankind, it’s good to take care of oneself and also give others a chance to survive,” she mused.

Su Shanshan laughed at herself. She thought it was incredible that such altruistic thoughts could come from her.

She walked toward a small warehouse in the corner of the supermarket. When she opened the door, she saw more than 10 large boxes inside. With a wave of her hand, she put them into her space.

She left the warehouse and walked towards the back door of the supermarket. The fuel truck was right behind. Just as her hand touched the door handle, a chill ran down her spine. She quickly rolled on the ground and heard a piercing sound from above her head.. A lock of her hair was cut off and fell in front of her eyes.

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