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Chapter 12: Superpower Categories

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After Su Shanshan tidied herself up, she picked up the cup of spiritual spring water she had poured yesterday and left the house. She was not worried at all about using these abilities in front of Gu Zhao. In this world, the people she trusted the most were Gu Jincheng and Gu Zhao. Gu Zhao had always been protective of her. In her previous life, he had never abandoned her no matter what happened. She clearly did not know if she could find Gu Jincheng, but Gu Zhao still protected her very well.

So in this life, she included Gu Zhao in her inner circle.

Gu Zhao walked into the living room and sat on the sofa, lost in thought.

Su Shanshan did not stand on ceremony. She sat down next to him and said, “You should believe what I’m saying now. This world is no longer the same world as before.”

Gu Zhao stood up and stood behind her, as he was accustomed to doing. “Yes. Do you have any plans?”

He did not ask how she knew. He would not pry into his mistress’ privacy.

“Gu Zhao, you don’t have to treat me like a lady anymore. Let’s just get along normally. Have a seat.”

Gu Zhao hesitated for a moment before choosing to sit furthest away from her.

Su Shanshan had no choice but to accept that that was good enough. A loaf of bread appeared out of thin air in her hand, and an icicle materialized in her other hand. “There are zombies in the world now,” she said. “In the future, the animals will mutate as well. The land and water sources will all be contaminated, but it’s not as if humans have no chance of winning. Some mutants will appear among the survivors.”

Gu Zhao listened attentively. When he heard her talk about supernatural power, he flipped his palm upwards and a small whirlwind swirled. Although it was only a small, finger-size vortex, one could tell that it had destructive potential by the rapidly swirling air.

Su Shanshan smiled and said, “Yes, this is a superpower. You have wind-type superpower, and I have ice-type superpower. Superpowers are divided into normal superpowers—wind, wood, water, fire, earth, as well as special superpowers—ice, space, lightning, and spiritual superpowers. Superpowers are also divided into levels one to nine. As to whether there are other levels above that, I don’t know. Of course, zombies are also divided into levels.”

Su Shanshan’s throat felt dry. She took a sip of water and continued, “Zombies are also divided into levels from level one to level nine. High-level zombies can command low-level zombies. The zombies now are all low-level zombies, which means they are level-zero zombies. Their movements are slow and basically harmless. As long as you have the courage, you can kill them. In a few days, they will experience the first acid rain. After the acid rain, they will level up.”

Gu Zhao frowned and asked, “Acid rain?”

Su Shanshan nodded with a solemn expression and said, “After the apocalypse, rain will turn into acid rain with corrosive properties. It’s lethal for humans, but it’s very nutritious for zombies. Every time they experience acid rain, they will evolve. After they evolve to level one, they will produce something called a crystal core in the back of the head. This crystal core can help us upgrade our superpowers.”

Gu Zhao looked a little hesitant. Su Shanshan’s understanding of Doomsday seemed too detailed.

Su Shanshan smiled and said, “I know there’s a reason for this, but I can’t tell you. You just need to know that this will help us survive in the apocalyptic era.”

Gu Zhao nodded in understanding and did not ask further. “Then let’s set off to find President Gu. He should be in City A right now.”

Su Shanshan nodded, looking uncomfortable. “But I’m worried he’ll come back for me.”

Gu Zhao felt that that was very likely, based on President Gu’s feelings towards Su Shanshan.

Su Shanshan handed him the glass of water on the table and said, “There’s no hurry. Drink this first. It should be good for your superpower.”

Gu Zhao did not ask what it was. He just raised his head and drank it. As soon as the water entered his stomach, he felt a hot sensation in his body. His palm was also a little hot. Instinctively, he moved his palm and a whirlwind appeared. If the previous whirlwind was only as thick as a finger, this was more than twice as large now.

Both of them were overjoyed. Before Gu Zhao could say how he felt, he collapsed.

Su Shanshan was startled, then relieved when she remembered that she was feeling the same way. But it would not be appropriate to leave him on the couch. Su Shanshan thought about it for a moment, then sighed. Resigned, she grabbed his upper body and dragged him into the room.

“Hu… Hu…” After dragging him into the room with much difficulty, Su Shanshan placed him on the ground and stopped to catch her breath.

“Gu Zhao is not that fat. Why is he so heavy?” she muttered.

“Looks like my stamina is still too weak. In my previous life, I could even drag a pig for a few hundred miles.. Looks like I have to train properly,” she thought.

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