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Chapter 11: Superpower Awakening

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Realizing what was happening, she sat up abruptly, her body covered in a layer of black stuff. The stench in the room came from her.

The door suddenly opened. Gu Zhao, who was startled by the noise in the room, had quickly opened the door. He saw Su Shanshan sitting up and called out cautiously, “Miss Shanshan?”

Su Shanshan nodded. “What’s the situation now?”

Only then did Gu Zhao heave a sigh of relief. If something had happened to her, President Gu would surely go crazy. “You have been unconscious for three days. Now, it is indeed… the end of the world. A portion of the people outside have become zombies. They feed on human flesh, and those who get bitten will become zombies. I have already cleaned up most of the zombies around this villa, but the food is still not enough to sustain us. We have to find President Gu as soon as possible.”

Su Shanshan did not expect to have been unconscious for three days. She trusted Gu Zhao’s abilities. After all, in her previous life, it was all thanks to Gu Zhao that she was able to survive and stay by Gu Jincheng’s side.

She nodded. “I understand. You don’t have to worry about food. Remember those supplies I bought before the apocalypse?”

Gu Zhao’s eyes lit up. “How could I have forgotten those things?” he thought.

He saw that Su Shanshan was deep in thought and reminded her, “Miss Shanshan, you should get yourself cleaned up first. I’ll wait for you outside.”

It was only then that Su Shanshan remembered that she was covered in dirt and that she was emitting a foul smell. She blushed and went into the bathroom.

When Gu Zhao saw how flustered she was, he could not help but smile. Then he closed the door and went to the living room to wait. “Su Shanshan must be holding on to some secret—whether it is her sudden change in attitude towards President Gu or her early knowledge of the apocalypse,” Gu Zhao thought.

Su Shanshan carefully washed herself three times before scrubbing the dirt off her body. Her clean skin had a sparkling luster to it. Although her skin had always been good, it had never been this clear.

This must be the effectiveness of the spiritual spring in removing impurities, as the immortal mentioned. She just did not expect to be unconscious for three days. If she was outside, it would have been very dangerous.

After washing herself, she suddenly realized that the ruby bracelet on her wrist was gone. She searched everywhere in a panic, but she could not find the bracelet anywhere. Without it, it would be even more difficult to survive.

Just as she was about to go out to look for it, her vision blurred and she saw the space within the ruby again. The spiritual spring and supplies in the space were displayed there, which made her relax a little. It was good that the space was still there. She lowered her head and looked at her chest where a red cinnabar mole had appeared.

She was very sure that this cinnabar mole did not exist before. She reached out to touch the red mole and felt a trace of something familiar coming from it. “This was?” she mused.

“Ruby space!”

It turned out that the bracelet had morphed into this. Although she was a little regretful that the bracelet Gu Jincheng gave her was gone, now she did not have to worry about losing the bracelet or having it snatched away. From now on, she would pretend to possess a spatial superpower.

As soon as she thought about superpowers, she felt the temperature in the bathroom drop. Even the hot water had turned into cold water. She reached under the tap. The water spout instantly turned to ice. And it was her hand that turned it to ice.

Looking at the cold air coming from her palm, she exclaimed in surprise.

The commotion attracted Gu Zhao, who was in the living room. He knocked on the door and asked, “Miss Shanshan, what’s the matter?”

Su Shanshan quickly put on her bathrobe, opened the door, and said in delight, “Gu Zhao, I have supernatural power. I have supernatural power.”

Gu Zhao stared at her blankly. Her hair was wet from the shower, and her cheeks were flushed. She was wearing only a bathrobe, and the water droplets from her hair were down her neck onto the bathrobe.

Su Shanshan did not notice the change in his expression as she was flushed with excitement about her superpower. It had been her obsession from her previous life, so when she really possessed it, she could not help but feel ecstatic.

Gu Zhao came back to his senses. Feeling uncomfortable looking at her, he lowered his head and said, “You’d better dry your hair first. Be careful not to catch a cold.”

Only then did Su Shanshan stop beaming. She answered him and closed the door again.

Even with the door closed, Gu Zhao could hear the happy singing coming from inside the room. He could not help but curl his lips.. Then his face turned cold as he became absorbed in his thoughts.

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